Out of the Shadowlands | An Open Invitation to Corey Goode, et al.

Some of us are called to speak with the inner flame of truth, some of us are not looking for fame, fortune or followers, some of us have experienced the gifts and challenges of Spirit in our lives and some of us truly have nothing to hide.

How is this possible and demonstrable? Not special, not unique and not elitist. Writing a few words on the internet, making a video public is fraught with challenge in the current state of affairs on planet Earth for who really listens, who really cares, and who takes the time to do their own research before voicing opinions? The risk is weathering the blow back from others, from the out pouring of damaged psyches and the ever looming potential loss of friends, of course in the end the only thing we ever really lose is our delusion. Our choice is whether to prop up the walls that keep us fenced in or let go and allow the Universe to flow through us freely including the sorrow of loss along with the greater potential to love … they walk hand in hand.

Speaking from one’s truth is a dual edge sword, it requires the strength of being able to absolve one’s own darkness, it is a honing of the reactive ego into submission of greater cause. It requires an integration of soul into an aware state of Being, it requires vigilant self review. Not many have walked this far.

I cling to nothing therefore have nothing to defend.” – Don Juan Matus

What this means to me is that I am not claiming to be right, I am not claiming to have all the truth, I am not selling anything. Therefore if there is more information, a relating of another’s experience or a truly enlightened being I will listen and take enough time to contemplate within my inner realm. Perhaps not all of what I take in will resonate and yet occasionally my whole world view will be challenged.

In a talk with a good friend yesterday a few metaphors were used to try and verbalize what truth is and how it comes into focus. Each soul that is in process of revealing its self to Self, each soul that is unraveling its own deceptions and false implants will experience multi-dimensional realities, some haunting and some viscerally real and if honest will question everything accompanied with the fortitude necessary to wait for the next frozen frame to develop fully, like ancient reels of film, frame by frame we are seeing how reality is formed, how it has been manipulated and deeper still is the question, why was this Creation infiltrated and what part did I play? Do I play?

The Gordian knot is an apt metaphor, so tightly bound that to randomly pull on a thread will tighten or tangle it further, this is why most truths are not Truth at all. The plague of humanity is a propensity to place everything else before ones own responsibility, this is the selling of the Self and most do so to the lowest bidder … as they say every man has a price, sad and mostly true.

Let me not ramble too far from the purpose of this writing, it is an invitation to Corey Goode or anyone else within the “disclosure movement” to an open public conversation.

Allow too that I speak from where I come and arrive: Much has been written, instated and promulgated into our consciousness about unity and community; references to the Law of One, scientific evidence that proves we are all interconnected therefore all One. One Mind, One World, a United States … oops! state of affairs, Deep State, State, statements, states. All these usages are labeling words that keep us in a locked down state of being, far away from our fluid nature, all refer to government and those who govern from the shadowlands.

My interest is the individual, the development of real character not a comic book personage, for as interconnected as we are in the Source field from which we come, we are still individuated beings of Spirit expressing our selves into a collective reality. It is my interest to speak truthfully, to excavate the shadows and the buy outs that every single one of us are cast into … we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t cast a shadow. My cause is liberation, my inner call is freedom.

I thank the detractors, the outspoken haters, the unknowers for their verbal abuse, for it becomes the fertile soil in which to plant a few seeds. Nature would not grow new life if it weren’t for composting soil of those who have gone on before and angry words once spoken are the fodder for those who choose truth above all else.

Let us unbind ourselves and learn the lessons of letting go, let us love wantonly and freely and no longer react to the fear and hate …

Corey, I transparently invite you to record a third interview with me. Et Al, you are invited to an open forum interview where we can question each other without rancor or agenda. Let’s drop the barriers that make us distrust another, for all lack of trust comes from within the self.