The Bucegi Mountains and The Spirit of All Things

Our walk out of Bucegi yesterday morning. It was to be a five or six hour hike having decided on the longer more transited route in case my knee acted up again. Good thing too because about 6 kilometers in it did.

Our fortune this time was to meet a band of gypsies gathering mushrooms in the forest. Their harvest was bountiful and their spirits high si we hitched a ride with them.

The magic of light in trees

Sun meeting the forest floor as the mist rises.

Sun streams thru trees as the mist rises

Radiant light an ethereal glow infuses the air.

Creek in the woods

Crystalline waters sing as we leave the valley.

River on our walk out

Stopping at the river’s edge to rest and wrap my knee.

Lake through Birch

Turquoise water of lake through pine and birch.

Mushrooms in river_2

We meet a band of gypsies gathering mushrooms in the woods.

Mushrooms in river

Mushrooms washed by nature.

Shrooms in baskets

Bountiful harvest, they had at least ten baskets full.

… The longing to return is strong as we both felt we could make our home in this enchanted realm.

She whispered in her ear, wait dear ones for the workings of the Universe know just what to do.