Donald Trump, 9/11 – CASE CLOSED

For the People of the Earth realm who are courageous enough to not only seek truth but live by truth it has always been necessary to see through the deception. For while we can live personal lives of abundant thinking, while we are able to examine our lives in context with new and ancient information there are far too many on our planet who are praying to a god for their right to exist. It doesn’t sit well with me even while I am personally able to develop a sense of freedom I know too well this is illusory to some extent … I need money, passport and petition to authority to even travel.

My purpose for sharing videos like the one below is a knowledge that by the act of seeing how “the game is played” and acknowledging this is in fact “a truth” perhaps as a collective of human beings we will be able to take the house of cards down. I don’t feel any hatred toward the Jews, the Christians or the Muslims nor toward those who hide in black robes robbing humanity and the Earth of their divine inheritance. That stated I also feel we are finally close enough to seeing the Satanic construct and those who are responsible, on the surface anyway. This obviously has been allowed to flourish because we the people (and I mean those of us who claim to be awake and aware) have lingered too long in the shadow.

It is my hope that as more and more of us wake to “the game” and share from the beating heart of our being that change is on the horizon, that some of the pending and ongoing destruction will be averted and we will once again return to our central solar core, illumination starts within, I believe that in that we all agree.


This video does an excellent job of taking the bits and pieces of “in their own words” and weaving a tapestry that is blatantly obvious for those who have eyes to see.