On Time and how Everything is Being Changed – by jiminii


We know we are running this period in time from the future.

What does this mean?

How is it done?

There are those who obtained the ability to go out of any of this creation from one period of time to any other period of time.
This means I could literally go completely out of this moment of time

I am in now say 4 AM March 15, 2015, and enter into a void of Nothingness, that is practically near the static itself, and come back into this creation 750 years in the past, do whatever I intended doing there, and back out of that creation to the void again, then back into this creation at this moment in time again.

This is done on a question from someone to ask me to go look there, and return with an answer.

The difference is, this was not some hypnotic regression. I literally went out of this universe to a void, and back in this universe from the void at an earlier time.

Outside this physical universe there is no time. So wherever you are operating from in this creation you can communicate directly to anyone else in any period of this creation as if it is now.

The only time is that the continuous creation of this universe appears to look like time. All of that creation is here from beginning to wherever it is currently being created.

Today is still here even after we have gone into tomorrow and yesterday is still here too. Every single part of the creation is still here and will be here until you vanish the original moment of the first creation of any part of it that was made.

In other words, you would have to go back and vanish the moment of the creation that caused gravity to exist and you would have to get everyone else to agree to totally vanish gravity.

I vanished the creation of a cut thumb by going back with my viewpoint (golden ball), and locating the moment of that creation and vanish it. Take the napkin off my thumb that was stopping the blood from gushing out to the heart beat and there was no cut.

That means you can vanish gravity for yourself but it would not necessarily be vanished for others.

You can also vanish it for everyone else, but you might end up with an incredible upset in the universe if you didn’t get their agreement too to vanish gravity.

Only the time continuum appears to have time, but we don’t. We just are, and are always, in same time as beings, which is always now.

So what is holding all this reality in place?

We that are the creators outside this universe are creating all of it in now.

The entire universe is in now. It is all being held in place in now.

So any point in time you would go in relation to another point in time in this same now, what would you see?

If I go back to NOW 1945 Aug 4 10:45 AM Salt Lake City Utah, I will see whatever is and was created then and now.

This means it is all still being created in every now ever.

If you vanish ANY of the creations anywhere along any period of that creation it will be vanished in the future too.

So if I vanish the creation of birth, I would not be in this body I am in now because that body was not created.

Yes, it was created, but if I go back and vanish its creation then it is not created.

This means it was created before and lived until now, but if I go back from now and stop its creation, then effectively this body was never created.

What else holds this creation in place?

There is another creation that looks like ghost that have personalities like horse, cat, dog, human, snake and whatever we created and these ghosts are necessary to creation because they are the ones animating it and they keep it animated.

The difference from a ghost and a golden ball is that the golden ball is connected directly to the spirit outside the universe and can create new thought but the ghost can not.

The ghost operates off whatever was programmed into it and what it learns in repetition and or experience.

Some golden ball created them and animated them and then put them in

So who is responsible for them?

The person who created them is responsible for them, but since they were put into automatic and left to run on their own in an agreed upon universe then all of us are keeping those creations in place.

In other words, we are now keeping their creation in place from the static we created them from, so we are literally what keeps their existence here more or less in the background of our existence, not really knowing we are doing it since we had to forget we created them to keep them from vanishing.

So the truth is we are all responsible for everything that is created, good or bad from anyone one or anything because we agreed with each other that anything we create in this universe will not vanish but continue on surviving even after we’re long gone and forgot all about our creating them.

We have our original timelines that carried into the future still there, but how we got to this moment is another thing.

In my case I was created out of the static as a new golden ball and sent back and put into this body at 4 and a half years old. So the original timeline (golden ball) that created me, may be in that creation or anywhere else he chooses.

When I went back to an earlier time that I was asked to go, I arrived there in the body that was there then. Of course that body is not me, but it is one of my other timelines. I had to literally pop out of the universe to go see it because I have no past to go to, but my other timelines have a past, so I had to pick one of them to go to in order to handle the question.

This is being done at a much higher vibration that checks to see what outcome would happen if they found out I didn’t have a past, then I would jeopardize the mission if they could not come up with an explanation for that.

This is just a guess of why I suddenly popped out of time, not from a friend’s question, a friend trained in sending people back to look, but from my own decision so I could answer her question.

The entity in the future that obtained the ability to create me in this timeline right out of the static could be operating anywhere. He could pop out of time at will and be at the static itself where we created timelines (golden balls).

Since he is the first one with all the other first ones to ever obtain an ability like this, I can say he could literally be anywhere he chooses. I would also assume that if he decided to leave wherever he is, it is probably a good idea to create another golden ball to remain where he was operating so he would appear to not be missed.

So I am aware of knowing there is another million of me created right out of the static source and either operating outside this universe near the static, inside this physical universe but not necessarily in a body like a human body, and in other locations like starships and planets, moons or asteroids, and in other periods of this time continuum too.

In other words we learned how to operate in almost any part of this time continuum all at the same now.

This means those in the future can mentor us in the same NOW they are in, and they can go anywhere in this universe they choose too, past or future.

This also means whatever we change in this moment of the time continuum can ripple into the future so we can see what is created in the future from whatever we change now.

We can see that almost immediately after we create it.

Therefore one entity like me, with another million on the planet making changes that can ripple into the future where the other me in the future can evaluate all this send data back down to me and the other million of me, in high speed streams that go so fast I don’t even know what is being sent but I somehow find myself coming and going all over this planet even if it is on the internet only. Data goes back and forth.

What we have learned from all this is that the reptilians, grays, cabal or any others can never obtain a state like this and would have no ability to stop what we are capable of doing.

We don’t have minds like before that can be implanted, altered, or brainwashed, so they can only create effects on those who do have physical universe created minds and we don’t have Karma because we have no memories that could carry into the future that can create Karma.

Our vibrations are saturating the planet too, so you wonder why they are trying to kill 90 percent of the planet. They have no ability to predict the future anymore.

And what is predicting the future, in itself, anyway?

At the top of prediction is Creation. You can predict all of it because you are creating it. Anything below that is prediction by supposition or intuition, down to mysticism.

It is simple. Their agenda hasn’t been happening. Look at all their predictions and practically none of them have come true yet, or are occurring very very late from when they expected them to happen. They are now desperate and cornered trying anything they can think up and all their plans are being caught and stopped.

They have NO ABILITY to obtain a state like us and be able to get the power to go back to the static source itself and try to stop us.


The nature of a spirit being will not allow him to have those powers until he has cleaned his past ethics. Therefore he can’t obtain the states he needs along with all the dark forces who also have no ability to do it too.

It is like the movie Avatar, where the deity on the planet joined in with the people to end this aliens takeover and destruction of their planet.

All of creation is working with us and we can know what all of creation knows because we have the abilities to communicate with it all too.

They are now in a position where anything they create will come out and hit them back. Soon they will be afraid to cause anything at all.

To be continued

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  • March 20, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    What an awesome read Jimini. I am quite in agreement with you so far. Looking forward to more.

  • March 22, 2015 at 11:44 am

    Absolutely! Thanks so much for expressing this point of view so clearly and inspiring me and the million golden balls!

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