Entering the Dark Realms | Angel Wings Flutter

She is going deeper, not sure what is taking her there. No choice now, the die is cast.

At some point, some moment on this journey we come to places that don’t yield, so dense that almost all will simply pass them by unseen or turn away. Today I sit in one. It has been there in front of me all along, a place I know.

She takes a step off the edge, she explores.

Ink black, sharp jutting edges to this space, a deeper dense silence is here. The absence of light yet something called me to this place. Some sound, a slow surfacing of an emotion, I wait.

A distant and far away memory surfaces in a hush, a Knowing one penetrates. Great is the sadness, no rolling waves of grief … an eminent sorrow permeates. Sounds of souls, a single soul it seems.

She muses on what brought her here, a longing accompanied by something else, something she doesn’t want to face. She knows now that these are the places she must go.

She has been warned, She has been prohibited yet she dares.

I am flicking back and forth between a white rose and this place. Compassion honed in stone, words emerge trying to bring up some knowing. Consumed. She that consumes.

Black heart rock core.

A fluttering of an angel’s wing, a single feather moves and is almost missed.

She sees, melded, molded, twisted and tangled mass. She sees. No denying this part of Her.

A slow hot tear rolls down my cheek, no gushing sound. My breath, I breathe. So finite is this place.

So many were lost, too many. Consumed in some ancient flame. This will take some time, memories won’t erupt here, they will come like a rising mist. She knows, she is told that it must be so.

Now comes over her a reverence, not to one but to all. She sits. Whispers in the dark she listens. She knows words will not arise from this place, some great secret to be revealed here.

The letting go continues, the light that masks the dark reveals. I feel a tiny smile rise and fall on my lips, a lift. We miss so much only searching for the light, this dark place, a haunting beauty, a remembrance of lost dreams and innocence.

Drawing light from the dark, this depth that is not the Void, something else lays hidden here.

She allows the tears to flow, some cleansing and another piece that is returning. In our rush for light this place so missed, angels lie buried beneath our feet.