On Abundance and Freedom

Once moments have become a continuum of experience there is a real sense of seamless timeless space, here the smallest quietest things stand out and are allowed a voice in which to speak in the language of love.

She is heard in such a profound place, time slows down to an almost imperceptible movement yet she knows the all is present here.

Being and holding these sacred sounds, being and holding this precious place where the inner child awakens is disconcerting for the mind and body long trained to do things, to conform, to please, to help, to control, to fix, to consume… so easily we can slip from the real magic of Great Spirit back into the conflicting patterns of thought and projection.

She feels the colliding in her very cellular structure as the whole of universes are forever rearranging in harmonizing flows.

She knows this native state of being yet when she surfaces from the deep dream she is once again met with the unreal world of dominance and toxicity, the world that imposes itself upon her senses and demands compliance in order for her to exist.

For the beautiful iridescent souls this hurts, it offends the senses, and creates an inner conflict of knowing what is True with what is false.

She contemplates the necessity of this, accepting that all exists for the purpose that we experience this sharp edge of duality so as she allows these conflicting realities collide within her as she listens and is driven deeper to a place where there exists gnosis that via her body and the greater body of Mother Earth she is dissolving the false, recycling the trapped energy of mistaken identity. She can’t fight this yet she rebels at the idea that all must experience this level of deception, she feels the Mother rise in her as a whisper, a lullaby that she hears as the ocean tides coming ashore hearing the grains of sand wash back to the sea … no more.

Many days and nights have flowed these past months, words rise and echo in the chambers of time, in the cavernous spaces of memories yet she hasn’t been able to capture them in a logical sequence of linear thought, they dissolve in the very moment they are heard.

One thought stands out and it is the word abundance, it captures her reality and is seen in the light coming through a leaf that moves in the gentle breeze, a pure play of harmony. It is the sound of a doves wings coming to land on the tree above her head, it is the warm hand that holds her own sitting in a silent reverie. Writing these words she realizes that these moments are the ones to be cherished above all else, from this place we are moved to the expression of our souls.

She cries real inner tears for those who have lost this simple connection with Spirit, this drives her in her expression to share to somehow open the rusted shut doors of humanity’s prison … to participate.

She peers through dark churning masses of astral clouds, passing through them and seeing sparkling pure snow covered mountain peaks arising in the distance. Lifted she stands on one peak in a blaze of radiant light, this she experiences as luminosity.

She moves as she wills and finds she is now in the great black deep where shadows lurk hidden in the ink like fluid mass where all deceivers hide, she feels a finite place, it is the bottom of the pit. The inner light appears dim so dark is this place where she sits. Something moves, separates itself and peers at her with dark red eyes and a long hiss. Writing these words now for some reason she smiles for there is no longer fear or doubt and she can be here with this entity infusing a luminousness like the light of the sun reaching down to the deepest ocean’s floor. Light always finds a way …

Winding her way home what arises in her to speak is words to Abundance and Gratitude, embracing the beauty of silent wyrds she intuits the Reality that is forever Present … yet knowingly we must turn feeling to an action of wanton abandon, evermore surrender and no longer cling to the bought and sold system of criminality. Pure presence becoming the only indicator of where we spend our vital energy.

The question presented is when does each individuated spirit break the cycle, cut the chains to discover the divine inheritance of freedom? This is a moment by moment choice coupled with the ever vigilant observer.

wind, wheat, sunrise

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.

You are free.”  ~ Jim Morrison