Marketing the New Age | The Buying and Selling of Information as Truth

Recording this video was a difficult one for me to navigate, the question of how to honor the passing of the spiritual warrior known as Max Spiers without drawing undo attention to oneself was ever present in my mind. Increasingly we are aware of the how the alternative media interviewers and speakers are using the same tactics as mainstream to capture revenue streams. Pointing this out has become a bit of a be-cause for myself, it is a shame to observe those who were once on the edge consciousness sell out for pennies on the real gold of the soul.

A friend said to me that they don’t judge others, that they see through and love the core of each soul and so they would never call anyone out, my answer was I love them enough to call them out … difficult to navigate these waters for sure. The real answers will always be found with love.

After a brief walk, Niels Kunze jotted down a few thoughts about our discussion. What he shares in his words, we all share in our own way:

“I got nuthin.” That was me going into today’s panel discussion. I knew we were gathering in response to the recent death of Max Spiers… and some of the grotesque marketing of that bare fact. I think I’ve only ever watched one video with Max, so I didn’t have a clue as to what I might say or otherwise contribute…

Well, that’s not exactly true. I always contribute in unseen ways; it’s called ‘holding space’ or establishing the living field and holding it open for a collaborative energetic flow. Our talk touched on the idea of the living field, and even more, it was itself an example of the living energetic field in operation… in effortless flow.

I knew that I didn’t have to worry whether I’d have anything marketable to say, whether I’d be able to churn out some fashionable soundbites. In this present company, with Christine, Lily, Claudia and Randy, there’s never anything to be afraid of… because of this living field… and the organic flow which has us easily finishing each other’s thoughts, weaving our perspectives together into a spontaneous coherent presentation.

We want to be convincing– not because we want to sell anyone this living field. It can’t be bought or sold. We want to be convincing so that everyone listening will want to experience it for themselves… to enter into that flow themselves… and feel the difference between being connected to dead systems of commerce that we see everywhere we look today, and being connected and immersed in this living currency exchange that occurs naturally within the living energetic field that is our birthright to experience and propagate.

Once you’ve plugged in and felt it, you find out for the first time the real meaning of value. The living field values life in all its countless expressions. It doesn’t even know how to trade in the dead artifacts of traditional commerce; even trying to do so would utterly disrupt the flow.

This is a very subtle subject, and as always in the realms of the sublime, there is no substitute for firsthand experience. You’ll have to find your own entryway into the living field. Through the eyes of zombies in the dead/debt system it will seem as though we’re just a bunch of unrealistic dreamers, that perhaps we don’t even know what we’re talking about. But what we’re talking about is a system– a living system– that is ready to embrace all and every one, even when ‘we got nuthin,’ and make us immeasurably enriched in the process nevertheless. The field is its own infinite reward.

And this is just a small fraction of what I got from today’s panel discussion.”

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