As The Tide Turns | The Next Move of the Death Cult Rises, and Love Wins

Death Count | Has The Tide Has Turned? was the original subject of this writing, though the last few days have brought new inner sights that adjusted the course of this writing, therefore the change. The deaths are mounting very quickly now. I am sure that most readers are very aware of the VAERS data and the many charts of unexplained sudden deaths especially in young people; strange strangulating blood clots, athletes and newscasters dropping in front of cameras, etc. It is difficult for me to reconcile that there are folks who choose to believe all the excuses for these deaths—from climate change to falling asleep in front of a television. And then there is the statistic that death of unknown cause is suddenly the leading cause of death in the Western world.

I am going to pause here to self-reflect. By way of an admission I get my news from the internet, I listen to several people who are meticulous in providing links to the studies and articles so that I am well informed along traditional research lines. Then there are a few people who are friends, the ones who I have joined on walks and talks on a regular basis for years; hearing a voice that echos my inner perceptions is comforting and affirming.

Over many years my innate curiosity has led me down deep rabbit holes finding sources of information that are wide ranging. Today there is almost no stone left unturned by those revealing the deceptions of the scamdemic, which have lead many to the good doctors revealing the falsity of germ theory, it is my decades-long knowing that this was always a lie, though few took my musings seriously up until now.

Recently I have spent a good amount of time listening to the flat earth crowd (though I much prefer this description; the still plane of creation as it’s more inclusive of the possibilities within the realm. Once again we find that the astrophysics of cosmology is ruled by another theory called gravity which on critical examination makes no sense at all. Over many years my listening is peppered with Gnostic texts, Natural Law, Hermeticism, Rudolf Steiner, Eric P. Dollard, the Thunderbolts Project, and many others. Along the journey I have discovered intriguing old books, old maps, and others that have helped to unveil the lies of history that we have been force fed by the devilish deceivers. My inner compass has guided me to comprehend that truth, for it to be Truth, must line up in a straight line. It must encompass science, philosophy, spirituality, the texts of the ancient ones, sages, geometry and most importantly align with inner gnosis.

Overshadowing all the vast sea of information is a multilayered net that’s been cast to pull one into reactionary reflexes that feed highly biased belief systems; that promote false virtue, that promise a savior—be he political or religious. All this distracts ad nauseam; surely more people get this unsettling feeling in their gut everyday. I have become averse to headlines that read: BOOM!, YOU WON’T BELIVE THIS!, BOMBSHELL!, etc. These reactionary feelings are the ones I am ever on the alert for while browsing online, and frankly this leaves out 99.9% of the commentators vying for attention online. This isn’t a judgement of their material, for many folks need to hear their news and commentary, it is simply that my discernment has become refined over the years. I am no longer interested in anything that leaves one feeling like a victim or preys on baser emotions.

Back to the subject of this muse. Yes, the deaths are piling up, and yet there is an inner sense that the tide has turned as evil consumes its own. The deaths will continue; however, for anyone who has made peace with the passage called death will find they can bear this with an inner equanimity. Staying founded in peace doesn’t make it any less tragic for those who are in the grips of the hollowing grief that follows the loss of a loved one, yet those of us who have endured unimaginable loss and persevered know that suffering once integrated bears the gift of joy. It could not be any other way in this world of duality—the divine paradox.

The human mind rails against this insult to the sacredness of life; it furies at those who presume they have some nefarious right to commit genocide on such a grand scale, yet with the closest self examination we realize we must not become like them, for this is what they are chomping at the bit and waiting for. We look for justice and do not find it, even though deep inside we comprehend that justice is not ours to mete out—it will come as sure as the sun transits our sky, though not on our personal timeline which many find frustrating to distraction. Perhaps this is part of the reason people cling to group think and those who promise a golden future just around the next bend in the river—it’s been coming for many years now. This false promise, be it from the mouths of politicians and global eugenists or from the mouths of ascension brokers who ply their trade for false coins of the realm and notoriety are layers of the same lie for it pulls one away from the total responsibility that one must accept if the path ahead is freedom. What is coming is massive upheaval, the separating of the wheat from the chaff.

Nearly every day I am given the opportunity to listen to friends, many sinking into moments of fear or despair. I have been blessed with an indomitable Spirit that seeks to listen and plant a few well spoken seeds. It is but a slight shift in perspective that alleviates this sense of doom, for when one looks with real-eyes and sees the rising of the human embodied Spirit as an infallible and untouchable quality that manifests as Love whose companion is Truth all anxiety will fall away. Pull the mighty sword of truth out of the stone of your heart and blaze forth in such glory that tyrants fall before you. I don’t write these words without the knowing of their truth.

Wisdom knocks at the chains of your mind, she asks only that you examine your own biases and beliefs, she asks that you become that you look outwardly to fulfill. We are approaching the final chapters of a diabolical narrative written centuries ago, it’s so easy to see now for it is the words of the dead and holds no life so it only repeats patterns of deception. We are approaching mass awareness as more people rekindle the sacred fire within, when we reach critical mass the world psyche will literally flip in an instant.

Analytical Thinking and the Heart Resonance – The Depth of Compassion

While we may accept that we are living in a simulation or construct, this does not rule out the Real, that which is undeniable in the blossom of a roadside flower, the flight of a bumble bee, and the twinkling light of the luminaries in the night sky—all that harkens us home to Harmony. We were designed in the image and the likeness; therefore all our attributes find a place as we navigate these days ahead. Do not throw away the critical thinking mind, the deep mind that looks and sees, it is like a lantern in the dark that discards falsehoods for the True.

Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all.

— Hypathia  [born 350–370 – died 415 AD]
Buddha Laughed and Jesus Wept

Many masters have walked on our plane, each an embodiment of the Divine language of love. These days are fertile with the opportunity for each of us to shed the old decaying skin of materiality and embrace the living word of Spiritual love. So I will end here with these, perhaps enigmatic quotes and a desire residing in the deepest reaches of our being—to Become whole and holy with the first emanation and vibration of our Creator, a harmonic wholeness where all things are possible.

“The Buddha does not laugh at himself or at others, he does not laugh because he has acquired something others don’t have. The laughter is neither cynical, sarcastic, bitter nor defiant. It is the laughter of compassion, an amusement at the interplay of knowledge and ignorance that makes up the joys and sorrows of what we call life.”

“Jesus wept. The shortest verse, but one of the most suggestive in the entire Scripture. The great wrath against death is subdued now into tears of love, of sympathy, and of deep feeling. Jesus shed tears of empathic sorrow.”