EE Raw | An Impromptu Exploration of the Masculine Shadow with Reggie Phillips

This recording is a spontaneous response to one of the most vital issues facing the collective psyche of humankind. We live in a war culture of human sacrifice, our unconscious shadows are playing out in the theater of the world stage. It is Most vital at this time is for men to explore their shadows. The traumas of the cultural suppression of males; the brutal treatment they suffer as children, and the deep seated fear of their own femininity allows the death cult of weapons trade to wage endless wars, ravage families and cultures to continue.

Reggie Phillips is a true friend who has, as he says in his own words, “Never lost himself” in spite of a brutal childhood where he was abused by both his parents and given away to the foster care system from the age of five he holds a quiet field of clear wisdom as he deepens into the true love of himself. In this video he takes off the masculine mask and goes deep.

While editing the video I listened again and again to Reggie’s words. He made some comments that I feel called to underline with written text.

There is a shadow side to gnosis for when we see what others around us don’t see we can often forget that they too carry the same inner light and silently suffer in the dark for they have built strong walls is to keep the pain out. There is a humility in Reggie when he speaks these words; that the person in line next to us in the grocery store or at the gas pump is carrying a great weight.

Rather than just read these words and give them a nod of recognition we invite you to deepen into the most profound feeling of the child that suffered unspeakable pain. That child is all of us.

There is a call that has gone out in the world of Spirit, it is felt in our bones and our hearts, this is the call that few will answer for it requires change, profound change at a level of consciousness that feels like a most dangerous journey for it requires that we let go of all the identifiers of who we think we are, those places in us that hang on to outward needs of recognition for the ego self, the hood we wear to keep the light out. In these times that is no longer possible for the veils have been rendered useless.

When the male allows himself to dive into his own shadow it is a perilous journey though once done it opens the doors to the liberation of true self love, the real physics of flight.

“Sannyas is the art of flying… the art that stops the process of gravitation and starts the process of grace. All that is needed is a state of let-go. All that is needed is a readiness to be possessed by the upward dimension, a readiness to open to the sky.”

~ Osho

The sacred union of love occurs within the soul, it cannot be faked nor imposed on anyone by someone else.

Christine inspires to bring a voice of the mystical to the conversation for in love there is grace, this easily overlooked aspect that gives us wings …

Love first, fiercely and freely.



“She heard the bubbling of the brook and felt the sweet caresses of the wind in her mind this morning’s inner sight. Fall flowers swayed in the wind as two hawks circled overhead, her gaze looking up to the cerulean blue sky she saw them disappear into the sun’s radiant light. Rainbow shimmers in the clouds the bearers of pure thoughts that arise in the dawning of the days light.”

~ Aureo Sky