Part II: Plasma Health | Empirical Knowledge and Testimonials

When I started writing this piece several months ago I had one thought in mind and that was to share empirical data and testimonials from others, along with a little more of my background. While I have been writing transparently of my journey I also realize that there are many people who are new in my life and haven’t followed my muse. Briefly, while I have been outspoken in many arenas, my life has also been dedicated to natural healing, first as a midwife, then years of studying Homeopathy with two doctors here in Mexico. Throughout this trajectory I have allowed myself the gift of sharing whatever knowledge I have and always free of charge. This accumulated knowledge encompasses over thirty years, some might say I have been churned in the caldron of life that extracts wisdom.

In a nutshell: The Human Biome | The Inner Journey Home

Humanity is awakening to a state of more expanded consciousness, this is an inward awakening which dictates a letting go of imposed belief systems and culturalization, which in turn is revealing the binding and encompassing practices of deception that have been deployed by those whom many still think of as world leaders. The current prevailing structures of society, the universe, and what is health are breaking down, as they do new vistas open to for us to explore and discover.


After sharing my first public writing on the health benefits of using plasma there has been many questions along with some derision and confusion. This can be understood from multiples of perspective. First the word plasma is often thought of as blood plasma or as the hot interstellar plasma fields of the cosmos (there is a relationship of course). These inquiries and questions started me down an even deeper contemplation and research for when I am not able to coherently answer questions it becomes an imperative to dig deeper. These are some of my findings.

With the necessity for some brevity and cohesion I am writing this in two parts, the first is observations of those around me who have been using plasma with great and often surprising success. The third part for those who want to go deeper is the merging of science with spirituality as the perspective of our bodies, our Earth, the solar system and our place in the Cosmos is rapidly revealing simple truths.

Empirical evidence is the careful observation of effects and evaluation of the data presented. Using cold plasma is the only way I know to gather such data for if it remains in the theoretical realm we are unable to measure effects.

It is with a growing joy that I present a few examples of real results observed by myself and the people themselves who are using plasma as a healing tool. I share much gratitude with those who intuitively and instinctively recognize that plasma is a gift. It is not the fountain of youth nor the answer to all of our imbalances. However, as myself and others have observed the continued use of plasma balances the body’s biomagnetic field and opens space between the atomic substrata which allows energy to move more freely. It isn’t too difficult to comprehend this for all disease states whether physical or emotional can be seen as a contraction or blockage of energy, this is well known to body workers, acupuncturists, depth psychologists, practitioners of Yoga and Tai Chi, there is hardly a field of natural medicine that does not work to alleviate these blocks at some level. What is so amazing about using plasma in it’s liquid form (structured water) is two-fold, first it is inexpensive and secondly it doesn’t require years of training to achieve results.

I share with gratitude as I observe family and friends who have chosen in incorporate plasma into their lives begin to change trusting a deeper part of their knowing rather than being constantly hurled into thoughts of fear and self doubt. They start making better life supporting choices, bodies are morphing and I hear so much laughter as they realize that where they had given up a new vitality is felt, embraced, and self determination becomes the compass that sets a new course.

(In respect for privacy I will change names even though I have permission to share their stories.)

Jewels from Colorado was our first customer who was drawn to our little shop as she had seen my Orgonite through the display window and wanted to know more. While talking we introduced her to plasma which she immediately resonated with so we offered her a foot bath with CO2 liquid plasma, Epsom salts and sea salt. This is her testimonial:

“I have to share that the plasma foot bath you provided has proven to be nothing shy of miraculous. After 10 months of complex and disabling foot pain, my pain has all but ceased for 2 days now since the soak! (Despite having hiked the Pyramid of the Sun the day before, and walked extensively the day off, and walked – even ran through Dallas Ft Worth airport yesterday – ! Was sure I would be effed after that, and remain pain free!!! I am home (earlier than planned, bailed on the trip, wasn’t jiving with the vibes)…. my family and I are in awe of my recovery and overwhelmed with gratitude. Sitting on my couch now with the plasma patches on my sore quad, and reflecting on how strange and beautiful life is. My holiday did not go as hoped, but I received a rare gift when I stumbled into your store, and everything unfolded with divine perfection.”


My long time friend Mari was in a very sad state both physically and emotionally after a lifetime of battles with ongoing health issues. She moved through life stoically while enduring one health crisis after another, this started in her infancy when diagnosed with brain cancer and treated with radiation. Her mother was the town’s pharmacist so every illness had a pill to “cure” it. I will not give her whole history as it would be too long for this writing, suffice it to say that she has endured severe emotional traumas as well.

When we reconnected she was in pain, despondent and ready to give up on life. Abdominal issues had come to a head, these included continuous bouts of intestinal parasites, a compromised thyroid, a hernia operation, gall bladder removal and acute appendicitis which led to another surgery. Even though she was aware and knowledgeable of natural medicine her level of despondency and fear with each new symptom would drive her back to an allopathic doctor further reducing her vital energy.

After a near death experience with viral bronchitis she realized she had to make a choice; choose to live and return to health or give up and die. This is when she got serious about using plasma. After being released from the hospital we put a diffuser by her bed with CO2 liquid plasma, placed plasma patches under her sheets to sleep on at night and a plasma patch across her abdomen in front. The next day she called and announced with excitement that the abdominal pain was gone!

More than three months have passed with her using plasma and incorporating it into her daily life along with applying it to her dogs and cat. She discovered that she does better with using the liquid directly on her skin instead of in a pain patch. She also sprays it on her elderly Chihuahua and blind cat who she thought was dying as she had stopped eating.

Report to date: She still experienced tenseness and discomfort in her abdomen and thinking she had a new hernia went for an MRI which she took it to a new internist to read. His diagnosis and verbatim response to her was: “You don’t have a hernia but there is inflammation so you need to use a waist support for several months to help your body realign and dear, quit wasting your money on MRIs, you are fine.”

She also had a battery of tests, blood analysis, urine analysis, and stool studies, all which came back negative for the first time in her life! Even her thyroid is recovering function as she weans herself off of medication by using Ayurvedic herbs and natural thyroid supplements.

She recently called to joyously report that she can now bend over without any discomfort, her Chihuahua is running around the house like a puppy and her cat is eating well, putting on weight and even acting playful.

In Mari’s own words:

“I had hernia surgery over a year ago. I went back to the surgeon twice because of continued pain. I was given injections and pain medication that worked for a week each time and then the pain came back. Christine suggested I put plasma patches on the affected area at night. After two nights of this treatment the pain was gone and I continue to be pain free. I highly recommend plasma and was amazed with the results. I highly recommend consultations with Christine.”


Joy visited our shop about a month ago and we immediately found a deep resonance as we excitedly shared our collected knowledge. She lived in Hawaii for many years and is recently arrived to Mexico, her spiritual practice is ho’oponopono and she radiates the playful nature of a child. She instantly took to the plasma and began using it as a spray on her body and in her home. A survivor of severe illness she’s highly tuned and aware so her using plasma was not to alleviate any physical symptoms but to generate sense of well being.

She stopped by a few weeks ago to report that what she is experiencing is an heightened awareness of the inter-connectedness of everything. In her words the communication she is having with all around her is opening her even more to the natural abundance of our world. And laughingly she noted her libido is surprisingly returning, Joy is in her mid 60’s and to be candid here all I could do was nod and agree.


My cat, Bella is what some would call my spirit companion and she loves plasma! Every time I open a bottle to add water she’s got her nose in it and so I’ve taken to putting CO2 in her drinking water. The observer in me is watching something transform in her and our communion has developed to an almost constant.

On the physical side, she and another cat had huge abscesses form under their necks, I pretty much figured something had bitten them. Well, last year before plasma the same thing occurred which necessitated a vet visit, having her tranquilized so he could lance the abscess and a course of antibiotic along with an anti-inflammatory injection. This year I did the intuitive thing and sprayed her swollen neck with CO2 liquid plasma, first spray in the morning and one later in the afternoon. She accepted this with no fuss at all. That evening I ran my hand under her neck and it oozed a large amount of liquid and some puss so I cleaned it off with a more plasma water. Next morning the wound had healed closed and within a few days her fur was growing back.


This health tool isn’t just for those who have an understanding of plasma physics nor is it necessary to believe in energy medicine, it simply works. Here is the latest testimonial from Jay and Clarissa, frequent visitor to the espresso bar. Both are bright up beat people, Jay in his mid seventies always emanated a joie de vivre but it was becoming increasingly obvious that he was in almost constant pain so I asked him about it.

A hard working outdoor man whose work life included running fishing boats to running a cattle ranch his reply was, “I’m just old and have worn out all my joints.” Um? Not being one myself to accept a permanent diagnosis I asked him to consider that there were things he could do to alleviate the pain and even rebuild the cartilage. While skeptical he accepted a couple of plasma CO2 pain patches to wear at night around his shoulders and neck. A week later he came back to visit and said: “Ok, I thought about what you said and I want to know more.”

In brief after several weeks of using what he dubbed “swamp water” plus taking Boswellia for inflammation reduction he came back with a miraculous report, he had actually gotten out of bed and without thinking stretched his whole body, something he hadn’t done in over six years. They left a few weeks later for a long drive and took CO2 plasma with them, here is an email we received a week ago:

“Thank you!!!

Hola Christine!

Jay & Clarissa here from the US. Wanted to let you know we made it back ok. Also, we can’t thank you enough for helping us!! What you did sure saved our lives!! Thank you again!!

We are looking forward to seeing you upon our return in March. Please stay in touch and we will do the same. Question: how long do you wait for “swamp water” to be ready after dilution?

Resonance is Key to Unlocking Our Full Potential as Human Beings

While I am not a scientist, more an experiential ‘alchemist’, I find real science fascinating. I am placing this here for those who want to explore deeper into the science of Resonance and Phase Coherence. On the most practical level when an individual unlocks its divine potential from the indoctrinated beliefs and loosens the cords of past traumas of doubt and fear the resonance of the body, mind and soul naturally rise. As our vibratory patterns return to a more balanced spin that is in harmony with the underlying phase coherence we experience renewed vitality and more profound insights. Using Plasma has shown over and over again that it provides a vital bridge to a more balanced state of being.

As we move into a better understanding of the nature of reality based on electric and plasma physics we also move out of complexity and uncover long hidden truths. Much truth has been buried in the literature of esoteric schools, the words and works of mystics as well as our ancient but unknown and hidden past. [ see Part III ]

For myself all of these themes line up into one astounding yet simple truth, we are on the threshold of holding the keys to creation itself. These emergent scientific studies are from our past and lead into the future as we are now being shown just how powerful we are. The key is within us to create a reality in a harmonic with the Universal flows.

Understanding “energy, frequency, and vibration” as Nikola Tesla is so often quoted as saying is exact. When we realize that the frequency of our thoughts and the vibration or resonance of our energy is quite literally forming the world we can once again embrace our responsibility for what we are creating. There is no moral judgement, religious code or societal indoctrination more powerful and vital than taking charge of your own body. This is relatively simple when you become the observer of yourself and how the world around you responds, by being your own feed back loop not dependent on what others tell you or project onto you, there is a more perfect response from the ever present knower-observer.

Perhaps the reader can tell now why I am so committed to helping others discover this tool. I could write for days reporting on so many people who have benefited from this amazing modality but then I would risk boring the reader. I am open to anyone who wants to know more to have a conversation or correspondence so by all means ask if so inclined.

Brief Description of How Plasma is Created

Plasma and it’s almost infinite uses provides those who choose to start using it an expanding state of being based on experience itself. I will briefly go into the science of how plasma is produced, something I am beginning to study more earnestly, though in the same phrase I will state that plasma needs to be experienced for if it remains in the purely theoretical realm it will remain illusive.

By unlocking the atomic structure of matter through super heat or conductivity the substance is released into its energy or nano gaseous form. This can be done with a caustic solution or by using carbon nano-coated copper plates creating a super conductive surface. The process to precipitate the gaseous matter into its visible form as plasma is completed in a 5% salt water bath. During this process one can watch the plasma slowly precipitate. Creating CO2 the process is slow and can actually take over a week to complete.

On a more pensive line of thought it is relatively easy to relate this process to what our ancient ancestors knew when they cooked their food over fire in clay or copper pots, the build up of carbon coating from the fire transmuted the cooking medium to the food thereby releasing a higher energy field to the food itself. A biological example would be how the acid in our stomachs not only breaks the food we eat down to useful elements it also releases the energy locked in the food, new research is now showing that our bodies actually get more from this than the nutrients required for proper body function. This should give pause to consider why so many researchers know that the key to good health begins in the gut.

With respect for all those who are doing the work of unveiling the untruths and false beliefs that have kept human beings from recovering their vital and divine health. Using Plasma has shown over and over again that it provides a vital bridge to a more balanced state of being.

For those who would like to explore the inter-connectedness of all things including the most ancient esoteric knowledge you are invited to check the link below.

In la’kesh,


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