Evil Contains Within It the Seeds of Its Own Destruction | The Power of Compassion and Love

I am fortunate to have several, actually many, good friends who sit around my café table to enter into deep metaphysical discussions on what we see happening in the world. Of course our attention has been drawn to the undeniable genocide of the people of Palestine. Almost no one has words for what we are witnessing on our screens, it is pure evil manifesting and therefore defies our ability to describe it. While bombs aren’t falling on our heads, nor on our family’s homes, the term shellshocked seems to fit. We’ve reached the point of expanded human consciousness where we innately and intimately feel our connection with others, the sentient world we walk upon, and all her creatures so that nothing has caused deeper grief than seeing children and babies blown to pieces. It is graphic because it needs to be graphic, for too long, humanity has turned a blind eye to what was being done in our name.

While I was ruminating out loud with a few friends over dinner, what I heard myself say rang so true that I was surprised I hadn’t thought of it before. You see, while those who do evil hate us, they hate themselves even more and thereby are driven to their own destruction. Nothing has demonstrated this more than the actions of the Zionist state of Israel—many are in agreement that they have secured their demise. Not that they won’t attempt total world annihilation as described in their Samson Option, they will because they are annihilistic and atheistic to their core.

In Arabic, the roots of the word shaheed—martyr—comes a verb meaning “the one who bears witness.” Another way to perceive this is that we are all potential martyrs bearing witness to those who propagate hatred while they wave the false flag of victimhood 🇮🇱. The shroud has been ripped off the we-alone-are-the-eternal-victims—the hollow class, we now see them for who they truly are—ghouls in human clothing.

The looming question is what can we do? This genocide tears at our hearts and yet provides the only pathway open to those of us who are relatively safe. While I find it difficult at times to find gratitude, I know I must in order to persevere through the dark days ahead; it can be the smallest act of looking at the clouds floating by in the sky overhead, listening to the messages of the birds that frequently remind me of the real songs of freedom. It is rejoicing in friendships and helping uplift others as they uplift me. We are returning to our natural roots, that which connects us to the All.

Since words often fail me these days, I find them echoed in others’ expressions. These I will share upon this page, for without doubt there is a great awakening and this too is apparent across the screen world, for Holiness is an infinite compassion for others. Let this thought sink in, let it drown out the fears and condemnations that arise. Use your rage to light the inner flame of becoming a blessing upon all. Evil has no way to counter this, and as the field of light grows ever brighter, none of the participants in the Death Cult will be able to hide, not even those who are still lurking in the shadows underground working sordid black magic; they grow weaker by the day. Be brazen enough, sure enough of the power of Truth to state this. We’ve been weakened into a state of doubting the power of our spoken word. Saying this is not arrogance, it is a retaking of what has been stolen—the humble Truth that Love conquers all. As difficult as it is to Be Love in the face of evil, this is what evil fears most and this is the only power that assures that evil will destroy itself.

A Palestinian Perspective – Ihsan Abbas (click on image to play)

Several years ago I posted this clip from Micheal Tsarion, recorded in 2010, on Facebook. It is still being shared today, for its truth resonates more strongly than ever. When we falter in our knowing, it is time to do whatever is necessary to reassert and strengthen within our being that this is so. For years many have written of becoming, we were works in this process, today we are Beings, honed by challenges, losses, and terrors. Today we choose each and every minute to stand rooted to the deep well of Truth and reach for the heavens above. I know of nothing greater than this.

While I realize that this genocidal war on Palestine provokes strong reactions and emotions, this is not my intent. That said, it needs to be made perfectly clear and graphic what we are up against. The man standing strong is a representative of you, of me, of all of us because sooner rather than later they are coming for us all. In the back of my mind I hear the whizzing sound, then the explosion of a bomb shaking the earth beneath my feet. There is only one side in this war, it is the side of human being’s right to live with dignity and in the tradition and celebrations that they choose. It is the breathtaking view of freedom honed on honor and respect of other’s inalienable right to life. While they scream terrorists (the falsity of their war on terrorism) we all see that they have inverted the truth and each screech out of their mouths further condemns them to what they have wrought.

Pray For Palestine Because The Way of Palestine Will Be The Way of the World. — Max Igan

Russell Means once famously said that “we are all on the reservation now” and few took note of what he meant. It is my prayers that we come to realize that we are all Palestinians now or as Max Igan has said for years, “Pray For Palestine Because The Way of Palestine Will Be The Way of the World“. What is happening right now transcends religion, race, creed, ideology, and philosophy. It could be the destruction of us all or it could be the rebirth of humanity divine. What are you choosing?

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