What if Angels became Human for Awhile?

What if angels became human for awhile?

If you look at a human infant there is something so innocent and pure radiating from them. It is easy to imagine what it might be like for a spiritual being that has never known free will, and may not have even experienced emotion, to be suddenly born into this world as a human. Do we expect our infant children to automatically know right from wrong, expect them to be able to control their emotions right out the gate?

The ability to experience this new range of interacting with a totally unknown and new environment actually poses quite a challenge, as anyone who has spent time with a two year old knows. It seems it takes a while for the fullness of self to be able to mature into the ripeness of adulthood, where, hopefully, one has had the necessary mentoring to function in this next step of self responsibility and independence.

Then to complicate this process immensely, we have to throw a real kink in this scenario, because unlike the orderly fashion of the angelic realm, this is set up like some kind of topsy turvy upside down nothing is what it seems kind of world. It is based on a sales pitch of experiencing independence and freedom to choose, but it is a total lie of epic proportions, where the lie is different at every level. This reality is actually designed to enslave the most vulnerable by those who adhere to a completely different set of guidelines, based on what amounts to allowing a group of inbred psychopaths to rule the world. They have literally bred out of themselves any semblance of what it means to be human, that was capable of maturing into a version of the angelic realm, with the added benefit of choosing to be of service to a higher order, out of love and free will choice. Love is what motivates the universe to assemble itself into a pattern of great beauty and radiance. It is our natural state as spiritual incarnate beings.

I don’t know if I was ever an angel, but I do remember experiencing myself as a being of light. Radiant light. I can still feel the glowing embers within the core of my being, this divine light. Only a small portion of this light can experience itself in a human body, for otherwise it would cause one to burn up, so is the potential of the fullness of this light. I see the glow of many who have kept their spark alive, much like a seed when watered and lovingly cared for always sprouts and grows towards the light.

This is the truth we must rise up and empower ourselves with. With the exception of a small minority of brain damaged individuals, our greatest strength is our ability to feel, express, and behave lovingly to one another. To take the higher road is always a choice, even if not recognized. When I rise above my own fears and reactive behaviors, and reach out with loving intent, I have seen miracles take place over and over again. Everything responds to this energy, from stones, plants, and trees, and from animals to humans, it can cross all boundaries. Love rules in my world. It is my reason for being.

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  • September 17, 2016 at 2:33 am

    Once again Laurie, you speak and your words flutter their way straight to my heart. Thank you dear friend.

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