Flat Earth and the Earth Sphere | Realms of the Plane of Creation

“Truth once seen can not be unseen.”

claudia and christine of Earth Empaths take a deep dive into the well of Re-member-ance. What we share is from the inside out, turning paradigms on their end from looking within.

The resurrection of Truth will set us free. For long, too long we have been divided by lies and deceit, the seed of which is planted in the Cosmic Tree of Life. None are extent from this and it is our sacred duty to root it out of our self first, once the Waters have been cleared we see a simple Lucidity.

Each Root Race (streams from Great Deep) has a vital purpose and all Races have been contaminated from the Native State, we share not to divide, we share from many Prophecies, from the Four Races that inner-formed the Realms of the Nine Worlds of Creation. All Truths, all Races have a common Root, the tap root of the Tree.

As above, so below … truth runs a straight line, it needs no interpretation from outside.

“In my Sword I Trust”

Truth cannot be Trumped, it can only be Heralded in Song…

Beware your wyrds for they weave destiny.

Labels such as Nazi, White Supremacists, even Zionist is but an anagram and all have been “branded” by the dark elitism of tyranny.