Christine and Claudia | Truth and Honor: The Bedrock of Real Freedom

Any of our readers who have followed our research over the past decade will be aware that Claudia and myself have diligently pierced the LIES of history, most specifically related to WWI and WWII. We’ve openly questioned the narrative that Adolf Hitler was the most diabolical world leader of all times and whether the Holocaust ever happened. For both of us, the conclusions to these inquires are a resounding affirmation of truth; neither is based on facts. The purposeful obfuscation and confusion surrounding these forbidden subjects are still operating in the collective consciousness today.

I have paid close attention to the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people and have listened to many respectable geopolitical analysts to better comprehend the politics of the Middle East. In doing so, it becomes abundantly apparent that the Western world has been manipulated through the scripted reality, which not only lies but attempts to demonize Islam and Muslim people as terrorists. The kick-off event to the war on terror was the downing of the Twin Towers plus Building 7, an act that was purportedly done by Muslim jihadists, when in fact and proven over and over it was a joint operation of the CIA and Mossad. Narratives based on fear become deeply embedded in the human psyche so that people routinely repeat these lies without ever questioning the source or impact of them.

In this video we briefly address a few foundational lies using the terms Nazi, Zionism, and Antisemitism as examples of verbiage used inappropriately and with little thought to how they are used by the propagandists working overtime to reinstall the belief of falsified history and also to keep the collective in states of fear. Fear brings about a victim state of consciousness, well honed in the Jewish narrative of the holocaust. For years I have been writing about the origin of a mind parasite or Wetiko, which from my particular perspective first embedded within the Jewish population and spread from there. In other words it used the Jews as a shields by keeping them as perpetual victims and denominating them as the chosen people. It takes a great deal of personal inquiry into not only recent records but also forensic studies, Biblical scripture, and ancient writings to see how this was done. The layers are multiple and don’t come off all at once.

The truth will only reveal itself to those who diligently look behind the curtain of deceit. As we have found out, it is an inquiry that necessitates years of research and contemplation, even repetitious review of material due to an extremely well-wrought lie system. It also requires that one embrace states of discomfort so that both personal and collective false beliefs can reveal so that correction in perceptions become integrated. Integration, or returning to wholeness, lets the conscious mind expand to an increasingly vast view. Ultimately this leads the mind to perceive that there is an ultimate simplicity of life begetting Life. We most often think of compassion as being heart based, which it is; however, while speaking with Claudia, I came to the realization that we also can have a compassionate consciousness. This can only arrive by seeing the interconnectedness of all Life.

We wish no one harm, our prayers are wrapped in fields of love so that our fellow human beings wake up to the common enemy of all life.

Love, fierce, and free.

❤️‍🔥 Christine