Personal Cosmology | The Inner Realm of U

She allows thoughts that surprise her knowing that we are riding the continuity of a verging paradigm.

She is not alone.

One that caught the inner-dweller’s attention was that each and every one of us is in the process of unfolding an unique and personal cosmology, the developing inner perspective of one’s location in the universe, how we came into being and where we are going.

This surprises her for we are taught that cosmology, be it in ancient song lines, stone carvings or the later lucid writings of mystics and sages is where we find the truth of our origins. There is truth here of course though this subtle thought that shook her deserved some moments of deeper contemplation.

We look outward in a search that bears many fruits. Each culture distinctive and flavored in the language of the people who documented their existence in the order of the stars. As more past civilizations are unearthed and we are able to peer further back in time our consciousness expands. The opposite correlation is equally true, as our conscious awareness expands we unearth more pyramids, structures, stone tablets and manuscripts. This is the interconnectedness of all things that walk hand in hand, heart to heart, mind to mind.

From the great root races in the cycles of time there is the learning and remembering of our origins in the heavens. In the clashing tides of today’s world where do we find ourselves and what are we being shown? To step out of the seemingly disjointed and conflict filled news stories we can make a little leap to the prospect that the individual is fulfilling its Self from within. We’ve reached the crevasse of individualism, necessary and beautiful when one peers so deeply into themselves that there is a undeniable knowledge that we are entwined with all of life and therefore the battle stops. ‘I that i am’ is no longer fighting to be heard, to find outward sustenance rather finds that the fulfillment of creativity expressing in a continuum of flow. All true artists know this as moments lost in the art of creating where there is nothing other than the act itself … Our challenge is on a cosmic scale; to to paint the canvas of our creation and bring Heaven to Earth.

She knows these are heady words propelling her through time and space, stripping away the contents of beliefs she allows this knowledge to be the fulfillment of her work as art.

Lest we forget … we are as children in a garden.

We are at the initiation point.

A still pendulum waiting for the next cosmic breath.

What will be manifest is emerging from the mists of forgetfulness.

Rewinding my thoughts to give a more fuller expression of how vital they are. What I am writing about isn’t new to the most who will read these words, it isn’t new at all really for it has always been. We are creators in a Creation and being aware of this brings a sense of joy and the coupled sense of responsibility. What my inner antenna picked up was that as the whole of the great Cosmic dance is cycling through a galactic space and the all of us are uniquely playing a motif. There is the collective movements and the individuated ones, it rather startled me to think/view/feel how on the self level I may be entering into a completely unknown dimension … Not a new thought either but more real this time, more close to my face. This gives one pause or it should.

Personal recollections and compilations of this life’s journey prod me to continue to look and find the nexus points where the threads cross paths and a knot is tied, an inner tapestry is thus woven. Many friends who are in this field know this, what also strikes a note is just how diverse we are in our trajectories and that by finding our inner chords we are creating a symphony of a magnitude that my human brain can not comprehend but the wholeness of my being innately knows.

As our solar systems spirals into the next octave of creation there is an expression fulfilling its self. Un-tethered from from fear and self depreciation we are entering the inner realm of U-R and with that comes an act of creation totally untouched, unknowable and yet real.

I wrote this in 2013 Is this not me?  Reading it again today I am certain that those who have passed through the gates of hell and re-collected themselves are the very ones who know of what I am writing. Annunaki, Reptilian, Pleiadian, from Orion or Sirius or manifesting from galactic center we are all here now and part of our work is to stop blaming another for what we all participated in … There is universal truth in all walks as there is deception. Beyond blame there are other more subtle energies that cause us to look outside to find those who tricked us. Coming from where I write today there is only one way to interpret this, we allowed ourselves to be fooled and the real trick is to come to knowing why.


The interloper priest class can rule no more, mis-interpretors and sequesters of ancient lore have outlived there function and stolen authority.