The Fall of Lemuria

Editor’s notes: The masculine/ feminine energies and be-coming union is “the” subject revealing in our collective of individuated consciousness. When looking outward at the world stage we see the accumulation of epochs of time playing out in the here and now. As the dark magician’s spells lose their grip on the hearts (emotions) and minds (construct) of men and women all is revealed… the meaning of the word apocalypse.

Our hidden history that is now revealing in wave after wave across the Earth brings us closer to home, the mystical in-dweller of Spirit in Matter, the pulse at the center of our being.


by Gigi Young

For some people, Lemuria is a just a myth, a silly fable that we created to explain strange looking rock formations and symbols. Don’t human beings just have the most wild imaginations?! In reality, Lemuria is a place, a concept, a myth, a memory as well as an important phase of our consciousness.

We are more than our bodies! We have a consciousness that stretches deep into all directions of time creating the very scaffolding of our mind. It is through the consideration of lost cultures that we will not only remember who we are, but understand who we are. Each civilization that waits fallen in the earth is a puzzle piece, it is a phase on the planet, and thus a phase within ourselves. It is this holistic level of functioning, and seeing ourselves as inter-connected with the planet that we must regain to bring society out of it’s death spiral.

The importance of identifying the nature of a civilization

Many times while reading the Akashic Records (the psychic database of all events and experience in the cosmos) people will describe whether a civilization is “feminine” or “masculine” in its orientation. This may seem like a vague point, however, establishing the energetic foundation of a society allows our consciousness to understand and synch with the civilization’s origin pattern. Once this initial read is understood, then the more specific details can come into focus.

Feminine societies will have a certain esoteric structure that differs from a masculine one; which means it will engage with your consciousness differently. Often once we understand the yin/yang proportions of a society we can begin to get much more clarity. This is how many retro-cognitive psychics receive the meaning of large, complicated concepts: through retracing the origins back to the God-head/Cosmos for the exact pattern of yin and yang that was proliferating at that time on the planet.

Lemuria’s Golden Age

Lemuria, or ‘Mu’, was a largely feminine society. This does not mean that men didn’t exist, it simply means that the culture was centralized around the feminine principal. Women enjoyed leadership positions (matriarchy), intuition based decisions drove the evolution of society and emotions were considered sacred. People functioned as tribes and lived very close to the earth, they moved in a sacred communion with the planet and her rhythms. If the water flowed a different way one morning, that meant something. If a bird appeared at your feet it was a message. Our mind was inseparable from the system of life that surrounded us.

This deep connection with creation allowed for human beings to create incredible rituals and magickal practices. In fact, magick and ritual was a regular part of life. Any actions taken in ones life were calculated with the stars in mind to ensure that we would not accumulate negative energy. Thus, Lemuria was the beginning of sophisticated magick and ritual, it is the beginning of all spiritual practice. Lemuria, as a civilization and time on the planet, served as the time where humans developed deep emotional bodies and the pathways of spiritual thought. Lemuria is where many of the sacred golden threads of our intuitive bodies began, the sacred channels  that lead to the cosmos and deep within the earth. These are the exact channels that all post-Lemurian epochs built themselves upon.

In Lemuria’s beginnings, magickal practice began as simple channeling what felt like cosmic patterns: descriptions of the earth, elementals and other foundational principals. Our consciousness was taking inventory of the layers and patterns of life around us. We were relating to our world and integrating our spiritual connection with the natural world. Over time as Lemuria evolved, these magickal practices became increasingly complex and evolved into certain secular disciplines in their own right,  and as a result, different types of priestess/priest classes emerged. The psychic abilities of clairsentience and claircognizance take root first as a primary way to enmesh with ones environment and gain awareness. Some of these priestess/priest classes would become instrumental in the creation of the Atlantean Magickal system, the pure system in which all current Mystery practices are rooted.

The Fall of Lemuria

As we all know, what goes up must come down. Every civilization enjoys a golden age in which its potential is explored followed by a challenging period of darkness and densification where any and all fear and ego is heightened to be cleansed and understood. Lemuria is not excluded from this cycle, in fact, many of the wounds from Lemuria’s dark age still plague our society today.

Lemuria’s dark age brought intense black magick practices to the forefront of our consciousness. During the fall of Lemuria we saw the complete inversion of the sacred channelings that once brought light, structure and awareness to the civilization. As the consciousness accelerated, and the responsibility of the individual to heal ones self compounded, some groups found it difficult to keep up. Their fear of facing their shadow began to close and limit their pineal glands decreasing their spiritual capacity. This caused a major social problem as psychic priestess’ and priests made up the monarchy and exalted classes. They enjoyed a life of power, wealth and respect, the loss of spiritual ability therefore meant the loss of status and value in society. As you can imagine, this created chaos as many lost characters tried to cling to power.

Manipulation campaigns, battles and all sorts of dark techniques were invoked. Dark priestess and priests began making deals with lower beings for more material power and influence, this was playing with a very dangerous fire. The dark portals that were opened during this time still plague the earth and played a major role in the dynamics of what we call ‘The Fall.’ The possessions that occurred as a result of this sloppy and dangerous conjuring also plague certain bloodlines and locations on the planet today. In the work of Cayce, this is the genesis of the dark group he identifies as ‘Belial‘; within Rudolf Steiner’s teachings we can see this as the emergence of ‘Ahriman.’ If we look closely at our world today we can see that these patterns have, indeed, proliferated.

Beyond the distortion of spirituality, we also saw the fall of matriarchy as Lemuria began to darken into the rise of what many call: the ‘Dark Mothers’. Dark Mothers are the dark side, and complete inversion of what a mother should be, and what feminine leadership is. This is not the nurturing darkness of the womb and cosmos, I am speaking of the shadow of the feminine. In fact, dark mothers behave in a parallel way to how we see the fallen patriarchy of today act. These once great women were the first to fall and collapse into the darkness of their negative ego, and it is their failure to evolve that lead to the first ‘fall’ and major distortion of human consciousness. Of course, this is greatly distorted and exaggerated in biblical teachings as not all women fell deeply into this pattern and dark ages are an inevitable and necessary part of human evolution. To be accurate, it was an aspect of the cosmic feminine that entered a dark cycle and this entering of a cosmic night, or dark age, is universal law. It is the cycle of life itself, human consciousness is moved by these expansion and contraction cycles. This falling and darkening of our consciousness, although painful, is what allows us to refine ourselves. It is immature and short sighted to see ourselves as victims of, or subject to darkness.

In the dark matriarchy many women, and men, began to think that the masculine aspect was inferior to the feminine aspect. This manifested literally as women seeing themselves as superior to men. Women believed they were more vital in society as it was women who were ‘closer to God’ giving birth to babies and translating messages from the cosmos. This conversation deeply bothers many, as this wounding runs very deep in the pain bodies of men and women today. I have had conversations with many women that refuse to recognize that the feminine principal ever had a shadow expression on earth…ever. That is quite the hangover! It is important to see our past holistically rather than simply grabbing pieces to justify our current comfortable beliefs. That is not spirituality, that is hiding.

The patriarchy is heavily criticized today, as it should be, but how many criticize it with the knowing that it was in part formed by a fall of the feminine? How many stretch themselves to consider that the masculine was deeply wounded and that patriarchy is a result of those wounds?  Or the fact that there would be no patriarchy without this period of a fallen matriarchy. The patriarchy is, in fact, a response to the thousands of years of an abusive matriarchal society. Abuse feeds abuse, it’s time to realize this and begin healing, so that we may create union internally and externally. Justice is balance, and we need that very badly in our world today. We must forgive each other and begin to see the loving qualities of both the masculine and feminine around us each day to move beyond this time of deep polarization.

The Rise of Atlantis

What is not often mentioned about the dark age is the little spot of light within the dark, just as the yin/yang symbol portrays. This dot of light is the new era, the new pattern of consciousness that is to unfold within humanity. It is the answer to the darkness itself. Overtime, that little glimmer of light in the dark evolves into the new civilization, the new phase of life on the planet. Thus, the way to make it through the dark age is to sense this glimmer of light and use it as the inspiration and creative force in your world. This new light that was forming in the darkness of Lemuria was: Atlantis. Atlantis was the evolution of Lemuria and a corrective force for the planet.

Atlantis brought the balanced masculine energy to the forefront as the masculine force rose to defend itself, establish fair order and refine the sacred truths of the Lemurian age. Atlantis brought laws, based not on emotion and intuition, but on a new concept that was forming: Intellect. Atlantis introduced the ability to step away from instinct and intuition and actually evaluate insight that was coming through ones mind. Atlantis was still a deeply spiritual and psychic society, it’s gift was the ability to examine and bring reason to inspiration. The refined power of the masculine energy was an incredibly healing force for many that were abused during the last leg of the Lemurian phase (Men and Women). This allowed more depth and understanding which, in turn, created new portals to the higher worlds balancing out the dark portals that were opened during the Lemurian dark age.

In contrast, if you can imagine, the end of the Lemurian phases was absolute chaos. Leaders made rulings based on how they felt, rather than what was just. Many of these leaders were using black magick and completely possessed by the destructive entities they were summoning. There was no logic or reason to discipline the emotional and intuitive faculties that were driving Lemuria. The Atlantean epoch arose out of necessity, not out of tyranny as many think. The darkness that caused Atlantis to fall was created in Lemuria when spirituality began to take root in human consciousness, not Atlantis. Atlantis, and now our time on earth, is a continuation of this great saga- and it’s about time we remember.