Afterlife, Past-lives, and Aether: The Enigmatic Fabric of Reality featuring Brendan Murphy

How many cans of worms can be opened in one episode? Join us for an amazing conversation with Brendan Murphy as we delve into his spiritual awakening and explore profound concepts about the nature of reality, reincarnation, and the afterlife. Brendan shares his insights and research on these topics, offering a unique perspective on existence and consciousness.

-Episode Highlights: – Spiritual Awakening: Brendan’s journey to spiritual awareness and the events that led to his profound awakening.

– Reincarnation and the Afterlife: Discussing the reincarnation trap, afterlife, and the continuity of consciousness beyond physical death.

– Hypnotic Regression Studies: Exploration of research studies on hypnotic regression and the experiences people encounter during these sessions.

– Realms and Bodies of Existence: Insight into the different realms and bodies of existence that constitute our reality.

– Deception and Victim Mindset: Understanding the realization of deception, the victim mindset, and their effects on co-creation.

– Manipulating the Aether: How we can tap into and manipulate the aether around us to influence our reality.

About Brendan Murphy: Brendan D. Murphy is known as the “consciousness guy,” host of the popular Truthiverse podcast, and author of the critically acclaimed book “The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality — Book 1.

” He is the founder of The Truthiversity, a leading consciousness-raising university for awakening minds (www., and facilitates accelerated evolution through his Evolve Yourself program. Follow Brendan’s Work: Book 2 of “The Grand Illusion”:

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