Can You Really Help Another? | Perceptions Change with Time

We have been spending our speaking moments over the last week or so in an attempt to unwrap the above question, can you really help another? In doing so we are also addressing why some people who have been offered heart felt support simply never make it through the dark inner passage and in spite of real efforts that often involve more than one person they succumb to the dictates of their shadow parts.

Not surprisingly this question seems to be on the forefront of human consciousness at the moment for it is a key to where the true power of choice lays and how to determine if you have choice or are simply making a decision based on faulty data or a fractured self image.

To truly answer this question it is necessary for a thorough review of one’s own inner landscape including multitudes of experiences and recognizing how you choose to react to them. If one can truly bear witness to themselves what they can harvest is a glowing inner field of wisdom for the experiences are resolved within, from that point on we have one foot on the road to personal integration and freedom of choice.

It comes down to an exercise of will and choice.

Before I get too far into this writing it seems necessary to speak about how to access free will, true choice and become a causative action of sustained change. We live in a complex reality that has overlapping timelines and is interlaced with all others we interact with, far too complex to figure it out in the linear constructs of the mind and far too dangerous to simply say we can follow our hearts for the emotions we carry are often not able to withstand what can be felt as betrayal, abandonment or deep fears erupting from unaddressed past traumas. So what can we trust in ourselves, what part of us is free from imposed beliefs and dark projections?

We all have access to this unseen reality that is in truth the only reality that matters, it is our spirit in communion with great Spirit. This voice of spirit is always present but mostly drowned out by the mind’s chatter, unrealized desires and the crushing imposition of the collectively agreed upon reality that has us believing that it is the only way we can fulfill our needs, so we spend most of our hours looking outward and when we don’t like what we see most people tend to blame the circumstances or people in their lives for what goes wrong.

What we have noticed over the course of the last year is that these dark projections are growing more intense, less veiled just as the collective theater is showing us the most nasty aspects of human behavior. When the shadow projections come from someone you held in esteem, someone close to you it requires a more thorough questioning of the natural part of the self that cares and feels compassion, the part of ourselves that reaches out to help, to provide, to care for another. We can’t fault ourselves for this is an innate aspect of being human and yet it seems we are missing some vital key by not exploring this further.

The questions that arise are: Have our good intentions helped or hindered another’s growth? Did we feel superior by offering to help someone less fortunate in life? Was our energy wasted when a friend expresses hatred towards us? What can you do if experiencing someone blaming you for what they are going through? How does one find the subtle line of balance and act accordingly?

All of us have a dark side, to deny this is a great error for by suppressing these aspects we allow them to fester often to the boiling point thus giving allowance to spew them at whoever is identified as responsible for what is felt. Of course this is folly for inevitably this energy will come back to the self or if one is walled in enough the rage will be further suppressed inside. The double back whammy on this is that the dark entity is now inwardly perceived as a source of power, it has been allowed full infiltration as the soul has been so thoroughly suppressed that it can no longer assert its free will. Caught in a pendulum swing of trying to act good enough to be accepted by others and plagued by maddening dark projections the balance point is never met. The weaker one’s character becomes the more prone they are to allowing the dark entities to rule.

At some point in such a relationship we are challenged to act from our own inner sanctum, all that can be done at this point is to walk away and cut off the energy cords that feed the entities.

Many times I have been shown this and in some very trying personal ways though each time it is easier to not be affected even to the point of feeling a relief when another’s volcano erupts for it is in these moments that they have an opportunity to empty themselves and perhaps make new choices. An action of cutting someone off can feel ruthless however when fully embraced you come to realize that your caring and compassion for them is still intact, you have simply made a choice that in most cases had to be made.

Empathy isn’t just feeling another’s pain it also can tap a more subtle field of energy below the surface and while one isn’t necessarily in full awareness the perceptual fibers pick up that something hidden isn’t being expressed, energies feel askew from what is being projected in the outer.

Dark thoughts and feelings are part of us even more so when we hurt. As in the case of the person who cruelly killed our cat recently, it would be less than authentic to say we should only pray for him, simply love him and allow him the freedom of his choice. That really doesn’t work for it would mean we would need to suppress our desire for justice, our feelings of wanting to make him hurt the way he hurt us, even that feeling has a rightness for without this person feeling what he caused he will simply go on in the same manner to victimize another. In viewing it this way we can modulate our energy, navigate our pain without denial and come to action or no action from choice. It is good to note here that the choice one makes in these trying situations need not be within the norms of societal agreements for it is sometimes necessary to step out of these falsely imposed limitations.

By learning to embrace these uncomfortable thoughts and emotions we can liberate ourselves from them and abide in peace. This is self love that needs no defense nor any other to validate it for one arrives at the knowing of ones true self.

“Listen in the silence, go within for that is where one can hear the frequency of truth.” ~ Aureo Sky

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

~ Rumi