May joy fill full the coming year | From tumultuous to spiraling

Like water rushing down a river in a seemingly chaotic manner such has been the year 2017. We’ve navigated rapids, tumbled over long drops and made it through narrow rocky channels. This is us, an awakening human awareness of the forces that have steered the human ship for so long that we became habituated to a false life, an engineered life, a life lived on the surface where we felt safe from the dark brewed storm clouds on some one else’s horizon. This is true no longer … We are in a perfect storm.

She is Life as water is Life.

She’s spoken immeasurable words from the innerscape of Her, she’s shares her deepest mysteries with those who would hear. Her waters rise and fall with the tides, at times she roars and in other moments she barely whispers.

As the waters gather, as life hears our sacred honored prayer she gathers unto her the eternal renewal of life’s great purpose. This is a prayer for all of us.

May we be peace, may we be our deepest purpose and full fill the call of Great Spirit and Mother Earth. As we act in accord with this electrifying force a magnetism is being created via conscious action… Her waters spiral in a vortex of great power, the force of Natural laws that are the true governors of Creation.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
― Rumi

Spiral vortex

I know many would prefer to only look in the direction of good and compassionate understanding. In this I stand too. It is simply my path of comprehending the truth of the nature of duality has been to leave no thing out of the One.

From my perspective when we are at peace with the dark force sent to disrupt paradise we also have the ability to put a crack in their armor of deceit. It is alchemically speaking the sword of truth we bear. The full truth is always beautiful to be-hold.




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  • December 19, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Once again I see we are totally on the same page. Beautiful Christine!

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