Tripping Over Time | Breaching the Gap

She watches from a distance waiting for the next footfall along the way. The Silent Ones watch too.

The gap remains, too few to fill it in.

We are at the next hurdle and many may fall, we need money we say, we need sustenance we feel so we turn a blind eye to what is stealthily being created … again.

Fear of lack silently creeps in like the hidden toxins in our food so we create soulpreneurs and digitalize our currency, we can’t seem to move past this hard place of need. We haven’t yet imagined how to share freely, it’s still about labels, branding and the system.

I am always content but never seem to be content, an accepted state of being for it allows my consciousness to wander far and wide, this embracing of the paradox gives me a chance to not follow the next crowd in a wave of seemingly good ideas. It keeps me from becoming stuck on any single idea or following another promoting voice that leads one down warren dens of rabbit holes and tangles us in webs of intrigue.

So I question this idea of turning one’s soul into entrepreneurship. I question the marketing of wisdom into a platform or format.

In the wild days of the then called hippies and bohemians there was a swelling of the human soul’s desire for freedom for a way of life not tied to civilized norms that swept up whole generation … and then the social engineers stepped in to convert this freedom into a style and moved the rise of consciousness into a sales pitch. Many know how this was done, how the programs were stepped up and used. We were naïve then.

Now we have the rise of the Native people and the awakening of humanities’ soul. For myself both aspects walk hand in hand for one walks the red road of heart, the way of the ancestors the ancient ones, the other expands consciousness into the hyper dimensional realities to break free of the locks of time.

The gears of time are unwinding, like clock work the mechanisms of takeover are seen.

We haven’t arrived yet. Let’s admit this instead of grasping for the next straw thrown into our mix. Free energy remains illusory while social plans are being rolled out … the machine marches on in mockery of our reach for freedom. It knows our needs, our desires, the fears that lurk on the edges of consciousness.

Letting go isn’t easy for it rocks us to our core. We don’t arrive so we create new modalities of belief in an effort to not confront the unconfrontable obstacles. And yet others have found the way through, as if on cue a friend who I haven’t spoke with in years sent me this message just now.


 ‘Outside the garden walls’
What is there behind the garden wall
Is that a grander garden or a fall?
hesitant paces would like a prior view
on the lane and path of only few
the garden is the heart
and beyond is the grander heart of all.

This is where we always have existed but have forgotten the silent language of love, the all that is. We have too long contented our fears with the struggle against lack simply because we don’t know what awaits us on the other side of the wall.

Writing this I am reaching for a more expanded comprehension of time, we say it is an illusion and yet we live within the construct so for all practical purposes it is real. Waking up each morning I feel my conscious awareness traveling, perhaps searching and what happens is it meets a force, often feeling that it is due to the planetary bodies and their rotation around the sun … how ever this is constructed it is as if my thoughts are looped back, something is trying to show me a way.

When we allow the status quo of this paradigm to be our guide, when we return to modalities of living dependent that are dependant on the system we are giving our energy to the next wave of indoctrination, the next repercussion of the fear of scarcity … this can be extremely subtle or it can come at us like a wall we can’t seem to climb over.

We also speak of knowing and rarely speak of not knowing, this allows the entry of confusion that clouds the perceptual field. For myself, I want to know. Not the knowing of linear time calculations but the deeper inner knowing of trust and faith. I want to love with abandon to the truth that Life is Abundance, that our plane of creation is the organic Mother who is always waiting for us to respond in her gifts. She knows, she is our Mothership and when we let go of need, of desire, even intention she is now able to move through us more freely.