The Sajaha Prophecies

Sumerian tablets with fragments of prophecies were discovered early last century. It is said that these prophecies came from Sajaha, who was a priestess and seer at King Nebukanezar II’s court.

I came across a description of these prophecies many years ago. Even though it was in the days before chemtrails, before I had anything other than an uneasy gut feeling that not all was well with the world, they fascinated me and remained on the edge of my consciousness. With the arrival of the internet, research became easier, and when I found them online, they had lost nothing of their fascination for me.

Some insist they are not real whereas others point to the many accuracies with regard to the current situation on Earth contained in the prophecies. Given their relevance to the Unseen in general and to what is happening on Earth in this day and age, they could certainly be genuine. But in any case, they are worth a ponder at least, because much describes the Earth we live on with incredible astuteness, and as with many truthful documentations, it is no wonder that some would prefer to see them disappeared entirely.

You can Google an English translation of the entire prophecies here  or read a translation on Graham Hancock’s site here  and some translated background information on the David Icke Forums here.

The German version, on which the English ones are based, can be found here.

Some of the writings reflect the opposite of what not only the New Age teaches but a view that is prevalent in the alternative media as well. For example:

(Sajaha 3) “The people are the shadows of the gods. They act on their own will on earth. Theirs is the merit on the light, theirs the blame for the darkness.

“The deity hands out the shoes for walking. People choose their paths themselves.”

Many people today continue to refuse to accept co-responsibility for the situation we have in this world, and yet the above is another confirmation that it is us as the human collective that create what we call reality. We do create with free will, and just because we long ago lost the ability to do so in any sensible manner does not mean we stopped creating.

“S/He did this, so therefore I can do that,” is a motto prevalent in our world. If we stop for a moment and see it for what it is – pettiness – then switch perspective to, “I want to live in a world without revenge thinking, so I commit a random act of kindness,” every time we witness a wrong, we will collectively change the current mentality. Such a simple adjustment in the act would ripple out and in no time change the entire world simply by being an example of how we want our world to be. Sajaha did not expect such a change, so she was quite spot on with her vision of the world today…

(Sajaha 7) “A gray cloud drifts closer. But it does not carry rain, it does not bring smooth shadows – it obscures the light.

“And the gray cloud drifts closer. It accumulates to black and darkens the sky above the world.”

Chemtrails, anyone?

(Sajaha 7) “And the earth dwellers, in their majority, do not distinguish anymore between black and white, they exchange evil and good; unaware tumbling, furiously lunatic. Nothing has continuance. Everything falls.”

Many, many people blindly follow orders and do not care if they are doing right or wrong nor about any consequences. Which cop cares when he enforces the statutes of the corporation and issues a speeding ticket that will wreck a family’s life because they won’t have enough food to put on the table? It is not about right or wrong but all about imposing the few stronger ones’ will over the many weaker ones’.

(Sajaha 8) “But the darkness chokes the light again – and chokes itself, too.

“Though almost all the heroes fall. No flowers bloom anymore – only choking twines. And the desert remains empty.

“Many evil spirits have been there. But at the end, a light. The evil spirits dissolve –but the light remains.”

Does darkness, or evil, not always destroy itself?

As to the choking twines, Japanese Knotweed, and other invasive weeds, too, is becoming a serious problem in various countries and acts exactly as in the Sajaha description. Even ivy is known to take over entire forests to allow not even mushrooms to grow. Chemtrails add their bit from above, covering everything with a layer of metals and chemicals that have detrimental effects on plant life. What the Monsanto zealots may have missed, chemtrails will cover it, and the Pharmaceuticals will do the rest.

(Sajaha 9) “… The third picture that I give you today shows how once a new king rises in the distance. And he is of our blood. His name is Hope. Because he closes the sources of evil. And each heavenly sign gifts him a year; the first half in peace and in the second at war. But the sources of evil break open again, and they overwhelm the young king with blood and fire from above and below and from all sides. So he perishes. And the name Hope falls with him.

“Then the darkness totally captures the power in the world. The deluded people sacrifice in dull temples of impure kind. Shaddein (the prince of the shadows/evil, Satan) determines the paths, his mocking priests of lies ruling the earth. Alone the heirs of Babylon, Assyria and Persia move to the defence. But they have long been weakened. The victory is far. There is no new king.”

This could have been written by someone observant about the current situation on Earth. Lies and deception rule, and truth and honesty are not only scoffed at but punished at every opportunity the deceivers see.

Some believe the “Hope” mentioned in this part refers to Hitler because he ruled for a total of 12 years, the first half in peace and second at war. The heavenly signs referred to may be the zodiac, and he was one who took on the central banking system, indubitably one of the greatest evils.

And are priests not mocking ones? They preach abstinence to the masses while already looking forward to abusing children in their next rituals.

(Sajaha 9, cont.) “But a strong one will shake the remains of the heirs and wake up the one or other. Like a comet that suddenly gives signs. Yet victory is far, and no new king exists there.”

(Sajaha 9, cont.) “I also see something curious: It is like a red-hot wheel – gigantic in size. And its spokes are humans with no gender, dug into each other. They look sick, selfishness is in their breath. They are slaves to themselves and the wheel. Those who hold the red-hot ring, scream as they burn. But the next replace them for the same, although they resist. Because the wheel center hub is also made of fire, and there burn the humans. And so more and more new bands drifting towards to the disaster that is emitted from the center hub.

“This glowing wheel – a giant to watch – rolls over the earth. It brings fire, ignites land and sea. An evil noise sounds from all over – horrible and meaningless. The wheel speeds further. The noise generated by the madness of people drives it, makes it fast and furious. The  raging ones jump in madness on the red-hot wheel – and go up in smoke.

“Nowhere is silence anymore, everywhere screaming and raging and raving. People no longer recognise each other. And nobody brakes the hideous rolling of the red-hot wheel. Far is a new king.”

Isn’t this an apt description of the hamster wheel so many people are caught in? Round and round they go, ignorant that with each turn, a little bit of life force is lost, and yet to realise, let alone get out, requires tremendous amounts of courage and is for most a task of Herculean proportions, impossible to do.

And indeed, silence is found nowhere today.

(Sajaha 10) “Then a light, like a young star, will light up at the end of the heaven. That is the opening lid of the ewer (beginning of Age of Aquarius).

“And horror will sweep over all servants of the dark and all their helpers. All their gold will melt into screaming tears – under the shining beam of the new Babylon. And all their oaths of vengeance will hit themselves from the mirror of their malice.

“The just, however, will judge the unjust – and will shame them with their clemency.”

Much has been written about the Age of Aquarius, and we have noticed that we seem to have entered an era where everything (and everyone) is being revealed now. The darker-inspired puppets can no longer hide their intentions, and we hear from the US – if that is not fake news as most everything – that bombing North Korea is a distinct possibility despite the fact that mostly, if not only, innocents will fall victim. Then we hear in other news from the UK Prime Minister that pedophilia is to be legalised and become just another letter added to the LGBT movement. No, they cannot hide their intentions, nor their leanings towards Satan, anymore.

(Sajaha 12) “… The Third Sargon will come in later times. He will destroy the servants  of darkness with all their seed, he will uproot the evil by the roots.

“He will show no mercy, will not spare a single one of the enemies of light; he will have no mercy with those who remained passive. He will not tolerate the ones who do not recognize the whole. He will push down the lower species, kill all the sick souls. No trace of the worshippers of the evil spirit will be left on Earth.

“The Third Sargon will be terrible against everything hindering the unfolding of the pure light.

“He will purify the world, will slay seven out of ten people, and obliterate everything that is false/wrong and everything that wears the sign of the false/wrong.

“He will be cruel against the dark.”

This may or may not be talking about an actual man. It could also be an event, a kind of cosmic self-cleanse or something along those lines, who knows. Nevertheless, life on Earth is described with incredible accuracy, if partly in metaphors, and maybe we can look forward to the day evil is evicted from our world.

Another apt description:

(Sajaha 12, Chapter 2) “… All power will be in the claws of the unworthy. Those will turn the world.

“Moral will no longer be, but vice will be considered posh. Men will have intercourse with boys, with impunity; women will not wish to be women but act like men, with impunity.

“And the lowest will rise to the highest through the powers of the evil spirit. And he observes all this gleefully from his darkness.

“… Everything that is good will be considered bad. Everything that is bad will count as good.

“People will no longer recognise a god. Gluttony and fornification, treachery and deceit will be their gods. They will drink blood and wallow in slime.

“Impudent lies they will call truth, and truth will not be in them. Except within the lonely just ones, who longingly wait for the third Sargon, to whom they secretly dedicated their heart.”

According to Sajaha, all evil will be eliminated with the arrival of the Third Sargon, and it will all happen within four months:

“But in the span of one third of a year, the envoy will have completed his work.”

The Sajaha Prophecies are not the only ones that foresaw evil gaining the upper hand, complete moral corruption, or general discontent, even wars, and in the end the start of a peaceful and prosperous era for all.

Alois Irlmaier, a Bavarian well builder who lived in the first half of last century, predicted war-like situations in Northern Europe, due to inflation and vast increase of taxes. Besides “Atrocious murdering” in the East, he also foresaw Russia marching into the western countries, which, however, would be stopped by unmanned weapons from Arabia. Furthermore, financial crises, leading to civil wars, receive several mentions in his visions.

Nicolaas van Rensburg, a Boer who lived around the turn of the 20th century, also foresaw a short-lived war in Europe, as did several other seers. Further common threads include the corruption of morals as well as a war cut short by some intervening power being followed by a peaceful and prosperous era.

So, whether the Sajaha Prophecies are genuine or not, they certainly contain enough truth to give one pause. And perhaps reminding ourselves every now and then that we are the ones who create our reality will make us realise that we are the ones who can change this world to a better one.

May 2018 be the year in which we lay our egos at rest for long enough to stop reacting, and make doing what is right the highest priority.

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  • December 31, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    The words that come to my mind on reading these prophecies, are they “rattle the bars of the cage”. The ending of this year has brought me to a deeper realization of how rutted so many people are in their belief structures and don’t even have a clue as to what a belief structure is or how it is constructed. It is worrisome.

    I was also left reflecting on the days of old when a Prophet or Prophecies meant something to the people, caused them to stop and reconsider a course taken. While these prophecies read like the doom and thunder of Heaven perhaps that is what must come to past … perhaps.

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