Mother Earth All Ways Knows Best – Breaking through the Slave Mind

Over the years I have heard so many different approaches towards Solutions for Humanity to bring about Change. It is lovely that so many people are thinking about how we can arise from this corrupt system we are presently in. Yet when I contemplate many of these solutions I’ve heard, I keep seeing the core concept is still tied and bound to the old slave system way of thinking.

Mother Earth ‘naturally’ provides everything necessary for Humanity to be healthy and thrive in their evolutionary path and spiritual growth. SHE provides all of this unconditionally. She has never demanded that those who are born on her shores need to work from cradle to grave to pay for her resources – SHE gives unconditionally in boundless love. All She asks is that we respect Life and all her creatures that co-exist on her shores. No-one owns HER – she owns Her Self. We are her guests.

The monetary system is a fictitious system the Draco invented and brought to this planet intended to completely enslave a sentient species, keeping humanity so busy they forget their own divine sovereignty and divine heritage in the Stars and beyond to Source.

The majority of diseases on this planet have been manufactured by tyrants. The human body was not biologically designed for all the toxic poisons it is being subjected to that are intentionally inserted into our atmosphere, air, water, soil and food to slowly kill us. These Tyrants have also overstepped boundaries by overriding Mother Nature’s natural weather system and Ecosystem too. These Tyrants believe they own everything.

Mother Earth, all her creatures and Humanity are living in a war zone takeover.

Sure we can wonder on all the suppressed technologies that can help us to heal our bodies, a better life etc.. BUT… these are still band aids liken to making wine while still using a rotten barrel that will still only produce rotten wine regardless of how good the grape crop is. Imo, the rotten barrel needs to be thrown out, and a new way of living that returns Humanity to balance and harmony living alongside with Nature/HER. It is this very “Nature” we each as Souls came here to understand and embrace and learn from.

While Humanity still tries to solve problems with solutions ‘based within’ a rotten system purposely designed to enslave and destroy life, we will still keep producing more rot. Shuffling rotten furniture around doesn’t change the fact that it is rotten to the core – a system designed to only serve the few. We only have to look back in history at all the people revolutions… that just led to more revolutions and so on…

If we really want Change that includes the betterment for all whereby everyone is treated equally to co-exist and flourish together, Humanity needs to do some humble pie to see with real eyes ‘what’ and ‘how’ these tyrants have steered us into… and how we allowed it by compromising ourselves, giving our creative power away by believing their lies and agendas; commercialism and consumerism didn’t create comfort it enslaved us more, dumbed us down and is destroying this planet and all life with it.

It is going to take courage to think completely outside of the box as we as Humanity have to mature beyond the old Draco system mindset, maturing beyond our slave programmed minds. We would bow down and cry if we knew the number of lives lost through mining the gold, silver, platinum etc that’s used to back up the fictitious monetary debt/death slave system. It is not okay that the majority of Humanity doesn’t have any legal rights of one blade of grass they can rest their weary heads upon at night or grow their food. It’s not okay that Westernized comfort is built on the sorrows of other countries resources destroying their ecosystem, villages and leaving them starving. None of this is okay. Change is only going to happen when we address this rotten barrel and really see it for what it is – rotting away all life along with dampening down our soulful shine.

Humanity has been herded and worked to the bone since the Industrial Age – it is insulting to hear others say humans are lazy; they’ve not had time to be frigging lazy with the daily onslaught of hand to mouth survival. Think about it – Do you think Mother Earth thinks the Hippos are lazy when they spend their day relaxing in the river or wallowing in mud? Are the birds lazy when they sit in trees singing together or play together in flight? Are creatures lazy for hibernating? Of course not, life is meant to be joyful, an adventure of opportunities and self discovery of the external and inward journey. What self discovery does a human being learn about in this World from working in a factory 12-16 hours a day creating a product that destroys the ecosystem, poisons humanity and destroys the true meaning of what Life is all about?

The solutions in my mind have always been right under our very noses hidden in plain sight, patiently waiting for us to recognize them. Mother Earth is an Aeon she is not an ‘it’ to be used and abused; SHE is a divine BEing in her own rights and far more spiritually advance than any of us Humans or the deluded Tyrants that think they’re superior to Life. Mother’s system provides for all of Her creatures in the deepest of unconditional love giving all of us the opportunity for everyone living here to flourish and evolve. We each as Souls came here to be a part of and engage with this beloved BEing we call Earth, to experience her bountiful love and all that she unconditionally provides for all life. SHE is a great teacher in this UniVerse.

Absolutely anything that works against HER timeless wise Nature is anti life. SHE is all about spiritual self empowerment, self sovereignty and self governing and available to everyone that co-exists here. This is all part of Universal Natural Law.

The mess Humanity is in right now is totally unnatural; it’s anti life, anti growth and anti soul. We need to stop thinking and believing the rotten barrel will somehow miraculously produce anything other than more rotten wine – throwing solutions into the rotten barrel is futile. As long as we continue to accept the monetary system and belief systems that we have to work our entire lifetime on a planet we’re born on – we will remain a slave to the old Draco system and miss out on the rich bounty Mother provides for us, the real story we came here to learn and embrace and gain soul-full wisdom from.

We can all do so much better than this – and it begins with spring cleaning our own minds and breaking through the veils of this slave mindset. Each one of us are part of Eternal Source, we are Eternal BEings of Love and while we temporarily wear this Human body, we have the greatest potentials that are beyond imagination, abilities we have yet to rediscover as we re-remember who we truly BE. Beloved Earth, HER is here to lovingly assist us on this remarkable Soul Journey of self discovery. Nature sings daily a song where all Her creatures are contributing together. It is Time for Humanity to join this Natural evolutionary dance too alongside with HER.

Blessed BE