Walking the Long Road to Standing Rock

Yesterday when I awoke and sat under the moonlit sky I heard a call, one I always knew I would hear for I am my own prophecy. The day of reckoning has come.

This moment for me is one that is deeply personal and cosmically vital, the medicine wheel is completing, again we have come full circle and must choose life or death.

All the nations people are crying and from those present and long ago rivers of tears we are rising, one by one in waves of heart centered courage we become our own light. This is the second coming and it is coming in each and every true soul.

For me, I am to revisit an entry point on the planet and stand with my star sisters and brothers the Lakotah. I did not come in this time with their blood, I came with the blood of all races and the keys to spiraling expanding gnosis of our true DNA. Continuing to rid my self of the false and the lies it is all so simple to see, yet so difficult to bring forth in this linear language, once again I ask that the reader listen between these words.

All is set in motion now, no stopping the spin and it is up to each and everyone of us to choose where we will stand with our Mother Ship, for she is and always has been an everlasting star, the real Earth. What we see playing out on the surface is but a fantasy of our projections, the false light in which most are now but a reflection caught in a hall of mirrors.

This is not real life, for real life is only truly seen once the all your own mirrors have been broken.

I saw this morning that we have been here before, the machine has almost encircled our Mother in the metallic pipes of her blood drained from her body and seeded with an alien soul that knows not love, nor compassion and has no imagination of its own. It is a species that has no life fire so it takes from each human soul, such easy prey. I won’t tarry here for most likely those who read these words don’t need to be told anything they already know.

What I intuit from the depths of the hollowed ground is that Earth is the seeding planet of the galaxy and the embodiment of Sophia. All life forms emanate from this plane, the sacred chamber of records of all that ever has been or will be. How is it possible that we so foolishly degrade Her in complete idiocy and arrogance? This is where my line got drawn, if not me then who? If not now then when? Questions that each individuated spirit must answer for themselves.

Each of us has an irrevocable decision to make, where will you take a stand for Truth the vital element to unlock Real Love. For Truth begets beauty and awe even as the darkness grows. Thunder is gathering in the clear blue skies above my head, when you listen you can hear its call.

I am going to Standing Rock, leaving in the dawn of the day of the dead. I leave behind me all expectations, I walk out of the past into the now where all false identities are dissolved.

This pilgrimage home will take more strength than I currently feel I have. Clicking keys on a keyboard are not enough any more as the unshed tears well up in my eyes and compel me to walk. So many videos and all the talking, talking, talking leading the believer down endless rabbit holes to nowhere. Time to unplug, really unplug and quit being led by any other than the creator self. The talking heads of the repackaged cutting edge, pointing here, pointing there, all designed to lead a person astray, captured by the very beast they claim to defang, all the while feeding back into the loop the snare set for them.

Lucidity lights my way and the blood of all our ancestors pumps in my veins.

Give what you can give and don’t stop giving, every beating heart is needed now.

I walk alone as I must.

May we take this long walk united.