Personal Responsibility ~ The Foundation of a Sovereign by Thomas Williams

In the post below Thomas Williams of Cosmic Voice Radio is addressing a group of people who heard a call, a herald’s call to freedom, to peace and a return to beauty. He and those who heard have the same trials we all face in any gathering of souls. We have been triggered and trapped by our own fears, at the bottom of every urge to blame, to project, to not act, to gossip, to judge is fear. So deeply embedded in our human psyche is fear that we don’t recognize it any longer.

So let it be known that Sovereignty is not only the dissolving of all contracts and manipulations, it is an Act of Courage, to stand in one’s own Divinity is to take 100% Responsibility for all your creations in all dimensions of space and time.

Angst, antagonism, annoyance, bad manners, rudeness, blame games are all manifestations of the individuals own fears being projected onto others.

Focusing blame on anyone because it is easier than yourself accepting the harsh truth, will do far more damage to the individual than who it is projected against.

Truth will set you free, is often said but rarely understood or applied, we all have varying layers of truth protection, things we don’t like to face, but they are like a cancer to the body and soul, it eats away at you, erodes your perception of reality and more importantly does not allow you to be the person you can be.

You cannot be a free person when you are holding back who you wish to be.

A quote from Laura Walker blog today sums this up ” An important shift is underway. and most people’s psyches are being taken for a scary ride through mountains of lies and injustice.”

We have all been taken on a ride of injustice and lies, accept it for what it is and release it, accept your own fears and failings in the past and release it, move forward into your own sovereignty and accept the responsibilities that come with it.

Personal responsibility and choice will be a major thing going forward, immerse yourself in it now.

In the times ahead of us we will all have our perceptions we perceive life and reality peeled back on us, our beliefs and what we perceive as truth will be stripped away, some will have more of the picture than others but they too will have some of their personal world turned upside down also.

The wave has had an effect (was not full version) as it has polarized people more into 2 camps, harmony or disharmony, I will leave the individual to decide with camp they are in.

Time to face fears whatever they maybe, time to stop leaning on crutches in life, they hold you back from being who you can be, time to be strong, time for compassion, time for balance, time for sharing and time for love and time to actions against those who have denied you many of those feelings via mind control, finance, poverty, manipulations of food and water, time to face the real truth of the boogeyman not being 8000 away as that is the cop out.

Time to route out the miscreants within all nations (no it is not the muslims/islam they are the sideshow, the sleight of hand the elite play us with over and over) as peaceably as possible, do not go down to their levels of depravity with violence.

Each person has the right to live life as free as possible without imposing on others, it should be devoid of strife, poverty, hunger, debt, violence, programming, spying, injustice and depravity.

Each person is responsible for correcting the above list, do not leave it to a savior to fix it, that has not worked in our past, this time we get to unite and grow as one, in harmony with nature and Mother Earth, she is waiting for you to be what you wish to be, so the choice is, be free and flourish or continue to be a slave?

Be safe, Be strong, Be prepared and never let anyone put you in fear.

Thomas Williams ~ Cosmic Voice Radio

Cosmic Voice Radio


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  • October 12, 2015 at 5:25 am

    Great find Christine – how very opportune amongst so much that is going on!

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