X-PROTECT XXVIII | The Dark Journalist and personal observations of his material

Preface: Any expose should include an exposing of oneself and one’s motives. Over the course of many years on our website, on the Earth Empaths forum, in meeting others who are known public voices in the vague and somewhat erroneously defined “Alternative Truth Community” we’ve developed a deeper view. In the process of making videos that are founded on years of research we also revealed deeper personal excavations which has given me enough of a foundation to feel experientially qualified to make some observations.

I have sat with this post for three days, examining and re-examining my purpose in writing it. There have been moments when I felt that it was pointless, that no one would read it’s length nor take the time to consider the deeper implications. I wondered if by using the Dark Journalist’s work I was piggy backing on his popularity to get our work publicized to a broader audience and came to the conclusion that it actually was his material that gave me the impulse to write.  I asked myself, given the ever increasing censorship, if I was over exposing myself to danger, to the digital watchful eye of Big Brother, even possibly endangering those close to me. I know that I am not alone in these findings however ultimately I am alone in exposing some of the darkest hands at work for this dark unseen hand will stop at nothing to complete it’s agenda here on planet Earth. By writing this I risk losing some friends too … so be it.

My feelings have been allowed to explore all possibilities until consciousness settled on the one that rang through to my bones. Ultimately the answer was clear and a resolve set in the stillness of my inner core. For to not speak truthfully is to compromise and contract which is what the system is coercing us to do. And more importantly this is not about me at all, it is to leave a trail of investigation that is rapidly being censored out of existence from the general public. It is for those who can’t make heads nor tails of what is happening in our world. It is for posterity, it is to lay down in words an example of the revealing light that does not seek to divide but to unify.

I offer my observations as an invitation to those who seek the truth above all else and to help all of us develop a finer tuned discernment while listening to anyone, especially those who have a “name or money invested in the game”.  We often miss the obvious and can get too easily hooked into the drama and intrigue. Below you will find my current assessment of the persona of the Dark Journalist. One can learn a lot about someone by carefully watching their eyes, hand movements, and how they present themselves. Daniel Liszt has created a persona popularized as the Man in Black or perhaps closer in appearance to Agent Smith from the Matrix movie. He records in a studio with props that lead one to think of professional journalism. What is not said is as important as what is. Note that he says he’s only brought out about 10% of the information he has compiled so it seems prudent to assume he has help in his research and at the rate of the drip feed he’s got several more seasons under wraps. 

One shouldn’t be afraid or hesitant to question everything and then turn it around again and again to get to the core of what meaningful revelation it offers to the Whole of Humankind.

We are a people that have sprung from different roots on the Tree of Life, those are the races we see represented in the different colors of our skin, the traditions of our people and the languages we speak. Somewhere in each of us is an identity with our genetically structured root race. There was a time on Earth when all the races spoke a common language, loved and respected the Earth for they knew the Great Creator in benevolent abundance then. It did not matter if we were white, black, yellow or red for by the nature of our Being we were connected to everything and everyone else. War did not rage as it does now. It is for this purpose I have decided to publish this work for if we do not penetrate deep enough into the corrupting influences that are the workings of the machine we will continue to point a finger at another thereby doing the bidding what has infiltrated and polluted almost every human being. Our work is to dissolve this influence into nothingness, our work requires the Greatest Love.



I am appreciative of Daniel Liszt’s work on his live stream X Series, he takes a slow pace, reaches outside of the fanfare of sensationalism, he resists diverting energy into degrading those who are obvious shams, shills, co-opted or psy-opted distractions and his deft humor makes a point that needs no further explanation.

A point to be made here is that the obvious is only seen by those who have done their own research and not become followers looking for a savior or outside authority. They know that by diving down rabbit holes or being spun in other’s personal cosmologies there is often a truth to be sussed out but no single person has The Truth. It has become more apparent to me that each human being is building their own cosmology via memories embedded in our DNA for they have heard the resonance that unifies and stabilizes their core in Grace.



The occluding occupying force that has been at work in the Earth realm for millenniums uses all manner of intrusion, subversion, subterfuge and trauma based fear to keep the Human Being asleep, confused, traumatized, divided and fractured. So allow me to underline how vital it is to reverse your own programming first and as you do you will discover the Essence of you, only in this manner will an individual be responsive to the whole.

Along with his partner Oliva, Daniel is building a mystery that discloses multiple streams which penetrate the enclosure of the ancient mystery schools, occult practices, clairvoyance and the astral realms, a trail that leads him deep into current politics in the US which he ties to the secret government X-files. This material includes contact with off-world beings, advanced and ancient technologies, the reality of lower and higher astral realms and magical workings (both white and black), in other words all things occult. After many hours viewing it becomes clearer that he is not acting alone and there are those behind him wanting this information disclosed. My observations lead me to the conclusion that he is an “initiate” with ties to some, let me just say, less than scrupulous channels and at least one mystery school. This is not meant to distract from what he is bringing into public view, it is simply a note of caution to the uninitiated to not fall for the belief that he knows some ultimate truth. The Truth has always been and always will be an inside job.

The use of X steganography to follow a trail is fascinating and this ties directly to my personal experiences having been esoterically marked with an X. Permitting I will add my description to Mystery, in one manner of speaking it is the Unknowable of All that is and yet is knowable by following the inner revelatory thread of Truth. It is not my intention to be illusive in speech for there are those who know of that which I speak.

My gratitude for Daniel’s work is that his unwinding has invited me to explore channels previously overlooked, such as Rudolf Steiner and a return look at the Rosicrucian mystery school, I also loved his episode on the Tuatha de Danann for this comes very close to what my developing mystical vision. This inner visionary state of being is revealing threads of the most important question we humans must ask ourselves; the truth of our Origin. He’s given me long pause to revisit material that I came across many years ago, in doing so I find that what once intrigued me is easily decipherable. I find value in his work and will continue to listen carefully.

He also mentions plasma which is an essential study all on it’s own for all advanced and ancient technologies, whether off-planet or on-planet, are based on plasma physics, counter rotational magnetic fields and resonance. [see the work of Dan Winter and this video from Michel Tellinger’s research on resonance.]

DJ’s mention of scientists that have been scrubbed from our present history is another eye opener for sure. Truly the souls that incarnated at the turn of the last century from Nikolas Tesla to Madame Helena Blavatsky bear a thorough study.

Cautionary note: We live in a reflective reality so be aware of other programs that are mirroring back to us our own thoughts. In this episode DJ mentions he will get into A.I. and transhumanism so if you haven’t researched this aspect a suggested place to start investigating would be Elana Freeland and Max Igan. This agenda is far advanced from even a few years ago when we were part of the investigative team presenting a massive five part series with Alfred Lambremont Webre:

EXPOSING PREDATORY PATHOGENIC AI – Restoring Love-sourced Humanity

This is the single largest threat being used to wage a silent war on the whole human race. One that is advancing so rapidly now that if we don’t expose it and act accordingly with no fear we will be consumed.

Vital Note: To break out of the script or approved narrative that is propagated through the totality of our reality one must delve deeply both inwardly and outwardly verifiable fields of research. As you do the dots connect in a unified view, this is in reality founded in simplicity.

Where I diverge from DJ’s narrative and disclosure has to do with him consistently pulling out the evil Nazi propaganda card, whether he is aware of this or not I won’t assume. His previous interviews with Dr. Joseph Farrell, who I find brilliant in many ways until he gets lost in his Nazi narrative with his high octane speculations and hypothesis. I’ve also listened extensively to Al from Forum Borealis, who is Nordic by birth and of yet has to delve into the deception of WWII history. This bears being underlined again: The victors [sic] wrote the history books and everything they wrote is overlaid with dark secrets and many false breadcrumb trails to divert inquisitive minds.

What I observe with these fellows is a lack of scholarly honesty for they leave out the biggest piece on the game board which is the State of Israel and the role of Zionism. By doing this they completely divert the public’s attention from the root of the evil of who actually controls the whole bloody system based on human blood sacrifice and war.

To ignore that the Zionist, who have been identified as the Khazarian mafia, who own and control most of the media, certainly are the founders of the banking cartels, they are heads of multinational corporations from the weapons manufacturers to drug companies. It is no secret that they are behind if not outright heads of state and have infiltrated every secret society.

Let me list a few known facts so the reader can do his/her own research. This infiltration was purposeful, for years I have stated that the Jewish people were infiltrated and used as a front to hide the pathogenic predator that always works from the unseen. To get to the truth of our divine inheritance and stop the predatory propagation of racism we must dig down to the roots of evil and importantly recognize it in ourselves.

  • The holocaust and gas chambers as propagandized by Zionist heads of state has been thoroughly proven a lie.
  • It is illegal in most European countries to expose the “Jewish” agenda. (Please note that I have nothing against the Jewish people or their religion it is clear now that they have been socially engineered to be used as shields for a nefarious plot against humanity.)
  • The work of David Irving, who has been personally attacked on every level a man can be and still be alive. His story is an honest one.
  • The work of Ernst Zündel who was jailed in Canada and passed away on 5 August 2017.
  • Ursula Haverbeck , an 89 year old German woman whose crime was to publish the detailed records showing humane treatment from the guards inside the German concentration camps and thereby get labeled a holocaust denier is serving time in jail.
  • Dennis Wise‘s documentary, that is no longer available on YouTube but I found it on archive.org:
  • Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told ( Full 6 Hours Documentary)

This is a relatively small list of places to start for an open inquiring mind though I must warn that this is such forbidden territory that it will provoke a storm of cognitive dissonance. The story that the Nazi’s are the root of evil is so deeply implanted in our human consciousness that it requires the fortitude of critical thought and a willingness to excavate everything you’ve been trained since birth to believe is true.

There is ample room to investigate the conclusion that the Nazis are the progenitors of evil in our world. In the same vein the overuse of antisemitism an equally false and misleading term. It’s broad overwrought political usage to define racism against the Jewish people is erroneous. “Hebrew tribes are defined as Semitic people by common language usage, along with Akkadians, the descended cultures of Assyria and Babylonia […} and Arabic […] the Canaanites, including the Phoenicians and the Aramaeans. Semitic peoples include the speakers of South Arabian and Ethiopic.”

It is imperative that we stop using these labels if we are ever to dig out from under the pile of politically correct crap that the social engineers have buried free speech under. There is not a single Original People from any root race that has not be hunted down, persecuted and tortured in the most horrific ways.

It has been heartening to find a growing number of Rabbis and Hebrew people who are standing in the truth of their origins and are exposing how the tribes of the Hebrews were infiltrated and the inversion that was done to their faith. In 1666 Shabbetai Zevi declared himself the messiah and founded the Shabbatean movement. Interesting note is that 1666 was the year of the Black Plague and Great Fire in London, something that resonates throughout our realm will be revealed in the whole of it.

I find error in DJ building the story of Trump being hand picked to roll out Disclosure of an “Alien” Presence somewhat disingenuous for if not analyzed thoroughly and carefully with all the pieces on the table we are still too easily led to a dead end. Where there is no transparency there is a shadow and this is where we must bring the light of pure consciousness to dispel the lies. To not address Trump’s and the corrupted Western world’s allegiance to the State of Israel is less than honest. Without putting those pieces on the multilayered chess board we can not find the thread of our lost memory of the human being’s divinity.

Let me get a bit more adamant here. In going back through some research material and our videos I found one of our videos censored. It rather surprised me as we are but a small voice in the field.

Let me underline that if anyone is bringing out truth that is verifiable and questions the under pinning of the deceptions you will be censored. Also in preparing a new report on this subject we are finding that many of our resources from two years ago are now scrubbed from the search engines and some sites have been taken down. So if censorship is one of the Dark Journalist’s criteria for the great coverup he may be well advised to start digging in this direction.

One of our as yet uncensored videos: We will be composing a future expose on this subject since much new material has come to light.

The Crown and the German Reich | The War Never Ended

Published on Jan 8, 2017

Our research continues into the criminality of the “legal system” and its far reaching consequences of destruction of the very earth we walk upon. We start in 1302 with the Papal Bull of Unam Sanctam which declared that “All people are the property of the Pope” and move forward to today as the indigenous peoples of the world are rising in defiance of a defacto form of slavery which affects every living being and all life on planet Earth.
claudia as a German native has since childhood known that the guilt and shame heaved upon the people of Germany was wrong. In this video we continue to connect dots that reveal an emergent truth, nothing we have been taught or believed about our reality is as it seems.
For those who think all the research on Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich is conclusive we invite you to look again, if you can open your mind to the possibility that Germany, the Third Reich and Hitler were not the evil they are portrayed to be you are open to question and research for yourselves.
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”
Power Point is available as a free download here: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentat…

Please check our Recommended Videos section on this website, I will be routinely posting videos which will perhaps begin to clear up some of the purposeful distortions of the Ancient Nordic and Germanic people along with other’s research uncovering out lost and buried world story.

On Earth Empaths and on our sister YouTube channel Not In Our Name we’ve taken some radical deep dives into many forbidden subjects. By writing this I am inviting others to take off the hood of ignorance and the narrow blinders of following the prevailing script, this is an invitation to delve deep into the Universe of You.

Knowledge is collecting information which is important for our minds that are curious beasts though how that Knowledge is used is known by the fruits. Wisdom comes with love and Love knoweth all things. The X (Geƀō ) is in the Runes of the ancient Nordic folk, it is a key to knowing thyself and the passage to Agartha, one can say the inner Real of UR. These are the mystical and magical realms that only a heart purified in the fire of love can enter, and to not fool myself or anyone this is where the real journey begins again and again.

“Sorrow is knowledge; they who know the most,

must mourn the deepest o’er the fatal truth,

the Tree of Knowledge is not that of Life.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche


A note of interest in researching this rune there is again much that is no longer available such as the Icelandic and Norwegian Rune poem, I did find them on the WayBackMachine.

Joik of the Wind”

The joik is a unique form of cultural expression for the Sammi people in North of Sweden. The songs are not merely descriptive, but yearn to capture the subject in its living sense. It is not about something, it is that something. It does not begin and it does not end.

Like the wind. Sofia has been performing since she was 11. She enjoys blending influences from jazz, pop and joik and describes her own music as “dancing somewhere between the mystic of the northern light and the warmth of the comforting fire. I am inspired by the vastness of the land, the people and the meetings between these elements.”

Love unbound, fierce and free.