Dueling Duality | Unabashedly George

The title of the video came to me because I am speaking with someone of a different generation and a different sex who lives half way across the world. Our relationship began and continues to be a duel of words, yet we find we have more in common than otherwise once we get past the initial touché moments of sword play. It’s rare and yet beautiful to find ease in different expressions without needing to prove anything and discover valuable energy in an open uncensored give and take.

All my long life I have found an attraction to people who walk a different path and have developed an individualistic approach to viewing the apparent reality in which we are snared. This inner call for “freedom at all costs” drives many to explore far away lands of thoughts. Thoughts can easily become a seeming labyrinth with no clear way out, looking for an outward door is, in itself, a trap. It is when we find our stationary place at the center of our being that the kalidescoping fractal reality focuses into the most simple choices.

George Sechel is not your normal truther by any means. I made a long comment under a video and in my usual manner took care to express myself coherently. I was notified of a reply and upon reading it my first thought was that I was dealing with a troll, though there was something underlying the comment that got me laughing so I replied. George’s next reply was an expression of surprise that I didn’t react with return insults. Short story short, he found my email address and, in his words, wrote me a wall of text. Again, I had the impulse to push delete and block… Yet I found myself in a state of mirth so sent a long email reply. What ensued were several email exchanges and a video talk. There is this thing about George, he is outrageous—by that I mean he easily speaks about his inner homicidal impulses and in the next breath talks about self love and universal oneness. He has a passion for truth and faces evil with an unrelenting defiance. A youngish Romanian man with perfect command of the English language I’ve found his character to be a refreshing honest in-your-face take on what it true freedom requires, along with his fiery impulse to shake people to Wake the Fuck Up!

Geroge’s website: https://philoliasfidareos.com/freedom-spirit-liberty-courage-defiance-honesty-and-essence-also-exposing-the-scamdemic-the-slavery-system-the-zionist-talmudic-parasitic-jewry-holocaust-lies-the-most-widespread-cult-bel/

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