Hear Us Roar | Standing with Standing Rock

Immersed in the waters of life we speak, truth speaks, women speak, a fire is lit in our blood by the eternal flame.

For the men who have grown to hold this Truth we honor you by our words and work.

Let it be Known:

She has watched from the deep reaches of space, She has arrived through the aeons of time. To all our relatives, the two legged, the four legged and the winged we are here. The dragon legacy has awoken. The river of tears has sprung to Life, fire and water mixing.

From the deepest flows of a heart filled full with gratitude we speak.

To our Be-loveds, Mother Earth and Father Sky we honor the abundant gifts shared, we bow our heads to the soil beneath our feet, for from the stars we came to walk this holy ground.


To the Lakotah nation with whom I walked in the beginning of time and for all nations uniting now in a harmonious chorus of Love, the beat of our heart is the mix of sorrow and joy dancing to one drum.

Nation – Native – Nativity – Birth.

A shared honor that only the humility of the trials and challenges of us has endured.


To the Seventh Generation it is an honor to walk at your side, the Wisdom of the mothers and grandmothers holds you safe in Her field.




Today is a good day to be alive, in flows of Universal Abundance, from the Creative field of zero point we speak.




To the entities that go by names; Obama and Al Gore along with all the political corporate and lawless entities who put their word to the People and then act covertly be-hind (be-ass) our backs we speak with the flames of Truth united.

You talk, talk, talk dressed in thousand dollar suits, deviously played photo-ops designed by the hand of your master, puppets on a string of death.

We are here to tell you that that you have accepted the honors of the People of the First Nation and the Whole Wide World (www) sees your hypocrisy. Stop the pipelines, stop fracking, get Monsanto out of our lives, we the People have spoken and you are our elected servant.


Barak Hussein Obama: By accepting the gifts of the Elders you shame yourself in your hypocrisy, we see your darkness by one simple reality, No Action. Where are the funds you stole? In what coffers have you hidden away the false bills of your duplicity? Hear us now: For having put on the gifts of all Nations you are called to act, it will burn in your soul for eons of time more if you delay. This is Law and the Whole of the Law is Love.

Al Gore: All-gored by your own lies. We the People charged you with good and you spit out lie after lie after lie. This rests upon your soul.

Be-aware of false prophets for “By their fruits shall ye know them.” Matthew 7:16

There is a litany of names, too long to list here. The message is clear. Liars lie and thieves steal.

All is known, all is seen.

To the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and corporate farms, and all false entities: Monsanto-Bayer, Nestle, Tyson, Exxon, Shell, Chevron, BP and Enbridge; to name but a few, we know who they are.

Let it Be Known: You are riding on the tail of a dying beast which will destroy all you ever created with your greed. This is Law.

Zero point energy is on the planet as it has been wrestled from the claws of the those who were arrogant enough to think this could be kept from the People. The WWW (whole wide world) is awake, in garages and on kitchen tables we as an awakened State of Consciousness are at work with imag-i-nation that has potential to return humanity to the Living Field, all the answers for all the dis-ease are here now.


To all the souls wearing the dark gear of riot and war, you are tethered to the master of death doing its bidding, let us speak clearly to you through the human heart: We speak with love and peace, we hold out to you the living breath of life. We see you tremble in fear, we are not fear, those who have trained you and dressed you in the shrouds of death use fear, not the Ones who walk in peace. We know many of you are seeing this with your own eyes. Step out of your fear and come walk with us.

The Hollow-ing Winds of Real Change are fanned by the millions of dedicated Beings standing in sovereignty and united. If you kill one the winds grow stronger, heed these words for they come from the Hallowed halls of the Earth Mother herself.

We are the Living Prophecy, having passed through the halls of darkness we rise.

We fly with Eagle and Hawk by day and see with Owl by night, Wind is our wings, Stars light our way by night and Sun by day.

The Great Bear and Wolf Spirit is in our bones.

The Lion Roars: Love unbound, fierce and free.