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‘Something else’ is ominous, perilous, disrupting – it is quite unbearable for all those who resemble the old beast. The story of the Pondicherry ‘Ashram’  [insert any government, religious or belief system] is the story of an old clan ferociously clinging to its ‘spiritual’ privileges, as others clung to the muscles that had made them kings among the great apes. It is armed with all the piousness and all the reasonableness that had made logical man so ‘infallible’ among his less cerebral brothers. The spiritual brain is probably the worst obstacle to the new species, as were the muscles of the old orangutan for this fragile stranger who no longer climbed so well in the trees and sat, pensive, at the center of a little, uncertain clearing.

There is nothing more pious than the old species. There is nothing more legal.

Mother was searching for the path of the new species as much against all the virtues of the old as against all its vices or laws. For, in truth, ‘Something Else’ … is something else.

~ Excerpt from Preface to “Mother’s Agenda”

Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa


Going deeper into the void is perilous to the voyager and to those who come close to one who contains within a courageous heart and ports a lucid mind. While reading the above quote my soul rejoiced, for a Gnowingness of a journey is affirmed in these words, though mine are tenuously laid down here, for the reality is yet to be born on Earth as it is in Heaven. Our beloved and beleaguered Earth is the embodied Mother, and She is in our very cells. She is working through us to birth ‘something else.’ I smile a deep draught of happiness, for these things have been intuited, seen.

What is stopping many of us seems to be an apparent lack of reality of “other” realities, still are we consumed by the brutal onslaught of a world at war, a soul at battle within itself, a friend turned betrayer and all matter of duality. The daily grind, the unmanifested dreams, a system of eons of time guilded in the hallowed halls of spiritual elitism plague us relentlessly. We are afraid of the unknown, for it is and always will hold a Great Mystery, elements that can’t be controlled. She is raw and wild, She is relentless and knowing, She is fearless, She is innocent, and She is Love manifesting within. She will tear apart all that stands to hold back Her tides. She is outrageous and She is peace.

There is a moment that the self-egoic imposition must implode to be-come something else.

Jeffrey Sewell in his Work on Metabiology takes this metamorphic quality of soul into the very biology of the cell and from there to the patterns of the Universe. So we now have a model of not only Who we are but also What we are. Cosmic voyagers on a sea of infinite potentiality that ought to rock even the most solidified paradigm.

“David Bohm once said that we are enfolded in the universe. Therefore, what we are is a clue to the universe – Metabiology in a nutshell. We have inherited the order of biology from systems of life that exist both above and before us.”   ~ Jeffrey Sewell |


Our return isn’t to nothingness but to completeness, and that we know not yet.

Letting go of solidified constructs is not easy; they came into existential existence for reason, our cerebral imaginings were manifest so we could experience through sensual realities these creations, we became enamored of our self, like Narcissus looking in the pool of his own reflection, we too became entrapped in our imagery of grandeur. Does not the miasma of disease in our world reflect this reality to us everyday? So we must rebel! Not in anger, useless rantings at outdated mechanized models, but rebel to the core of our Self. A shift, a subtle one at first… the reflection also holds the keys to our liberation. The image gives way to a deep pool of Gnosis, the gaze shifts, the water’s surface begins to reflect the stars. We behold in our stillness the water stirs deeply with the reflected light, we flow with it … letting go of the calcified tethers of mind we are permitted entry into the land of the dreamer and the lover.

Here great ships are being built, our cells vibrate at a frequency that allows true sight to perceive through the false light, penetrate through the dark doors to realms at the farthest reaches of our consciousness. Here we prepare for the journey ahead, as great pirate ships we the rebels are now cause, illegal and free.

Join us …

“Then we have caught the tail of the Great Possible, we are upon the wayless way, radically in the new, and we flow with the little lizard, the pelican, the big man, we flow everywhere in a world that has lost its old separating skin and its little baggage of habits. We begin seeing otherwise, feeling otherwise. We have opened the gate into an inconceivable clearing. Just a light little vibration that carries you away. Then we begin to understand how it CAN CHANGE, what the mechanism is  –  a light little mechanism and so miraculous that it looks like nothing. We begin feeling the wonder of a pure little cell, and that a sparkling of joy would be enough to turn the world insideout. We were living in a little thinking fishbowl, we were dying in an old, bottled habit. And then suddenly, all is different.

The Earth is free! Who wants freedom?

It begins in a cell.
A pure little cell.
Mother is the joy of freedom.
Joyous Agenda!”

Here are the visionary writings and work of Mirra Alfassa in a downloadable PDF:  The Mother’s Agenda

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