What If Everything is Written in Stone but not Set in Stone?

What If? Two words emergent in my conscious mind through the passage of several weeks now. There is a fluidity within this musing for it is coupled with a growing consensus that all we’ve been told is in fact a lie. It’s a big thought and one the human brain is wired to disbelieve. Learning to dance with this requires a flowing and spiraling state of being.

There is indeed a healthy dose of irony present; for if everything is a lie of necessity one must ask what is the truth? For here in this realm of duality if there is a lie then there is truth and if there is dark then there is light and so on. Currently on our world stage from the fringes of science, through internal observations, and a growing body of people who are questioning the foundation of our world construct we see the crumbling of the outer shell of reality as most know it. We have an enormous amount of data to process, that is for those who have broken free of the paradigm of life as death and war.

She awakes before the rising sun each day, the quietude of the predawn hours her solace and immersion into the fluidity that is an actuality. Before the consciousness of the those who walk asleep in the dream takes hold of the of movement and starts the tick-tock clock that repeats the same measure over and over every day she can drift on the astral sea of dreams being manifest.

I would like to bring forward some fruits that my musings and researching have born. I make no claim as to their accuracy nor ask that anyone else believe a thing I have to say. Most of my impulses to write is how I see through the clutter and garbage continuously heaped upon our Mother Earth and of course this includes the two legged who walk upon her and of necessity take what she offers. The turn of the wheel asks that what we take be balanced by what we offer in return…

What if Trees came to Earth as our teachers?

In her traveling muse she listens to their roots and branches, delving down into the underground network of roots and fungi she is aware of the map the organic world is showing us without malice, silently waiting for human kind to return home. This mapping of the organic network she sees repeated in the map of stellar space.

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted like trees.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

What if these stones are us, what if we started our earthly existence in stone?

The megalithic world is revealing in a completeness now. Anyone with a lucid mind will not be able to deny that our civilization is much older (or much younger) than we have been led, like oxen chained to a yoke, to believe. Thousands of monoliths, ancient impossible stone carvings, underground cities reveal layers upon layer of stone. What is this stone emitting, what is the story telling us?

In her musing mind she sees the giants we were as we emerged from the ancient sea. Our consciousness did not see matter as solidified and unyielding but as energetic living stone which could easily be lifted and molded. Not yet separated from the living waters we were able to become that which we worked with, much like bending a spoon you must become the spoon. Some never lost this ability, they are the survivors.

What does the reality of underground civilizations tell us? Everyday a new labyrinth of interconnected tunnels is uncovered, it could be perilous to ignore all the signs carved in stone.

What if the Earth is both a plane and a sphere?

Going back years now as the intuitive nature of reality started revealing itself through my inner vision it was obvious that we are living in realms and can actually journey to these realms, inner earth, middle earth and where we abide most of the time on the surface. That journey is possible for those who have freed themselves from the false constructs of the cult of death that is a black plague on this jewel of a planet.

With the public releases of real independent scientific knowledge via the electrical universe models, plasma physics, the reality of dielectric charge, the studies of our sun as a solar plasma generator which behaves closer to water than gas, etc. our human consciousness is in an expansion. At times this is disconcerting and can be a stressful passage. I use stress not as we commonly use the word as psychological stress though it can manifest that way, but as putting stress on a worn out system until it reaches it’s breaking point.

What if we viewed our solar system as a spiraling dance and not the worn out elliptical model we are chained to?

For myself this requires that I locate myself and in doing so I am on Earth, therefore my point of perspective (yes, it’s all about perspective) is geocentric in the current time though this belies my original point of inception. However I accept this point of view and in doing so and via connecting my own roots to Earth’s core I find myself spiraling and dancing on a great cosmic sea. And yes it is a dance, the ballerina in me spins balancing on a tightrope across the vastness of space.

What if the lost knowledge of the Tartarian Empire, the Maygar people and sacred language is being remembered now because there once was an ancient benevolent culture who walked the whole of the Earth?

Many are saying we are the survivors of Atlantis and in this I know some truth.

An increasing body of evidence is coming through multiple independent YouTube channels from different locations around the world, this is being revealed through old maps, lost books and much fantastical speculation too. As I weave my way through the different channels that are presenting evidence I neither fully accept nor do I reject what my seeing eyes are viewing. Much like the presentation a few years ago on The Rocks are Silicon Trees and the Nature of Reality my being takes in this new perceptual data and allows it to co-exist within. Some of it resonates deeply and some of it is a stretch of imaginary speculation that others present which doesn’t resonate.

What I intimately allow to occur is the remembering of a time when the world was not as we’ve been led to believe it always was. Something I spoke about not long ago as the The Conscientious Observer and the Deep Mind which can best be described as a mind no longer struggling with duality. The cerebellum or what the Gnostics transcribed as our ineffable mind creates a halo in the vaulted chamber (our cranium). While in deep meditation I perceived this as an infinite magnetic pole of pure energy aligned due North and South, this permeated the whole of my being and on the horizontal plane a flash of emerald green light made a perfect cross emanating on the West and East plane. This produced an instantaneous interconnectedness within as the All lit up.

“[…] And they allege that this (cerebellum), by an ineffable and inscrutable process, attracts through the pineal gland the spiritual and life-giving substance emanating from the vaulted chamber (in which the brain is embedded). And on receiving this, the cerebellum in an ineffable manner imparts the ideas, just as the Son does, to matter; or, in other words, the seeds and the genera of the things produced according to the flesh flow along into the spinal marrow.”

What if with the demise of materialism and the de-structuring of the atomic model are producing breakthroughs in comprehending our bodies as energy and this is our liberation?

For creation that which we call matter to exist it must split off in fractals of reflective light, from pure source through the lens of a crystal we see the separation of color, one can easily relate to the light of the sun through misty rain when we see a rainbow in the sky. Taking this thought to the human body which we know is mostly water we are taught to see an arrangement of refracted light as the commonly called chakras but in most people these vortexes of energy are not aligned causing a state of perpetual imbalance in all the body’s systems. In proper alignment the individuated colors of the chakras create a vertical stream of light, often gold in color it is what I know as grace.

Intuitively I also know that most living human beings experience this in their dream bodies but due to fear they cling to the known world of imposed things by outside authorities and are quickly being shuttled into the Internet of Things via the smart grid. Lost in their unrecognized slavery they still contain buried deeply inside them a knowing that they have lost their vital life force and coupled with that loss is a longing to return to wholeness.

What if our conscious awareness is tied to and influences the increasing movements of the Earth’s magnetic field?

Here is a stretch and one not easily perceived for we are in a process of metamorphosis and until we emerge in a new form the above statements is simply posed as food for the soup we are swimming in.

What if Time Travel Is Possible If You Have an Object With Infinite Density?

This was the title of a recent article published in a scientific journal, I am not linking the article because I found it was attempting to make this point with incorrect postulates and an unneeded complexity.

My invitation is to those who find this intriguing or have experienced time travel to investigate further for in a state of infinite density where two opposite poles of magnetic charge meet there is no duality and everything is simultaneously ever where present. (see my previous writing on this here.)

What if we become fluid and in that fluid state of being we oppose nothing?

In writing the above words many thoughts cohere into a completing whole. No longer fully chained to my own body as physicality subtle changes or transmutations are occurring. With the growing use and knowledge of plasma as the first state of matter the body begins the return to the original celestial blue print. Psychic and bodily immersion in a sea of energy has the effect of etherizing the blood and thereby releasing the complex functions that the arrogant man has tried to control to an infinite dance of harmony.

When the waters above meet the waters below we create heaven on Earth.

What if we knew a cataclysm was in the near future?

This question is posed as a finale to my line of questioning. For as we wander in our imaginary formations of potentiality it drives the questions back home to each of us. It is the fundamental question that spiritual warriors ask themselves for it brings one’s consciousness fully Present, if this was your last moment what would you choose?

Our key note is joy and our beat is love.

Ah… she sighs deeply and allows a deep exhalation. She has chosen freedom and in this choice it is a choice she makes for all.

Nothing can be a fact outside of a continuum, this is a fundamental truth that few will be able to comprehend. It’s one of those thoughts that requires letting go of some thing seen in the instant you perceive it, it a stepping stone into the eternal stream of now. And then one can just as easily step out of flow by the ongoing insistence to have proof. Becoming the living truth is the only proof there is.

“When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.”

Isaiah 43:2