Echos from Oceti Sakowin – Oceti Oyate

A good friend said listen to the echos … indeed a time worthy piece of advise.

For what is an echo but a resonance caught in time, reverberating through our memories. When we find silence inside, when we slow down to stop point much reveals. Time, the great illusion is the one we need to break through otherwise we will continue to re-act, con-tract and re-tract. This is not as simple as it sounds for the whole of the deceptive reality we call our world is set to re-looping time lines.

I want to pause here to give thanks to the intrepid ones who have shared so openly with myself and with others, it needs to be acknowledged that there are those who have re-surfaced, re-turned and re-instated their Being-self in the web of deception. You know who you are and you know the trials you have borne, you don’t need recognition … what’s called for now is transparency, to speak what we know, to hold our ground and have the endurance to weather what isn’t yet clearly seen.

What I want to write about today is the Living Experience of Standing Rock, the reverberation left in my soul. It’s been over five months now since I returned to Mexico and while this time has passed in a beautiful magical way there was a part of me that remained standing on the sacred ground in the Dakotas, a part of me held in time and space in remembrance. I was also feeling deep layers of despair that the sacred fires that were lit would be extinguished and a movement would once again be captured by those driven to destruction of Mother Earth, those driven to continue the harvest of Her Abundance.

What I hear is the vibration of soul, my soul connected with Her Soul that connects all souls in this Living world that is the Real.

I hear the question: What is soul dear one?

Not looking for the answer outside of myself I hear that it is the accumulation of knowledge in the resonance of me … I ponder further, listen more intently and hear it is the real of you that needs no god, no guide, no outer authority to know itself. And then she hears the smile and knows that soul to soul across all dimensions and time we all have always known each other.

When I return to Oceti Oyate, to the time I walked there among so many others who answered the call of Spirit and those who supported from a distance, I still feel our voices raised in prayer, I hear the steady beat of drums, I see the rainbow colored sun and I know that you and I are the ancient ones, I know that the ancestors are in our blood, I know eternal time and I know that we have just begun.

The land is not empty or sad, this land holds our hearts beating in unison and in this She rejoices. Just as the sacred ground holds the bones of ancestors it also holds the memory of a real miracle and this is reverberating through us, through Her and can never be extinguished, the eighth fire that can’t be put out.

My gratitude is the completing circle, the reweaving of the threads.

The inspiration for this writing comes from the voice of many others and viewing Myron Dewey’s video: