What in the World is Happening | Max Igan

Maxwell Igan, a wise man who is relentless in his truth and love of humanity. In this video he lightly touches on what I wrote about in my latest article. His care for what really matters is never lost in his message, I have taken much from him in learning to temper my voice to a tone of eloquent truth when I speak with people, we must meet each and everyone where they are so they can hear past the mind field of indoctrinated beliefs.

One of the things that crept into me as I dove down innumerable rabbit holes and found occult information was an insidious creeping elitism, it gave me a sense of superiority that I knew so much when others did not. This has been thoroughly wiped out as the benevolent Universe brought me to my knees over the past several months. For once humble as the dust beneath our feet the whole celestial realms will open doors of wonder and grace.

There is real power in truth spoken with love. Listen deeply friends and speak what you know to those you love, it is time we drop the trivial fractured differences of perspective to unite in the pure field of lucid consciousness.