EE Perspectives | The Point of No Return

Christine shares her thoughts on a stark email warning written to Max Igan in September of this year. Within herself, as in many, others it stood out against the background noise as a stark warning, not only to the would be controllers and petty tyrants but to those of us who see what is quickly approaching.

In a further sharing Claudia, Laurie, and Christine share snippets from one of their frequent talks. As we look down the railroad tracks just ahead of the freight train gathering speed we find ourselves vanishing from this false reality ready to make the great leap into infinity and the unknown.

I hold so many voices with the greatest respect, having listened to them over the course of many years they are like old friends. In this video I share a clip from Max Igan and Michael Tsarion, may it be well worth your time for as we transit this epic time we look to each other for inspiration and shared knowledge.

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Photo Credit: Cristian