Alchemy | From lead to gold and the gift of the Rose

Yesterday during the lunar eclipse I climbed up on the hills behind the little plot of land that was to become a refuge, our sanctuary. Called there by my inner voice that knew I had to be in nature, to be in a place of resurrecting life for this passage. I often speak in semi-mystical or poetic words so I want to preface this writing with my very real human feet walking on the ground. Aspects are humorous, a good sign.

It hasn’t been easy for me to return to this little piece of land and only in the past few weeks have I been able to find any spark of energy to go there. A heavy blanket of exhaustion had taken hold so only by acts of supreme will could I do anything at all. And there is beauty in this too for when one has to enact will to survive a new paradigm within is flowering.

Once I had watered the starving plants that had been abandoned to the elements I lay inside the trailer home as the same exhaustion fell over me, I thought I will just lay here on this bed I made during the fullness of the eclipse. Exactly 11 minutes before full eclipse some construction workers on the plot below turned their radio on full volume. If anyone has ever heard the cacophony of Mexican banda music [sic] you will know that it is not conducive to meditation or contemplative states of mind. This intrusion literally propelled me from the trailer to find myself walking up the hill toward the mountain top. To my surprise they are preparing to cobble stone the narrow street so I had to climb over 13 stone hurdles at evenly spaced intervals for there were large piles of stones dumped across the road from side to side. I chuckled at this knowing full well the message that Spirit was bringing me.

As I comprehend my body has been in a process that is alchemical, all the dross and subtle field of darkly woven threads are being burned off. As they are comes an inflowing from Source and a return to life resurrected within the body temple. It is to this I speak for sitting silently as the shadow of the earth eclipsed the moon I allowed the emanations to flood through my consciousness. These are subtle energies that will take me time to put to words. I write with flows of gratitude for all that is the Real Magic of Organic Mother Earth.


She speaks from the ever expansive field of dreams and weaves the gossamer veil of purity, the White Rose. She feels the  cold white light of the full moon emanating in a pure reflection of eternal love with no life of it’s own. Inner forming the body of One. Walking back down the mountain a little child awakens and wants to run, to skip with joy and sing. The Red Rose returned. 

Experience is the alchemy of life … there is no other way. We can read the ancient texts, ponder the great philosophers, dive down endless and bottomless rabbit holes in the labyrinth of delusion and illusion until we finally come to the Heart of the matter within.

It is a matter (Mater) of integration and ruthless self honesty that brings us to core, the self fulfilling Self within. This is alchemy, lighting the fire that cannot be extinguished, the incorruptible of the Truth of U.

As is the way of trusting the Spirit within all things I found this recording while cleaning up my laptop, deleting so many files that are now echos of the past. This clearing and cleaning seems to be endless and at times seems cruel … learning that letting go is in fact integration, the taking in to self the sum total of all of one’s experiences. I found it to be a simple straight forward presentation on alchemy where every word rang true.

Each of us has a distinct voice and as we rise in accord the pure ringing of the bell of truth is clear. It is all so simple in the single pointed diamond heart of consciousness. As I have long said, truth aligns in a straight line the real meaning of royalty.

Within the currents of our state of affairs that lead to a State of Being we are being churned in a cosmic sea. Never has the need and call been so great as to awaken the Inner Sacred Masculine in the male vehicle. Each and everyone of us who are called and answer that call will resurrect the dual polarities within. Alchemy.

Flowing with the multiples of blessings and leadings of Spirit that led me recently to share with Naome Swan. The importance and vitality of her which I had intuited but over looked until now. Her voice needs to be heard … love and honor for you dear siStar.

Published on Jul 28, 2018

Naome Swan’s own embodied presence touched mine. It is with gratitude that I share her work, an incredible journey and gift of life. The embodied ecstasy of the soul is the transmutation of lead to gold. This brief and important video strips off the many layers of trauma that keep the sacred from becoming embodied in the male vehicle.

See Naome’s writing on the programming of the sacred feminine:…

The traumas of past, present, now are transmuting into an elevated soul consciousness, the individual and the whole. My gratitude flows to her for the Import and Vitality of her Work.

Naome’s website:…


 This Work is dedicated to those who have integrated the four directions, those who have aligned their north-south axis and emanate pure love from source point through the polarity of the east-west axis. To those who are transmuting the shadow threads within the divine body vehicle. To those who not only love but are love. To those who have taken down the veils of deceit, to those who comprehend hyper-dimensional realities, to those who hold the sacred ground of the Spirit in all things. We live again.

With unbound love, fierce and free ~ christine