About us

Earth Empaths

The journey to this moment has been for most of us a ‘many lives long’ one. Being born into the artificial matrix as an empath is often a path fraught with great challenge and suffering. It is now Known that the adversarial forces have imposed much to keep us from reaching this place in our hearts where the inner planes and cosmic dance take place. Our Work is embracing this adversary with all Life and through our inner harmonic resonance transforming and transmuting the weight of suppression.

A small group of us were guided to find each other and as we embrace our unique Essence we are discovering that together we are much more than we ever dreamed possible on our own.

The message for this year of 2016 is one of finding the deepest message within these words, “Know Thy Self”. By claiming our sovereignty and moving from a place of power, working with others in the expanding field of Human Consciousness. .. fueled by the compassionate heart we are the BEcoming, we are the Genesis  .. flowing in grace with Gaia, our Mothership and Sophia, divine wisdom. Holding the  spark, the flame meet in the sacred chamber .. The alchemical transformation is Us…

Imagine -TheMysteryOfAislinHouse