AI, Censorship and the Bots of the War on Humanity | Innersights

There is really so much I could write about. My writing is a way of navigating the turbulent and murky miasma that’s been engineered in which I will endeavor to distill my words to something concise, this isn’t always easy.

While so many fellow human beings have been sent scurrying for safety, locking themselves in the desired position of Lock Down (Do read the Rockefeller Foundations report with the section called Lock Step for yourselves.) I have taken a distinct and determined step in Freedom. This doesn’t make me special, brave or anything at all, it’s the result of a simple realization that I have, like multitudes of others, been prepared for these times.

For the past several weeks I noticed something on the internet, the censorship was majorly minimized and the voices and pens of truth tellers have been left untouched… that is for the time being. I back-burner pondered this because the onslaught of the overblown viral scare was so intense that my very human brain seemed to be scrambled with the contradictory intel flooding my screen time.

I offer no proof for there is none, these are simply my innersights so take them as you will. Today something crystallized and a momentary lucidity sparked. Let me attempt to make a synopsis here. No the white-hats a la Q-Anon haven’t taken control, and no we aren’t out of the ever deepening dark forest of our passage. One perspective is that this is a harvesting dragnet operation along with massive data collection. Think of all those comments on YouTube, zerohedge, etc. We are are showing ourselves online and this data is going into the AI driven computers. As I’ve said for over a year now a next step will be an attempt to shut down the internet for shall we say a few days, weeks, I don’t know. And when it’s switched back on it will be Big Brother all the way. Not to be too dire in my writing, logically there are a fairly massive amount of programmers out there building an alternative. We live in a subjective reality so that as the pendulum swings hard in one direction there will always be an equal and opposite movement.

I received a newsletter this morning and in it comes a truther I respect albeit one that is hook line and sinker in the Q-field. Saying that is not a slight of him for this is his truth. Reading the news he was promoting sparked my inner need to express, always grateful for those who do this for me.

And this my friends will be what I want to ask:, how strong is our conscious responsibility and will to exit the matrix? My problem with Q is simple, it promotes a narrative of savior, that somehow other good people are working as insiders and will somehow topple the regime from within. Saying that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good souls working as diligently as possible to do so and I stand beside them in faith. However I don’t think for a moment that the white-hats have taken over google. While innocence is one of humanity’s most endearing qualities it has left us open to false hopes and beliefs and to be led like children to our slaughter. Strong words for some, though I know others who see clearly.

Love you all so much!

Take pause.


Ask, how long am I going to be lost in the script?

Honestly I don’t have anymore time right now to complete this muse of mine. Get a landline phone if you don’t have one and share that number with those you want to stay in touch with.