Roots | The Seventh Generation and Millennials

She hears a sound as she surrenders to the embrace of the warm salt water, from here she hears “excavate the roots of the Cosmic of Tree”. She hears a sound, an almost imperceptible rising, the primordial initiation of a beat, from this deep well she writes.


The Seventh Generation and Millennials are descriptor words which are being widely utilized, this holds significance enough for me to dig a little deeper, do some research to discover where they arose from.

I am graced by the muse, an honor I do my best to fulfill, and as the writer I frequently go online to look up words that arise in my vocabulary. I am ever curious and thus compelled to study the common usage as well as the etymology (origin).

The resonance of any spoken word is the sound or vibration left after the word is spoken, this is what the subconscious picks up while all too often the conscious mind remains unaware. The question I began asking many years ago was what is that sound creating, what hidden message does it speak?

There is a truth in stating that the choices we make in life are acts of comparison, we choose one or the other in a continuum of choices, often without enough awareness to know what or why we chose one thing over another.


calling-my-nameThe Seventh Generation – Truth speaks for its self through prophecy


The Seventh Generation

“The thickness of your skin shall be seven spans — which is to say that you shall be proof against anger, offensive actions and criticism.   Your heart shall be filled with peace and good will and your mind filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people of the Confederacy. With endless patience you shall carry out your duty and your firmness shall be tempered with tenderness for your people. Neither anger nor fury shall find lodgement in your mind and all your words and actions shall be marked with calm deliberation. In all of your deliberations in the Confederate Council, in your efforts at law making, in all your official acts, self interest shall be cast into oblivion. Cast not over your shoulder behind you the warnings of the nephews and nieces should they chide you for any error or wrong you may do, but return to the way of the Great Law which is just and right. Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the present but also the coming generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground — the unborn of the future Nation.”

The Seven Sacred Fires

“The Seventh Prophet (fire) was younger than the others who had come and there was a glowing light from his eyes.  He said that there would come a time when the waters had been so poisoned that the animals and plants that lived there would fall sick and begin to die.  Much of the forests and prairies would be gone so the air would begin to lose the power of life. 

“The way of the mind brought to the red, black, and yellow nation by the white nation would bring danger to the whole earth.  In this time there will arise Osh-ki-bi-ma-di-zeeg, a new people who will emerge from the clouds of illusion.  They will retrace their steps to find the treasures that had been left by the trail.  The stories that had been lost will be returned to them.  They will remember the Original Instructions and find strength in the way of the circle.  Their search will take them to the elders and the new people will ask for guidance.  But many of the elders will have walked the Path of the Souls to the Star Web.  Many elders will have forgotten their wisdom and they will not be able to help.  Some of the elders will point in the wrong direction and others will remain silent because of their fear.  Some of the elders will be silent because no one has asked them for their wisdom.”


A tree does not begin in the stars, though the seed surely falls from there, a seed buries itself into earth and life begins renewed, the first growth is in the roots. Our origins as a a race or races of Beings is in our roots … the place we have been prohibited from knowing. The single most vital axiom of all the ages is to simply “Know Thy Self”, the paths to that knowledge are as varied as we are. The second axiom is As Above, So Below.

Within the eminence of our Mother Earth all knowledge and abundance is contained from which we bear the fruits of our labors … this is what is seen. My personal journey to Standing Rock, North Dakota, refined an ability to access this field of natural infinite intelligence. Embraced by the Mother and all her elements the world of Spirit came to life within … it is one thing to know the connected nature of all things and yet another to experience it, like a gently unfolding spiral a great vast space is seen as the more subtle layers of deception and past traumas are released.

What is shared above is an offering, an invitation that allows an individuated self to let go and resolve all that is in conflict with its native state of being. Then one again walks in beauty and the freedom as we were created to be. This opens the channels of the natural river of creation to flow through one uninhibited, allows us the fullness of our nature and the gnowing of our creations.

A pure innocence is reborn as the layers fall away, an inner fire is kindled and lit.


Many of my beloveds, including my own daughter are of the generation labeled and branded as the Millennials. What I share below is in no way a condemnation of a single living being, it is offered as information that is verifiable and leads in a straight line to a truth that once seen can not be unseen. It is the reason I so abhor the labeling of a any life form for by doing so we lose touch with the individual spirit that is the eminent truth of being.

The digital nation, the bits and bytes of social media, the disconnect with the natural world is a program. A master program if you will with its own intelligence harvested from our words, our thoughts and our intents. The deconstruction of life to 0 and 1 … our creation in another way seen but void of course for it missed the natural stream, the waters of life poured ceaselessly from source.


Millennials – The program for the next thousand years.


Millennials (also known as Generation Y, Generation Me, Echo Boomers and Peter Pan Generation) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and ending birth years ranging from the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

Definition of cohort: an ancient Roman military unit, comprising six centuries, equal to one tenth of a legion. “A Roman army cohort”

That has given me a moment’s pause. My intention is not to write a scholarly paper, it is to open a trail so that the reader will be curious enough to see where it leads.

Who “coined” this term?

William Strauss (February 5, 1947 – December 18, 2007) was an American author, historian, playwright, theater director, and lecturer. As a historian, he is known for his work with Neil Howe on social generations and for the Strauss–Howe generational theory. He is also well known as the co-founder and director of the satirical musical theater group the Capitol Steps, and as the co-founder of the Cappies, a critics and awards program for high school theater students.

Neil Howe (born October 21, 1951) is an American historian, economist, and demographer. He is best known for his work with William Strauss on social generations and generational cycles in American history. Howe is currently the managing director of demography at Hedgeye, president of Saeculum Research, and president of Life Course Associates, a consulting company he founded with Strauss to apply their generational theory. He is also a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies‘ Global Aging Initiative, and a senior advisor to the Concord Coalition.

From many years learning about social engineering what I see is pretty straight line, from the secular halls of academia, a foundation of the ruling elite we have the terms (contract or agreements of its usage) and a rather daunting definition (links, bonds and overlays) of the word Millennials.

The ruling elite successfully accomplished their goals by co-opting and socially engineering the Bohemians, the Hippies the Baby Boomers and the budding far sighted entrepreneurs turned Yuppies. Truth always makes a straight line. All of these generations where bought and sold, their potentially paradigm shifting consciousness, bought sold and traded for the almighty dollar.

So we go a little deeper:

Saeculum Research (Neil Howe’s Research institute) – “Once or twice a year, we partner with an organization on a large custom research project. We recently worked with the Congressional Institute on an in-depth survey and analysis on the Millennials as a political generation and ways the GOP can attract them as voters. In the spring of 2015, we presented a paper on postwar economic mobility from a generational perspective at the U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s annual policy conference in Washington, DC. The research was conducted in conjunction with researchers at the Pew Charitable Trusts at the request of the Federal Reserve.”

Don’t know about anyone else but that gave me chills to my bones.

A saeculum is a length of time roughly equal to the potential lifetime of a person or the equivalent of the complete renewal of a human population. The term was first used by the Etruscans.

secular (adj.)

1300, “living in the world, not belonging to a religious order,” also “belonging to the state,” from Old French seculer (Modern French séculier), from Late Latin saecularis “worldly, secular, pertaining to a generation or age,” from Latin saecularis “of an age, occurring once in an age,” from saeculum “age, span of time, lifetime, generation, breed.”

This is from Proto-Italic *sai-tlo-, which, according to Watkins, is PIE instrumental element *-tlo- + *sai- “to bind, tie” (see sinew), extended metaphorically to successive human generations as links in the chain of life. De Vaan lists as a cognate Welsh hoedl “lifespan, age.” An older theory connected it to words for “seed,” from PIE root *se- “to sow” (see sow (v.), and compare Gothic mana-seþs “mankind, world,” literally “seed of men”).

Used in ecclesiastical writing like Greek aion “of this world” (see cosmos). It is source of French siècle. Ancient Roman ludi saeculares was a three-day, day-and-night celebration coming once in an “age” (120 years). In English, in reference to humanism and the exclusion of belief in God from matters of ethics and morality, from 1850s.

So here we have a word, secular, that ties the “seed of man” to “belonging to the state.” Again from a multi-faceted point of view accompanied by years of research we can be comfortable in the assurance that the church and state are married in the subterranean chambers of secrecy. We have presented other works on this triad of ownership: all roads lead to Rome as the Crown Corporation (Vatican) and the secular banking system incorporated in the City of London whose decrees and laws are enforced by The District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)  Those of you who have practiced their due diligence will have no problem in overstanding the import of this.

Saeculum Research – A saeculum is a length of time roughly equal to the potential lifetime of a person or the equivalent of the complete renewal of a human population. The term was first used by the Etruscans.

Google images of Millennials and we are shown a self absorbed generation with an obvious sense of entitlement. With what is revealed it becomes apparent we have a generation of young people who are in need of soul searching and soul retrieval for surely they do hold keys and by bonding them under one brand name is not doing them any favor for they are being led into the same systematic slavery.