Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt stated:

It is important that you understand that when we inhale aluminum we have absolutely no biological barrier against it going into the brain.

If we eat aluminum from the frying pan, there is very little [exposure]. It does very little damage without glyphosate.

We could eat aluminum all day long and it would not make us toxic. … [However], the moment we inhale the smallest amount of aluminum [when there is glyphosate in our bodies] we get highly toxic. [3]

A Synergism between Aluminum and Mercury, Common Ingredients in Vaccines

mercury-vaccine-300x199Dr. Klinghardt stated:

… [We] struggled in the 90s to try and get mercury out of the vaccines. Yes, we succeeded for most of it — except for a few. The Hep-B and the Tetanus still have it.

For most vaccines, it has been removed at least to a degree and it has been replaced with aluminum hydroxide — aluminum compounds.

Dr. Klinghardt described the important research of Dr. Boyd, Haley, PhD.

He stated:

He wanted to look at whether aluminum was dangerous. He put brain cells in a culture and after 24 hours they were pretty alive. If you bring mercury on board and expose the culture at clinically relevant amounts, then only about 35% of the cells were still alive after 24-hours – this is significant death.

When we look at aluminum we see that aluminum is really a lot better than mercury [in a vaccine].

However, when you put mercury and aluminum together, after 24 hours you have absolute death of everything to do with the brain.

If you vaccinate children, most of the vaccines still have traces of mercury, enough to fulfill the criteria [in this study], and if you add the Tetanus and the Hep-B [vaccines], you certainly get this [effect]. [3]

The implications of this research are stunning. This means that the HepB vaccine provides a baseline of mercury* starting on the first day after birth, so that when aluminum comes into the body during subsequent vaccinations or from simply breathing air, the aluminum can produce a strong negative effect on brain development and cognitive functioning.

A similar effect can occur when the infant receives glyphosate from his or her mother’s milk. [10, 11]

Are the synergies between nano-aluminum, glyphosate, and mercury dumbing down our children and bringing early cognitive decline to older Americans?

Are these synergies creating autism and Alzheimer’s?

How Can we be Sure We are Contaminated with Aluminum?

Dr. Klinghardt explains:

We now have over 120 cases and it is the same picture with everyone. Aluminum is approximately 100 times higher than the next highest metal. And nobody knew this, because we didn’t have a method to detect this. This is completely new knowledge.

My recommendation to moms [of autistic children] is that the focus has to shift to aluminum, and we do not have a single lab in the US to detect it.

So, you need to know that you are on your own with that. We can just assume that it is there. As long as you are breathing you are breathing in nanoparticles of aluminum.

Every kid, the healthy ones and the unhealthy ones, is loaded with aluminum. The unhealthy ones are the kids that can’t excrete it at all. And they need help. So, we just put every kid on our treatment [protocol] and the results are dramatic.

When we tested 8 and 9-year-old autistic kids [we found that] their level of aluminum was 300 to 400 times higher than the level of the next highest toxic metal. [3]

Nano-aluminum and other Metals are Absorbed by Parasites