Prelude to the Voyager

Many uncounted days have passed, along with them meandering streams of thought and visions as my soul dives ever deeper in the outpouring of communicative hearts gone wild and free. This coupled with the miasma of humanity’s revealing insanity is fertile ground on which to walk.

Daylight hours are spent in the wonderment of fulfillment, the garden grows outside the kitchen door and our cat purrs contentedly on my lap as the morning sun light breaks free from the horizon and rays of light illuminate the small kitchen table.

She looks around her and sees the simple beauty of creation, the cleanliness and order imbued in a home held sacred. A fluid order, moveable more than static.

She is waiting for something and not sure what it is, so unknown. The mind tries its best to grasp it, hold it, understand it but to no avail for this newness is ethereal and transiently ephemeral too.

Words want to be written but they evaporate before the fingers can strike the keyboard, it has been this way for sometime now, the swirl of energy is so seemingly conflictive as two worlds co-exist within this single living experience.

She is crying out through her infinite voice; The magical realms are alive and real… yet most continue to refute this, turn away, cling to models and systems long worn out from overuse and abuse, there appears an apparent uselessness to life in this stark reality as she views through this perspective’s lens.

Ponderous questions loom.

She knows the quickening of her own soul’s purpose, she has been gifted with so many ever-fulfilling experiences each winding threads of realities in her chrysalis form. The soaring heights of freedoms seen, wings unfurled and a heart as light as a feather. Mother speaks to her in moments of silence held in the innermost sacred chamber, Great Spirit has taken her to the furthest shore … and she lingers here intuiting the cobwebs of long forgotten promises, compromises she wishes to transform to enlightening freedom. Her freedom tied to the mysteriousness of the all.

What she embraces as she is called to embrace this all, is the falsifying currents of human projections, the accepted norms and societal positioning. It impacts her, it impacts us all.

So much has been revealed, written, and contemplated yet there is before the ‘All of us’ this passage to take, she sits and waits for the next moment to reveal.



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