There are no ‘Terrorists’ | Terror is what is used to keep us enslaved

BE-LIE-F(1)There are no terrorists; there a those who use tactics of unspeakable horror in which to keep us, Humankind, on our knees trembling, afraid and reverent to our keepers. What you view on television and on your computer screens are not acts of terrorism brought about by a fanatical Islamic jihad, they are scenes sold to the viewership as reason to cower and huddle together under insipid domes of peaceful worship, believing your intent is good enough or, worse, praying to the very same made-god that is the ultimate purveyor of these acts.

What you see is horrible enough; what is really happening behind the curtain is far, far worse. So despicable that the agents of this reality are certain that you won’t look; if you did you would have to act, and that scares you too much. So it is isn’t terrorists – it is the non-confronted human terror that lurks inside each of us; those who refuse to throw off the shackles of slavery and their be-LIE-f that good intent is enough to change the tide. Those who tip-toe around the edges of consciousness in deified piety… you are to whom I speak.

Think! Please just consider; if you are afraid of losing anything at all you are not free, for you will be drawn away from your own SELF-evident Truth into a shadowy land where you are prey to far lesser entities that have silently and insidiously laid a web to which you are now their prey. This over-bloated demiurge of a god ought to be visible by now, even to the most blind, yet you still avert your eyes.

Would you be forced from your paycheck, your status, your community, your family, your religion, your beliefs – would you have to stand naked before yourself and unwind your own lies? Would you have to confront the ultimate terror of solitude? You can’t be a Truth while living a lie. This is the stark, cold reality that sparkles like a gem, more valuable than the whole of all of your lives and all the riches of the world.

Terror is alive on the Earth because we haven’t confronted our inner terror, because we have given our sovereign divine authority to those puffed-up orators that make promises they never, ever meant to keep. And we, oh, Great Humanity, go like sheep to the slaughter. I weep. Mourn not Paris, another ‘event’ planned and executed for your consumption, so you consume the emotion and you are consumed; is that not the paradigm in which you were bought and sold in?


A glistening field of potentiality is open before us, a portal in time if you will, the moment a soul determines for itself the price it will pay for freedom. If only you knew how many await you, if only you could take that next step toward sovereignty, if only you would realize that by participating in the lie you feed the beast. If only …

Writing from the heart’s passion words flow in streams of consciousness and are allowed full force and expression. As the currents subside, a calmer voice arises. No less strident in its leanings but perhaps more gentle in its tone.

The real question is how do we BE-come, BE-cause over our own destiny? The answer lies in the heart’s inner chamber and is courage and trust. A leap of faith if you will that the Universe is truly and abundantly fulfilling our innermost expression. The bombardment of our senses has left us muted and easily lead. It is with the fiercest Love that we will prevail.

Using the dynamic energy within the extreme duality we are facing and imploding the dark and light inside, it seems so simple once we grasp that the act is letting go. Love Unbound