The Voyager – Portals in Space and Time

Last night we went on our nightly walk after sunset, there had been a sudden thundershower just as the sun went below the horizon which cleared the sky so that the stars’ light were brilliantly observed. Not sure how we avoid tripping on the cobblestone streets with our eyes gazing upward. Lightening could be seen far off in the distance but no thunder was heard so we had unobstructed access to the starry dome overhead.

We often walk silently and last night there was a special hush, cars had stopped early and the large park was almost completely empty … nice when this happens as the sounds of nature’s magic aren’t easily heard over the rush of human activity, clashing thoughts and emotions, not to mention the roar of vehicles and babbling chatter of those that choose to skim the surface never pausing long enough to let the mystery enter into their conscious awareness.

There is a special overlook where we stop to gaze at the town’s lights below, a wide open panorama sweeping from South to North as we gaze westerly, we stood there scanning the view which included the night sky when a bright light to the North caught our attention, it moved to the East steadily though not as a jet would, it sort of floated and the velocity was not totally even, the trajectory also varied in subtle movements … we watched and as we did the bright white lights glowed a diffused red then simply disappeared. A few words between us to acknowledge that we had both seen the same phenomena then the silent return walk home.

Now, up on the rooftop garden sitting alone as the night wind whipped around me, allowing my thoughts to ask those whose Presence I could still intuit if they were communicating with us, the answer was positive as some of my unvoiced questions were answered. Knowing, or should I say a confirmation of knowing, provided some answers, we are being helped and guided, now sensing a sky full of ‘presences’ along with the realization that more would soon be revealed.

Now my analytical mind kicks in, it takes in a multitude of information, most seems diverse yet somehow this intelligence lines up enough so I can write about it. We are changing, not only our minds but our biology for as we accumulate an expanded perspective of our place in the Creative Universe we begin to interface in manners that only mystics and shamans had access to for these past millenniums. Still in the grips of a time construct the appearance of these changes seems delayed, often imperceptible so it is easy to feel discouragement or allow shadows of doubt to cloud the inner luminosity.

Along with these challenges is the stark reality that there are controllers and manipulators, those who continue to spew toxicity into the atmosphere via chemicals and dark astral projections. This is very apparent to a careful observer for when a gate is breached, when contact is made there is a response from this dark intelligence. No need to even address the insane push to re-initiate war as bombs and missiles fall on sacred lands and people. 

On a personal level, waking today to find our often pristine sky cross hatched to a dull silver tone, a slew of counter currents of energy are felt,  there are times when it feels like everything is being thrown at you … looking for that crack, that place inside to take root. I write to express this, to know it and to not water the noxious root of deception.

Back to our visitors of last night, with them came a sense of our place in the Cosmos, we are star beings and naturally are voyagers of the unknown. For eons of time this knowledge has been captured in the matter that makes up our Earth as a supreme creation. As we awaken to the Real of Life, the energetic interface of our state of being with matter doors will open. This is occurring in individuals everywhere, in truth science, in the minds and hearts of those who now recognize they heard the call and came to help guide these pro-seedings along.  

Inwardly viewing this morning I found a very tiny me standing at the base of a large stone monolith, a door appears and the remembering of when we could transit through portals of stone, when we utilized our abilities inter-connectedly with the harmonics of Creator, when we were free of limits and shackles and could take on any form.

I am not alone, many have shared their perceptions and experiences with me, all of this goes into a cosmic brew of gnosis, somehow totally static locked somewhere in space and time yet fluid and moveable, beauty in the chaos of stars.

My friend here with me is a time voyager, a mad young scientific mind that wants to break down barriers yet innately comprehends that fantasy alone won’t get us to lift off, knows that there are keys we haven’t yet obtained. I nod in my own knowing way, now time to get back to the work at hand, time to unlock the gravitational field that binds us to a construct that seeks to maintain the wild and free ones snared in an outdated mode of living, one that has outlived any usefulness if it ever had it in the first place.

Carefully choosing my words as I write, not using the worn out phrases that have become meaningless with overuse. Let the space between this writing evoke and provoke for the second we reach certainty the next phase begins.  

Sunset looking west from our rooftop sanctuary.