The Cult of Personality and Disclosure – The Evolution of Corey Goode

Written after my interview with Randy Maugans of Off Planet Radio in an attempt to add some clarity on how personalities are created and shine the light on those who are players on stage of deception.

One finds real purpose in Truth, and it is with this purpose above all else that I choose to share what I experienced with Corey Goode. Let it be known that there are no remaining personal agendas, no axes to grind and no hidden rancor within me. I have had many years to contemplate what happen, how it happen and the why of it. I would be less than honest if I didn’t let the reader know just how difficult this passage was for me. It included the necessity of going deep into the terrain of betrayal and abandonment for when one confronts “the agenda” of the collective trauma, one also confronts their own personal trauma. The freeing of the human psyche from these traumas and the disclosing the subsequent means the controllers utilize to manipulate the greater ‘Us’ has been a many years long journey, perhaps one that never ends for the “Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”

The reason I spoke with Randy Maugans and decided to publicly go on record with him is that I also see the development of “The Cults of Personality” along with the commercializing and monetizing that is occurring within the “Spiritual Disclosure Movement.” This agenda follows the same pattern that was used to control the narrative of the Hippies, the Beat Generation, the Music Biz, etc. The creation of celebrity and personalities that can be controlled so the uninformed public eats up the ‘entertainment entrapment’ as truth when in fact it is the biggest lie. It is time we step away from personalities, the facades of fakery and dig deeper into our own psyches, the only place truth can be found.
My name is Christine Anderson, I was a moderator on the Project Avalon (PA) forum from late 2011 until my expulsion on January 5, 2015. During those years I was living with Bill Ryan (BR) in Ecuador and experienced first hand many of the underpinnings of how the forum was operated. At first, like most members I felt that PA was truly an enlightened forum that was vital for sharing information and creating an alternative safe community. Populated by MKUltra subjects, “super soldiers”, abductees, contactees and what can loosely be described as experiencers of the abnormal or alternate realities, it was a rich environment in which to learn.

During my tenure as moderator on the forum I actively participated by helping many of these people feel safe, and I listened actively to a wide range of their inner revelations. I also worked diligently to keep the forum as harmonious as possible by corresponding with members personally when strong emotional or triggered responses arose. The forum was in reality my home and the main focus of my life just as it was/is for many who feel isolated in their personal lives lacking someone to share their stories and experiences with.

The forum also attracted what I will describe as “gamers,” those who purposely provoke others, tell stories (hooks) of being deep insiders who at some moment will reveal some great “truth”. These are people who are either placed by some monitoring agency or arrive by their own psychopathic tendencies which includes the enjoyment of messing with people’s minds. The one known as Charles is a prime example. To this day and as far as I know BR can still be triggered by this person; he believed him and adamantly defended the veracity what he was told by Charles. Jesse Ames, a later arrival on the forum in the midst of the melt down that ensued after the release of Corey’s first audio, is another example, more on Jesse Ames later.

BR and myself with a few others had purchased some land in Ecuador and started a community of sorts; this played a part in how Corey Goode (CG) was introduced into my awareness and life on a closer personal level. CG was a prolific poster on the forum, and I would often review his writing. Some of it resonated, most especially a thread he started on the lost origins of the Native American people. I was and still am fascinated by the true narrative and timeline of the human on planet Earth and how this has been buried in attempts to wipe out our collective memory.

On September 25th 2013 I initiated a Skype chat with Corey and his wife, as they had expressed an interest in joining us in Ecuador. That Skype chat later became a friendly, at times daily, chat between Corey and myself. We would often meet to share experiences both worldly and perceptually; we developed a close relationship, often meeting for calls in the morning as we had our first cups of coffee.

We conversed candidly on a wide range of topics from remote viewing to cosmic consciousness. During that time I was experiencing strong regular and vivid perceptual downloads so I would speak to Corey about them. He called me sister and I called him brother. In every way I was supporting him as a friend, for he was often dealing with severe limitations in his personal life from being on disability due to an accident at his workplace, to experiencing “attacks” from many vectors augmented by high levels of anxiety, which I observed often led to states bordering on paranoia. What I observed and learned about Corey can be stated in a synopsis so as to not go too far afield.

• Corey was living on disability in his mother’s house. Far from ideal the family dynamics were emotionally manipulative, demeaning and at times very dark. Corey will recall that the ladies of Avalon 24/7 (Skype chat group dedicated to planetary healing and a help line that was initiated in early August 2104) worked to clear the dark astral that haunted him and his children. What I want to make clear is not that Corey was going through some difficult times which is true, but that we had a very close relationship so aspects of our lives were candidly shared.

• I went so far as to lend him some money so he could put a down payment on a lease to a rent a house; this was offered to get him out of a very detrimental living situation. I have a letter from Corey himself to document this loan, which he repaid.

• I visited Dallas, TX, in late July through September 2014 where I met with Corey and his family on at least six occasions that included grocery shopping, family meals and other outings with his wife and children. I felt called to be a support for them. It was during one visit that Corey allowed me to record the first “interview” on a small digital recorder. In all honesty we both knew without ever verbalizing it that there was a probability that his “recall” would be published on the Faces of Avalon YouTube channel … I didn’t push it respecting that it had to be Corey’s volition to share this recording to a more public audience.

• Corey was on prescription pain and anti-anxiety medication at the time of the recording.

• We published the first recording on The Faces of Avalon (approx. 500 subscribers at that time) on September 24th 2014. The reaction from forum members and others was unexpected as it seemed to awaken many to their own programming, abductions, contacts with a wide variety of visceral body responses. Some people reported falling asleep, others reported memories, one man reported finding marks on his wrists where he had been handcuffed while being injected in the neck and taken in a white van. In short it seemed to have the effect of waking people to buried memories and they also felt
emboldened by Corey’s story so they reached out to share.

Speaking for myself I was lifted in a belief that we were on the verge of a true disclosure, that if enough people woke to their programming an inner revolution of consciousness would be able to shift the paradigm.

• On or thereabouts October 30th 2014 BR and CG in a series of Skype conversations decide to publish the original recording on BR’s Alpha Zebra YouTube channel with approximately 30,000 subscribers. I was happy about that until I saw the sensationalized title “Project Avalon Whistleblower” that was added. The subject line has now been changed from the original one. I felt that this was a violation of intent and content of the recording and let BR know this.

• While on a visit to Mexico in November of 2014 I recorded a second time with Corey; the second recording was intended to be published, and in it we both shared candidly and freely. This recording came after Corey had experienced a profound clearing of entities. Subject has now been changed to add Corey’s real name and galactic federation delegate has been deleted.

GoodETxSG (Corey Goode) Part II – Secret Space Program & MILAB Participant

• I sent the recording to BR in Ecuador to do the edits and clean the audio track as we had experienced some interference while on the call, minor buzzing and static in short segments.

• BR tells me that the interview is not publishable and goes so far as to say it is really poor both in quality and content so he refuses to work on it. Corey sends the recording to his “insider friend who is an audio technician”, this turns out to be Shane – The Ruiner, who cleans up the audio and returns it to us several weeks later.

• The second interview is never published on Faces of Avalon or Alpha Zebra YouTube channel. I maintain a reoccurring question as to why or what was in that interview that BR objected so strongly to, strongly enough to lie publicly about the audio quality?

• I return to Ecuador to find that the dynamic of the relationship with BR had changed in my absence, that we were in direct disagreement about what was now ensuing on the PA forum. My honest belief that Avalon was and should be a safe place for sharing provoked a shock in me as I was witnessing the growing contentious gap being created between BR and CG which I tried to mitigate as best I could. My observations include that BR was using tactics to intimidate Corey while I felt that in keeping with his long standing reputation as a safe friend to experiencers he should have been embracing Corey in a brotherly fashion and helping him navigate a trying time, instead he belittled him publicly, condemned him in Skype chats and to me expressed emotions that went as far as rage. His anger was that Corey was receiving private communications from other experiencers and wasn’t “qualified” to answer these people who shared their information with him. BR who has a long public quasi-record of supporting whistle blowers was actively attacking and triggering Corey, the feelings that arose in me were to protect Corey in spite of seeing his behavior degenerate into a hyped up state of reactivity.

What could have been handled in a constructive, caring manner became an all out battle between these two men which embroiled the forum in unnecessary controversy.

Of course one learns with time that controversy is the food of places like the Avalon forum, it feeds the human need to feel part of something special while spinning the narrative into the oblivion of no-truth and never-knowing, it dilutes and tangles what truth does exist into an bottomless rabbit hole of intrigue.

Corey went on an excavating mission to dig up anything he could that would prove BR was an operative of some agency, was corrupted and a paid disinformation agent. This triggered in BR a degree of suppressed fear and put him on the warpath as he commanded the forum administrators and moderators to find out what Corey knew and begin the public process of discrediting Corey. No information to substantiate Corey’s claims of being an insider, a military operative or IT expert were ever found.

• Corey went on the defensive as someone suffering PTSD will do, BR whose “qualifications” include training in communication skills and longtime contact with others who have suffered mind control programs should have and in my opinion did know better, however he let his own reactivity and programs come to the forefront and angrily refused any offered remediation attempts.

• A 64 page dossier on Bill Ryan (William James Vincent Ryan) was offered by Corey though it never materialized in full; a brief of it was presented to me and others. Corey went so far as to tell me that he would deliver a physical copy to me once I was safely in Mexico as he expressed that he felt my life was in danger.

Personal interjection here; I never bought into the fear, yet I knew I was immersed in a quagmire of proportions that I couldn’t see all of. It is also necessary to note here that BR had for many years shared private communications with me that included some very personal data, including photographs from those who believed he was a safe channel. Viewing these correspondences further added to my knowledge of how deeply affected and often tormented mind control subjects are along with the dangers they face when they want to come out publicly. It also led me to a conclusion that those who are wannabe whistle blowers have little to zero sustaining documentation, are often tormented and more in need of therapy than publicity.

Jesse Ames joins the PA forum. This “personage” came into the forum with a huge bang claiming to be a deep insider with important information that he would soon be revealing. No documentation was ever presented, he did however have a fluid profuse writing style that caught many members attention.

• His presence augmented an already hot environment for the many people working through or waking up to their own programming. BR, myself and other moderators received personal messages warning that Jesse Ames was using dangerous trigger words, including suicide triggers. The messages were coming from long time forum members as well as Corey who was warning me that we had to stop Jesse Ames.

• BR was in a state of denial refusing to listen as he felt that this unknown personage was the real deal and would soon hand out some sort of important information from inside the cabal.

• I did not recognize any specific trigger words though three friends who I respected for their courage in overcoming the severe programs they had been put through were sending adamant warnings. Trusting them along with karelia (moderator and friend) we took on the task of overriding BR’s voice on the Avalon Biz Skype chat as he wanted to leave the thread open and in public view. This created a rather large rift as BR fired back with accusations of us disrupting the “harmony” (actually tacit agreement with BR) of the moderators and administrators.

• Fortunately via our efforts the Jesse Ames thread was taken from  public view and he was ejected from the forum, though by this time karelia and myself were in the enemy camp as far as BR was concerned. The enemy camp included other long time friends on Avalon.

• It was clear to me that my relationship as a partner with BR is irrevocably over and I am soon to be thrown under the bus as BR has a standing history in doing this with others. Some friends were also caught up in this sweep of the forum, Corey Goode, karelia and other friends who dared voice their support of our stance. There is ample searchable information from other sources on the internet as to the reoccurring modus operandi of BR and the PA forum.

The point here isn’t so much meant to defame the owner of the PA forum or his staff; it is much deeper than that. It is a caution for others who choose to join any forum or group that they do so with enough self integration to learn what is needed without forming any unseen allegiances. If they find there are strong feelings that they can’t get out of the group, such as attachments to friends, a sense of home (forums are virtual spaces, therefore highly malleable to the will of others), or any belief in safety that they question why this is and then question it again and again. Unfortunately the many who gather in groups have a need to be part of it and are the most vulnerable to being led and manipulated.

Here is a downloadable PDF of a writing I did when I realized that I would soon be ousted from the forum. It was penned with the intent of being my last Avalon forum post though it was never posted on the PA forum. What I wrote then I stand by today.

On Ownership and the Project Avalon Forum

• Returning to Corey Goode and the purpose for this timeline and writing. During this very trying time, the losing of what was my home, losing friends over the controversy caused by Jesse Ames and my insistent stance on his removal from the forum I maintained communication with Corey though it was now becoming stressed to the point of breaking.

• Corey was being courted by David Wilcock (DW) and Kerry Cassidy (Kerry has now clarified that Corey courted her) to share his story publicly with them; he copied and pasted many of these Skype chats to me. It is not within my range of direct experience to make much comment other than Corey was flattered by the attention of DW. Corey actually posed himself as one of two longtime insiders who had shared “Insider Intel” with DW. Corey had a rather heightened lack of trust for Kerry.

• At that time on a personal level there was little I could offer Corey, as the relationship had gone from friendship and sharing to standing on artificially imposed battle lines; whose side are you on? This is antithetical to me, yet there are times when one must draw their inner sword of truth. It was never about sides, yet the relentless beast of ego preservation had clearly gripped the many as the games played out.

• My communication with Corey stopped abruptly when he asked me to unfriend Shane – The Ruiner. Corey wrote this to me on an unseen email address we occasionally used. Corey was now set on outing Shane as a fraud via character assassination techniques. The irony of it is that I had only recently been made aware of The Ruiner blog and who Shane was on the PA forum so in reality had no side to choose from. I did however have my own inner compass, and it was now clear as a bell ringing from a watch tower that Corey was using the same dark techniques of character assassination that he detested in Bill Ryan.

• The continuing saga of Corey’s about-faces, changes in his story, his search for public recognition are documented elsewhere; my hope is that as we share fairly and openly our direct experiences without spinning them into self aggrandizement or self righteousness we at least give the intelligent viewing public an opportunity to hone and use their own discernment of fact vs. fiction, truth vs. false, honesty vs. spun out lies.

As they say the rest is history, convoluted and twisted as it is there is always a thread of truth running through everything for truth lines up like pearls on a silk thread, it is coherent and beautiful once it is held with all the precious care it deserves.

My short post script to this timeline is to state that other than Randy Maugans, not one “researcher” was willing to go public with me even when they were made aware of the initial recording that launched Corey Goode. The likes of Dr. Salla who pose themselves as experts ignore all sides other than their own agenda. Kerry Cassidy chose to decline my request for a private conversation with her. Do I want to be pulled into this miasmic mess? Not at all, it is noted here because it is an indicator of how untruthful, how prejudiced and how self serving most researchers can be.

Importantly there are good researchers out there, there are many who are truly dedicated to serving the human awakening; you won’t find them on Gaia TV, CCN or on the major players’ channels operating within the ‘alternative media’ spectrum. They are mostly independent on blogs and YouTube channels, the big gunners for fake news won’t come close to them, for truth is the antidote to fear and intrigue that keeps the machine running.

Christine Anderson
May 19, 2017