Cremation of Care

Bohemian Grove – Because it’s perfectly normal for the world’s elite to do mock sacrifices under a giant owl statue

I read something recently about this ritual, and what it means and why they do it. I thought about this quite deeply. I often start every morning with some time just talking to what I loosely call Great Spirit. To me, it represents the actual life force energy that animates all life, and gives everything the opportunity to experience various forms of consciousness. It feels very congenial to me, for lack of a better way to say it. In other words, it’s never grumpy, judgemental, or demeaning. I never feel fearful after our “discussion”, rather, I always feel more empowered and loved.

It can be stern at times, as I would expect from “truth”, which this Great Spirit always imparts as far as I can tell. But, I want the truth, not the sugar coated lies that make so many continue to feel comfortable in a world that, at its base, wants to take away our ability to love, nurture, and care for, first off, our children. And the environment, and our fellow human beings (community). Animals and life forms of all types are part of the targeted populations here. As Russell Means so aptly said, “we’re all on the reservation now”.

The sad part is, so many don’t even know they’ve already been captured. I realized that slowly, over time, I have finally been able to tune my inner more sub-conscious terrain to hear this voice of the Great Spirit over the din of ever increasing chaos, confusion, fear, and wanton destruction. For, make no mistake, this is indeed all part of a plan. I know, it sounds like something out of a movie script, doesn’t it? How could there be some diabolical force that is worse than all our maniacal psychotic bloodthirsty dictators throughout history put together? Something that wants to have total control over the entire planet in a way that none can escape. Something that has a goal of complete and utter control over even our inner landscape. A total shut down of who and what we are, and then to use that very consciousness that animates life for a purpose at odds with original creation. Sounds like the devil (D’evil) himself, doesn’t it?

Even so, there are many ways to look at this beast. There is a clue right in the word, evil, as it is live spelled backwards. I have no desire to get into a discussion about the various interpretations people have assigned to such loaded terms as Satan, Lucifer, Moloch, Baal, Yahweh, Enki, Enlil, Marduk, or any other name ascribed to the opposing energy that seems to counter the creative expanding energy of life. I feel it is sufficient, for the point I am trying to make here, that we can all easily identify that there is a life negating energy at work that expresses itself through a variety of vectors and people, and whose signature can easily be seen by the fruits it bears. The energies of war, greed, inappropriately regulated dispersal of all the resources of this planet by just a handful of shadowy beings who do not show themselves are some examples. The outright in your face actions to cull the population are another through our food, medicine, water, and air. All that we see is part of the stage from which they enact their agenda, for what true purpose we may never fully understand. The people who we can publicly identify are not the source of this energy that can seemingly move through people and events. In fact, the more we try to root it out it seems, the bigger it becomes. Denial clearly doesn’t work, and making war on a war mongering mentality is unlikely to work either.

So what can we do? We have identified that there is an agenda being played out by the bad guy actors on the stage of life. Attacking them will not make the problem go away. We can’t ever seem to get to the real source of it all. But, we can identify the ways in which this energy hides within our very beings and set personal boundaries on how that energy plays out in our own life. We can call it out and rebuke it, so that it loses its potency when it tries a covert take over. For we can’t entirely ever get away from it.

The other equally important thing we can do is decide that no matter how difficult it is to see what we see, we decide to care. We may have to regulate how much of the outer world we allow into our space, but when we do see what is painful to see, we choose not to look away. Maybe we can’t change the world, end poverty and senseless wars, or make the greedy stop being greedy or those without a conscience start to feel what we feel. But we can allow the very human desire to alleviate suffering to continue to surface, even if we must remain in the observer mode, even if we know we can’t always fix what seems to be so wrong with our world.

As always, it is ultimately a spiritual problem. For some of us, either through our upbringing, or through our own natural progression of growth, see all life as sacred and, in some way, an extension of ourselves, as part of a larger whole. I can’t unsee what I see now, and really wouldn’t want to, even though the bigger truth I have learned about the nature of reality and the overlaid construct has literally blown my mind wide open. It has freed me, while at the same time has me feeling stuck in an ever repeating loop of constant mind fuckery. Yes, like a magicians’ trick they have us all buying into the artificial construct designed to take from the many, even to the point of extreme poverty, suffering, destruction, and even death of large swathes of humanity, not to mention the destruction of all life, so that a small handful can live the life of Riley. Really?

We can chose to keep our eyes wide open, no matter what is revealed in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. We can remember who we are and always have been, when we remove the false veil laid over humanity. We can create those ever widening sacred circles that come together in life affirming, community building, caring for the tribe kind of ways. Every day. It is a choice, in the end, we all must make, to just show up and be our full selves as best we can, maintaining our natural born connection to the spirit world, and our full cups will then run over in a way that nurtures and heals as a natural consequence. While they continue to try and cremate our ability to care, we can choose instead to rebirth our love for life, for all that is good and expanding in ever growing waves of life giving energy to help us all reconnect with our sacred selves, thereby restoring the sacred circle of life. It is within each one of us to make this happen. We just have to not give up.

I do want to acknowledge all who have contributed to my continuous flow of inspiration. Maggie hasn’t been here for awhile on the forum, but her influence about The Lovely, the Good, and the Expanding can be seen, as well as Fred Steeves. Many may not know or remember, but back on Feb. 4, 2013 he started a thread on Project Avalon called The Sacred Circle. I was in the midst of my own personal challenges at the time, so never really got the chance to express that I thought it was a grand idea. Maybe ahead of its time, and attempted on soil that wasn’t quite ready yet, but still, the seeds were planted. Mascha Roedeloff has also been a wonderful voice in the wilderness. And I also have to thank the (mostly) women with whom I have traveled since those last days of our time on Avalon, all of them. They have taught me so much about myself, trust, and what creating community can be. We may have a long ways to go to overcome all the obstacles that can appear when attempting to do what seems to be almost the impossible. But then I think back to Standing Rock, and what it still represents no matter what the outcome. That people can come together in a good way, with respect for each other and the sacredness of the land itself, as well as a common goal to protect the water and preserve life for all our relations.

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  • June 2, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    I love the line about “we are all on the reservation now” and I have been communing with something like the Great SPirit lately too. The connection is more powerful when I am outside. Oddly it came about after watching one of David Ickes videos from a year or two ago where he encourages connection with Consciousness that lives in us and beyong the MAtrix. By reaching out to Spirit beyond the Matrix while at the same time realizing that Spirit lives in me I was able to make a deeper connection. He also explained why thinking of it as Source may not be a good idea. Forgotten that now. THen at work a client asked me about Heyoka and I looked into it more deeply and came across Black Elk and his wisdom. He seemed to be describing the exact same thing of realizing that the Great Spirit lives within us and at the same time without us and connected to us. This has been very helpful. I like his saying about peace within. It has more meaning to me now. He had this incredible experience of deep connection to Spirit at the age of 9. It was so profound he talked about it for decades later and said much of it was beyond words. I agree with you that we need to take time to communicate and stay connected to this higher power or perhaps even Higher Self as some claim. I am sticking to therapy with people who have been abused and trying to incorporate this idea of reconnection to the true self and to peace in my practice. I love the idea of this creating another network or influencing the network that exists between all of us in the human collective that many are mostly unaware of. I think that those of us that are empaths know very welll there is more than meets the eye in terms of connection to other humans. For example, yesterday I was talking to the lady carrying my grandbaby and talking about iron deficiency and nausea and she lives thousands of miles away in Utah and I was able to sense her nausea and feel it for hours after. I don’t think it is just my imagination. Cell phones and facebook are just an overlay of something that really does exist in terms of connection between humans. I think that the connection we have to wanting to nurture and lift one another up, creating , having joy, comes from deep within and can have profound effects and undo the matrix we think we are in.

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