Gurdjieff in Armenia | A Documentary Film

Gurdjieff has always intrigued me and his life is a testimony to a man’s inner and outward search for Truth. This age old search has led many people to Wisdom and the ultimate surrender of self-imposed limitations to Love, the I am of creation. We are living in unprecedented times that will call on each that hears the message permeating all Life to this letting go of the lesser identity of self, to find the SELF, the inner light of their own being.

This beautifully rendered documentary has the ability to harken one to the deepest buried memories of All that Ever Was and IS.

A documentary on George Gurdjieff with Armenian sub-titles. Contains original and rare footage of the Gurdjieff movements and music from the 1920’s and covers the basis of his teaching in his own words. George Gurdjieff was born in 1867 in Gyumri (formerly Alexandropol) in Armenia. His father Ivan was Greek and his mother Yeva was Armenian.

The film was made by Jean-Claude Lubtchansky, a close associate of Madame de Salzmann, with the support of the Gurdjieff Institute in France and is best viewed in full screen on a television or laptop.

Osho described Gurdjieff as one of the most significant spiritual masters of this era and indeed this is a film well worth watching. Gurdjieff’s teaching is fully described in the book called “In Search of the Miraculous” which can be read at

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