An Epistle to Friends | On Humility and Truth

Her mind has turned away from the relentless fear-filled warnings of our current era, she’s turned inward and looked backward through time. The quiet times are spent with old books and contemplation—how ignorant our modern minds are of what has always been. How degraded our language has become—it no longer speaks in the language of poets, mystics, and musicians. Humanity has become dull and listless, having lost the pursuit of truth.

Before I proceed, allow that I quote from an old book—echos of time’s immortal past.

“—oh, trice blessed they whose celestial parentage has made such moments part of their appointed destiny—at moments flashes on the human child the intuition of the unutterable secret. In the spangled glory of the summer night—in the roar of the Nile-flood, sweeping down fertility in every wave—in the awful depths of the temple-shrine—in the wild melodies of old Orphic singers, or before the images of those gods whose perfect beauty the divine theosophists of Greece caught in a fleeting shadow, and with a the sudden might of artistic ecstasy smote it, as by an enchanter’s wand, into an eternal sleep of snowy stone—in those flashes of the inner eye a vision beautiful and terrible, of a force, an energy, a soul, an idea, one and yet million-fold, rushing through all created things, like the wind across a lyre, thrilling the strings into celestial harmony life-blood through the million vines of the universe, from one great unseen heart, whose thunderous pulses the the mind hears far away, beating for ever in the abysmal solitude, beyond the heavens and the galaxies, behind the spaces and the times, themselves but veins and funnels from its all-teeming sea.” — Hypatia; Charles Kingsley – 1988

As a new horizon extends further from view, new doors open to expansive inner vistas. Many are not as fortunate as myself—to have close friends of such diverse backgrounds, we never fall into hive-mind think-a-likes, each is able to maintain their perspective without anger or rancor while listening to others’ points of view—often divergent from their own. It is to honor these friends that I write, for we share a common heart and freely help each other along the steep ascent. Courage, strength, truth, love, and humility are the points on which our heart’s compass is set. This epistle is also written to the thousands of unmet friends online—those who ask what can be done? For they often despair that not enough people are awakened to the nefarious overlord’s lies, thus they call for an uprising and a call to arms.

There is an uprising, though it can not be fought with weapons of destruction and war. Anyone who has studied human history will clearly see that every culture, every religion, every tribe, and even brothers, fathers, and sons have fought each other to death, only to find the pendulum swing back as war begets war. The weapons of war in this day and age have reached the capability to wreck mass destruction from the push of a button linked to a virtual screen. In days long past, warfare had an honor to it. It doesn’t gladden me to say this, for indeed millions have been put to death by sword; however, within the psyche of men in past centuries, a man would prove his prowess and honor in the act of war. Meeting on a battlefield with axe and sword is a far cry from the cold cruelty of today’s empty vessels. We, human beings, are at a grand juncture—the question looms are we capable of ascent to a higher and lighter manifestation of this precious life or not?

I entreat you, those who will read these words, to take time to contemplate them, for they hold an answer and a key to the most powerful gift we inherited on entering this plane of creation. As you read these words, close your eyes for a moment and find the silence between them—for many years that I have been saying; hear the sound between the words; if they ring true, follow them where they lead you. Truth has a resonance that penetrates all reaches of time and space; it knows no words, for its tone is pure, and whoever allows it to reach them will resonate as a part of a harmonious whole.

Writing on humility is fraught with the danger of falling into hubris if the soul allows the ego to come through. Aware of this, I write slowly, deliberately, and with great care. “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” (Matthew 7:13–14).

An epistle is a formal letter considered to be of import.

Dear Friends,

My words are tied to an arrow that is meant to pierce the heart; they are shot from the bow of The Most High—The Christ Within, from a heart beating with The One that created all Life. They come from a place within me that has died and been reborn many times. They come from the past and future, yet are firmly fixed in the ever present now.

Humility is a surrender to God’s Grace, the crucifixion of one’s outer identity that is spell bound to the usurpation of false gods—those who created the false construct within this third-dimensional realm. The holy vessel has been defamed via the inverted interpretations of Scripture, lead astray by those who would possess that which they didn’t create; this has lead to the current downfall of our human condition.

Humility teaches one that any judgement of another, that any pretending to know better than the Creator the path laid before each and every soul—is fraught with danger, for it is known that what we project—the stones we cast— will come back upon us. This, in no way means that we shouldn’t speak our Truth, that we should succumb to the whims of those who have inverted the Word in meaning, to their erroneous belief that they can become gods, rather than acknowledge that they are but a small dust particle of the All, easily defeated as each one finds the Unity within.

Humility is the blessed force of Love unbound, manifesting on the winds of Creation. It is the aspect of all thought that is free from the constraints of personal desire. There are those who clamor for a special place in the Kingdom of Heaven, they proselytize and condemn those who don’t follow their lead. In the silent fields of God’s Grace all is known and seen.

Here I will write of psychological operations, for there are many voices using these words and throwing them at others. Yes, we need to comprehend to see what a pysop is , for these false narratives are used abundantly by the self-assigned and self-aggrandized, militarized rulers. However, let us not be blind to our use of assigning a label to others; those who may be exposing what they currently believe is an aspect of the evil agenda that people need to hear. We all can have opinions on other people’s motives, which in my perspective will never prove nor disprove anything; however, it can lead us straight into the divide-and-conquer snare of the liars and false rulers. There are so many bards and barbs of words being carelessly slung about, most fall with a thud on the wall of indifference.

It is said that we are in an information war—true; however, on the Higher planes we are in a Spiritual war. By remaining grounded in Peace and connected to the All we are able to unleash Love; then by the act of being a witness can profoundly affect the course that has been set. Evil contains within it the seeds of its own destruction, the act of bearing light into dark places will ultimately illuminate the united consciousness of human Beings everywhere. Those who succumb to evil do so by their own hand.

Question within how much of what you are proposing via your words and actions, is in fact a psychological operation, in so much that you are trying to convince others that your perspective, your knowledge, your voice is the harbinger of truth. While recognizing that this is not our current comprehension of the word, psyop, it comes through me to point out that we risk staying forever divided without the depth of self reflection. We will indeed remain looking through a glass darkly.

Consider how easily we are played and fall into the trap of using the agenda’s terminology when we disagree with someone else’s approach to getting information out onto the virtual landscape. By all means if you disagree with another’s assessment, restate your own without the reactionary act of labeling. Mudslinging terms like psyop, shill, troll, and gatekeeper, etc. is going exactly as planned by those who would keep us forever divided. While those types of diversions are prevalent in the cyber-optic world of the unreal, it’s time we use our divine connection to a higher intelligence and write our own narrative that will uplift rather than put down.

There is a massive psychological operation being played out within this dimension of the Earth plane—of that there should be no doubt. My words should not be interpreted to mean that we turn away in a refusal to penetrate dark wicked places. Much the opposite, the inner flame once eternally lit knows that there is nothing that can put it out, so carry your being with dignity and surety that you answered a call. Being in Presence sees both high and deep, both close and far, both inwardly and outwardly in a knowing that Pronoia – Forethought, was given the gift of Incorruptibility, Truth, and Eternal Life.

Trust is a loyal companion of Love and Humility, for together they witness the deeper stirrings in a soul. Trusting another allows someone not trusting themselves, one who has deep feelings that they can not trust others, a space where they can open to their own divinity, a place to rest and feel embraced. It allows for God’s perfect timing to unfold. Unity is a word many use without ever comprehending that without the inner Unity with the One that endowed us with Life, unity with another is impossible and always out of reach.

With Love Unbound, Fierce, and Free — Christine

(Psalm 133:1-3; 1 Corinthians 1:10-17)

1 Therefore I, the prisoner in the Creator, exhort you to walk worthily of the calling to which you were called, 2 with all humility and gentleness; with patience bearing with one another in love; 3 being diligent to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace; 4 one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called into one hope of your calling…

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