You are the sum of your interactions.

It is true .

And you can see most people going from cradle to grave – defined by their interactions.

Their parents, their friends …. whatever obstacles life presents they act accordingly. They grow accordingly. You can see their path from A to B to C… etc.

It makes sense.

They had an alcoholic father …they either avoid alcohol or become alcoholic themselves . Both are the same energy pattern by the way.

Like being very religious or against religion .

For most people things have to make sense . Things have to add up. And for the most part they do.

Her mom’s daughter … or like father like son. Or that saying : your friends define who you are.

When things don’t add up ,when it doesn’t make sense , that’s when people become lost .

They don’t know who you are. They don’t know why you are and where you are going.

And who can blame them ?

How can one have some education, a family , friends and end up in a place that is indescribable and unseen by everyone else?

They label you weird but even that is not enough. Their mind races back and forth ..what did they missed? Something important , no doubt – they feel that – without being able to grasp the truth.

Money , sex , fame they can understand. Everything else is like a blur.

There is no truth , joy or laughter in their life. There is no dancing with the Universe. Everything is fear based, greed based, everything is lust and envy. The good and bad are artificial constructs they love to play with. Fake and obscure like the awareness that drives them .

The “Good Lord” is a hideous toy .

Like spoiled children they grew into a brutal adulthood . Still wanting this and that .Still craving. Never having enough.

Never stopping to look at stars . Never talking with flowers.