EE Raw: The Sword of Truth | Natural Law vs Criminal Legal System

November is a month that has always been a time to review where one has walked in this life and this month is no different. Making a video again after such a long absence was liberating as well as challenging. I’ve listened to a few of our old videos and read some of my musings from the past several years and what struck me was how the message has never changed. Accepting that there is a vital resonant truth that’s always been present even in the times when the quiet voice felt silenced or was drowned out by the clamor of human fear.

So much has happened in our world these past several years and it is obvious to all but the most blind that what once was will never be again, there is no going back to what we long accepted as “normal”. For many of us this is a good thing for we are the ones that saw the underlying malignancy beneath the veneer of normalcy. For many others there is a strange sense of relief to know that our oddities, our rebellions, our weirdness was always correctly founded in the inner being seeking freedom, seeking to make sense of what we knew was wrong on so many levels.

Claudia and I decided to record some videos on topics we’ve already covered. The “plandemic” has been disclosed by thousands of voices and the writing is on the wall as they continue forward with their ill wrought plans. We can choose to move out of a world governed by a corrupt evil cabal and that choice should be crystal clear. We either stand in our divine sovereignty or we will be taken into the dystopian mainframe to become mindless slaves. One subject most vital to delve deeply into is the stark difference between Natural Law and the criminal legal system for with this knowledge one can forge inner strength, can stand in knowing that as a divinely created being who trusts the intuitive and often quiet voice of Creator we walk without fear.

While the decision is a solitary one, we are truly never alone. In surprising and uplifting ways we are always provided for, acceptance with humility and gratitude is all that is asked for in return.

If you want to skip intro go to minute 1:30. Claudia and Christine have together been investigating deep inside many rabbit holes since 2012. For several years we made a series of videos that are still worthy of a listen. While we go over the history of the Criminal Legal System it needs to be said that Inalienable Rights do not need any document to support them, for they are the Divine Laws of Nature and govern all action. #StandInTruth

Rather than redo the work we’ve already done here is the link to: Road to Freedom – Law is NOT the Criminal Legal System

“claudia and christine: of Earth Empaths speak freely about their findings on how the Crown Corporation has enslaved humanity through a duplicitous system of statues, decrees and gross distortion of the English language. We address the legal name fraud, Admiralty Law, the difference between a fictitious person and a Human Being … Our personal road to freedom is candidly shared along with our research and that of many others to whom we are eternally grateful.”

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