North Dakota, Standing Rock | Voices Rising

Friends, my voice is my passionate outpouring, we all must reach the deaf, dumb and blind right now. EVERY word, thought and action counts…. Love you all so much, for this place and for the kindred spirits who visit here.


christine of Earth Emapths is joined by Radagast of Global Mission of Peace in an impromptu recording. Mary Beth, a Grandmother from GMOP who has joined the Earth keepers at Standing Rock, North Dakota is reporting to Radagast with a boots on the ground perspective.

Her message is clear and we would like to add our voices to the rising chorus as humanity slumbers under in the numbed down existence of slavery being spoon fed information, It us women who have been endowed with the transformative power, a force that we derive from deep within our soul body temple, men have a vital role in supporting this power. Together we manifest in Love and it is our time to demonstrate that the power of love is real.

Unfortunately as we (the awakened) know, the few that have controls over humanity own all the mass media outlets, newspapers, magazines, foundations, non-profits, hospitals, factories, drug companies, shopping malls, and farms… and they are looking how to control the internet, so lets use this medium before it is gone. They can censor one person, take over groups of people but not millions of individuals around the world giving voice, making videos and passing  our perspectives on.

In this short video you will hear passion, do not be afraid of your passion, it can rise in moments when it is most needed, it is energy and it moves mountains. As humans we are both passionate and silent, full of sorrow and overflowing with joy, we are inner and outer… discover your self and express love unbound, fierce and free. ~ christine

“She’s mad but she’s magic, there is no lie in her fire.” ~ Charles Bukowski

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Standing Rock Live Footage Oct 10: From Shailene Woodley