The Dream | Through the Stargate

The day was somber with thick leaden clouds hanging low, threatening us with sudden gusts of cold wind. Our journey through the backward pull of time was set for today, no matter the weather, we set our feet onto the dark pavement as drops of rain splattered around us in their descent. Just over the rise in the distance was Stonehenge; we couldn’t see the standing stones yet but our senses alerted us to their presence.

We walked behind as Maya and Claudia tread ahead; the sharp snap of a lady’s cloak caught in a sudden burst of wind was an accompaniment to the wooden flute Maya played as she caught wet droplets in her hair. Our eyes searching in the distant mist of the morning sky, hands tenuously touching as we walked step in step, the rain-soaked autumn leaves under our feet giving the impression of a wet crunch. The weave of our lives are in this walk, the impact of remembered moments are caught in a touch, in a sound, in the meeting of eyes. No words are spoken, a silent space of knowing grows.

To tell our story we must begin with gratitude, for it is the key of the dreamer and lover; without the great blessing of being struck by the lightening of awe and wonder we are bereft of the depth through which we have plunged to find our selves here in this very moment of eternity. The day we arrived is today. Star Beings remembering ancient times past as if they were now, for indeed they are.

We found each other in our laughter and through our tears. Within the pain of a moment we thought we had lost only to find ourselves standing again in these very same waters. Cast out of our childhood onto the rocky shores of adulthood we came again and again, dashing ourselves on the shards of our own destruction, the ceaseless tides flowing on eternally caring not for our efforts to dam and contain them. And yet this madness once spent is the very genius of who we are, and creation herself yearning to know what is possible through us, we obey. Then we rebel in our knowingness as we cry too much! Stretching beyond endurance, She smiles in her infinite patience, the seas settling for awhile as we drift in the embrace of Love’s ever expanding arms.

Music enfolded in the silence we move, cat-like in fluid movements from moment to moment, note to note, eyes penetrating the darkness, flashes of gold and blue, ice cracks on a frozen stone giving forth a blaze as shifting sands on distant beaches where desert winds whip us up into the night sky that we may rain down once again our own glory, scattered dust in the endless ebbs of Cosmic time, listening – one pulse, one heart that encompasses all.

Star wanderers come home to ask what astounding adventure lies next?

“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.”
~ Kahlil Gibran, Mirrors of the Soul


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  • November 12, 2015 at 10:30 pm

    Your writing put me with you in that cold, wind swept and yet invigorating and sacred feeling time of walking and viewing and experience Stone Henge. Having Maya’s flute music to walk with must have added a very heart felt dimension. I am SO HAPPY you and your friends are having this experience.

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