The Space of Love

Creating the Space of Love

As I sit in quiet contemplation, allowing my mind in this special space, to go where it wants to go, I see a garden, a hidden garden held in the heart space, buried deep within.

I then realize that this is the garden I have been watering with my tears of sorrow and joy. Every time I call this space forth, when I put out the call to love, where are you? I realize this garden is here, because it is part of the template of the original garden whose memory is held within our very DNA. It is also in every cell of our bodies as part of our cellular memory. We all know it exists, because this story has survived throughout time. It was even high jacked by religion and turned into a different story.

But always, when we allow her to speak, she is there, waiting, waiting, for us to re MEM ber. Just as water holds the memories of all that has ever been, our bodies can re MEM ber by literally recreating the template of our original pristine state, our garden of radiant love that emanates from within our secret garden, the space of love. Every act of kindness, non-judgement, and honoring of our fellow life forms that spring organically from the heart of love is an act of watering our garden.

I want to acknowledge the tender and gently guiding hand of my inner gardeners, for without them I could not have made this journey. They have taught me how to tend my own garden of love through observing their skill in directing my life, even when I wasn’t paying attention or thought I had been abandoned. Love never deserts it’s own creations. It has infinite patience. It also never runs out. But a garden does need to be watered and tended to flourish.

A garden thus tended gives even more in return, by nourishing the body and soul. I write this to honor all who likewise re MEM ber to water their gardens, and have allowed the space of love to grow within their hearts. For the earth herself has given of her heart space to allow our gardens to flourish. It is the waters of her sorrow and joy that have allowed this journey to take place. By re MEM bering the template, recreating through this act of watering our gardens, we can re-create our original pristine state as reflections of the garden of radiant love that has been waiting for this time to arrive. The time is here and now.