Underground Love-Vibe Railroad | All fired up and laying down tracks…

Sovereign people, divine love sparks, all fired up. Immutable Natural Law is known and embodied. Not a term of ideology,  aligned with divine grace.

We have been here before, we are Wisdom manifesting as it has been foreseen. No umbrella, no organization, no overlay … stripped down and bare, individuated and one. We need no one. We are now BE-cause.

So hear this; let it be known … The underground love-vibe railroad is laying down new tracks, the veil has been pierced the underground doors found, we plunged deep inside and we see.

Honed by adversarial forces enacted through apparent other, we can thank you for being the hard rock upon which our souls crashed, seems so timelessly. The tide has turned and we are the determinate factor, choose wisely.

Hear this, ponder this; The sword of Truth is a razor sharp fine tuned double edge blade, it cuts both ways. It is forged by the imploding of dualities within the innermost chamber of you. It cannot be given nor taken, it only requires that the Love of Truth, of beauty, of freedom be real. And make no complacent mistake about it, this requires eternal vigilance. We are still immersed in a matrix of deceit and so our refining will continue.

Notes to self:

Carefully watch the dance. The co-opters of reality are fearful now, the house of cards is coming down. The flailing beast will surely strike, states of hyper awareness and the most simple observation of all, there is no other. For the greater us to succeed it is my humbled opinion that trust in yourself is honed on accepting this fact.

Letting go of the personal identities gives greater range and flow. We are multi-flowing channels and individuated fractals of a whole. Lay down your condemning judgment of others in the field. Lay waste to your own barbed agenda that still subtly seeks to be right. Outwardly looking, inwardly seeing – awake aware.

Expand the embrace; “for what I don’t know now, surely I will eventually. I don’t know all, I only Know Love and that is the all and the whole of it.”

Everything we experience is a preparation for what comes next. This current cycle is going stellar, Love is space.

Friends, put on your space suits and flow free, we are going stellar. We are commander, pilot and navigator of our own ship. Moving through densities we are guided gracefully.

Move beyond the shadow of doubt, no fear.

Love unbound, fierce and free